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Over the years quotes have been saved and passed down. Good quotes have wisdom that lives on long after the original person said it.
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Remember don't just read the quotes. Embrace them. Write your favourites down and use them as rules for living a exceptional life.
Adrian Jenkins, Inspirational Quotes On Motivation, Success, Happiness and Love
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Whether you need a confidence boost, a push to get things done, or simply something positive - there is a great quote for everything.
Ellen Young, Inspirational Quotes: 365 Greatest Motivational Quotes
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A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished.
The Talmud
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I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognizably wiser than oneself.
Marlene Dietrich
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In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.
Mortimer J. Adler
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. . . utterances of the world's greatest thinkers and writers, giving the reader stimulating and sometimes opposing views."
Lewis C. Henry
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What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing he knew nobody had said it before.
Mark Twain
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A start of a day without reading an inspirational quote is like a day without sunshine.
Byron Pulsifer
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His ability to portray an important aspect of life in a quote made me look at things in a different way.
Catherine Pulsifer
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Quotations can provide that spark of inspiration and motivation to those who are searching for answers.
Catherine Pulsifer
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Life has taught me many things through its struggles and interactions with people during difficult periods. I have recorded my thoughts and quotes.
M. K. Soni, My Gems
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Aristotle collected them. Shakespeare used them in his plays. Winston Churchill found them to be a powerful rhetorical device, as did Lincoln, Kennedy, and many other leaders.
Michael Lynberg, A Wealth of Wisdom
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