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"Thank God for home and parents, children and friends, for sweet companionship that never ends." Thomas Durley Landels
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"Sometime we feel that if everything isn't perfect, we cannot be grateful for anything. We easily fall into all-or-nothing thinking. When we do, we miss the sunrise and the other forms of goodness that surround us." Anne Wilson Schaef
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"We need to contemplate the truth of our past (and, perhaps, present) mistakes, while receiving heaps of God's love, allowing that contrast to birth thankfulness in our hearts that rises in worship to our Savior." Brian Simmons, Jeremy Bouma, Grace and Hope: A 40-Day Devotional for Lent and Easter
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"When a child gives you a gift, even if it is a rock they just picked up, exude gratitude. It might be the only thing they have to give and they have chosen to give it to you." Author Unknnown
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Always Be Thankful

"If anyone would tell you the shortest, surest way to happiness and all perfection, he must tell you to make it a rule to yourself to thank and praise God for everything that happens to you." William Law
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"So once in every year we throng upon a day apart, to praise the Lord with feast and song in thankfulness of heart." Arthur Guiterman
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"Thanksgiving is the end of all human conduct, whether observed in words or works." J. B. Lightfoot
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"Make a prayer acknowledging yourself as a vehicle of light, giving thanks for the good that has come that day and an affirmation of intent to live in harmony with all your relations." Dhyani Ywahoo
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"For flowers that bloom about our feet; for tender grass, so fresh, so sweet; for song of bird, and hum of bee; for all things fair we hear or see, Father in heaven, we thank Thee!" Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Godís will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18(NLT)
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"Being thankful should be an unwritten rule of life because there are several things to be thankful for." John Franks, Manifesting Love
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