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Monday, August 31, 2015

Understand that it is far better to confront a situation and deal with the momentary stress than it is to ignore it and hope it goes away.
Cary David Richards, The Joy of less Book 1
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Tuesday, Sept 1, 2015

One thing is for sure, Procrastinators waste the most precious asset a human can have: time.
K. Collins, Quit Talking, Start Doing!

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Wednesday, Sept 2, 2015

When you are in conversation with other people, choose your words wisely. Your words have great power and you should be aware of this.
Daniel Smith, Banned Subconscious Mind Secrets
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Thursday, Sept 3, 2015

Failing just means you’re taking risks to pursuit what you want and believe in.
Dyea Smith, Failure Is Fuel
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Friday, Sept 4, 2015

Think of aging as a new beginning and making the most of what you’ve got and what you didn't have time to enjoy before!
Susie Harper, Aging: What Really Matters?
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Saturday, Sept 5, 2015

Set goals and focus on completing one goal at a time.
K. Collins, Quit Talking, Start Doing!
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Sunday, Sept 6, 2015

He wants us to be totally sold-out, radical lovers of Jesus. He wants us to be hungry for His Presence, because there is NOTHING better in the world than being with Him!
Whitney Meade, The Balance Beam
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