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We inspire others by our way of being, and by relating to the world, more so than by what we say or do. Michael Hetherington, 15 Sure Signs That You Are On The Right Path
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If you can't focus, you can't finish. If you can't finish, you will fail. Matt Bishop, The 8 Pillars of Career and Business Success
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Staunch atheists - men of intellect and leadership such as C. S. Lewis, Patrick Glynn, Lee Strobel, and Charles Colson - have begun to believe in God and have defended their change of direction. Randall Stewart, 5 Reasons: Why I Still Believe in God
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When we find ourselves in difficult times, it is then that we begin to see the true us. The pressures from the outside show us the inside. Richard N. Ledford II, Krista L. Abbott, Flourish In Adversity - How to Overcome Crisis and Adversity
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If we believe in life as a sacred trust, then it would be perilous to consider any person undeserving of love, respect, food, water, shelter, medical assistance, education, and a chance to become the wonder God intended. Camille Alice, 2010: A Book of Grace-Filled Days
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Giving it up to God is different from just "giving up." Pauline Creeden, 101 Notes of Thanksgiving
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Learning from others' life experiences can be helpful in your own journey Melissa Arabia-Dimaiwat, 50 Things to Know About Going to the Beach With Children
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Be assertive, not aggressive. In a nutshell, itís about improving your message instead of raising your voice. Daniel Brush, Anger Management
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Involving yourself in some kind of work is the best way to fight depression and loneliness. Lorin Hopper, Wake Up Happy
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Inspiration can be drawn by reading success stories of others who experienced the same thing you are going through. You can also read memoirs of successful people in your career. Paul Bailey, Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life
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Divine inspiration and intuition occur when intentional imagination is utilized. Sullins Stuart, Imagine Believe Become: 3 Steps to Unleash Your Potential and Create the Life You Desire
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Ten minutes of visualizing your goals, or of affirming positive thoughts, or of reading inspiring books is all it takes to keep your mind focussed on the positive in your life. Ilya Alexi, Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind For Wealth
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Reading inspirational and motivational material is going to assist you focus on what's essential to you in your life. It can be an excellent way to begin and end the day Michael Welton, Be Your Best: A guide to Personal Development by the 15 Laws of Success
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Inspire, influence, and drive someone with low self-esteem to make a change in his or her life. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have able to help someone become a better person. Ben Robinson, The Confidence Manual
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Be your own inspiration. Each day, try to write what you're thankful for in your life. Dylan J. Cameron, Positive Thinking In a Negative World.
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Information and theory are meaningful only in their ability to inspire you to take action; they cannot create the experience for you. DavidPaul Doyle, Candace Doyle, The Voice for Love: Accessing Your Inner Voice To Fulfill Your Life's Purpose
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Even though I didn't feel like I had much to show yet, I was still an inspiration because my persistence at fighting for my dreams was encouraging to others. Tamara Rasheed, Breaking Free: Transform Your Business and Shift Your Family's Life Into Abundance
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Inspire others to new levels of achievement by using positive encouraging feedback and ideas. Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills - Effective Strategies for Business Managers
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. . . as a leader you are a source of inspiration and are to be a beacon of reliability for others to look to in times of distress. Michele Morgan, Work Ethics: Reviving the True Confidence and Ethics of Being A Leader
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I like the way you inspire me to be more than I am. Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D., 1600+ Positive Things to Say to Someone Else
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Then again, I sometimes think that despite the world having moved forward in so many ways, human nature in its inherent form has not changed much over the centuries. Maybe that's why the quotes of great men like Winston Churchill continue to inspire us even in these modern times. Joseph Parker, The 33 Golden Rules: Successful Management by Winston Churchill
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One of the key traits of a great leader is the ability to inspire excellence toward achieving a clearly defined goal. Sheryl Chamberlain; Marisa Coords; Laura Espy; Elizabeth Nirenberg, Women of World: Learning Behaviors that Spur Innovation
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More and more scientific studies are revealing that what we believe in our minds will become true. That is the message that Confucius, a famous Chinese teacher, left us with, "he who believes he can and he who believes he can't are both usually right." Sandra Leon, Supercharge Your Life: 7 Habits To Increase Your Success And Happiness
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Listen to music that lifts you up and inspires you to accomplish more. Amber Rain, Happiness: How to Stop Feeling Depressed, Hopeless, Lonely, Sad and Be Happy
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Anyone can post inspirational quotes on social media. Anyone can read another motivational article. It takes effort to actual start something and follow through all the way. Martin Dasko, Failure To Launch No More: The Crash Course For Following Through On All Goals
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Inspire others; make others believe that they can do it too. Helping others reach their dreams and get to the point in their life where they are finally happy with everything is the moment I live for. Eshraq Jiad, Going From Nothing To Everything
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Love of learning can often inspire academic success more easily than a desire to get good grades. Janet Springer, Unbreakable Willpower /font>
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You use your words carefully to uplift and inspire. Robin Roberts, What do I do now
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Everything you see has an impact in your life, helping you to create ideas and can add to what you might want in life or even help others or the environment, for example if you see someone doing a good deed, then that might inspire you to do a good deed yourself. James Fullerton, Self-Esteem : Believe In Yourself
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If you need to build your self-confidence, listen to a motivational podcast or find an inspirational message online. Eric Davenport, Communication
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