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Words can inspire the young and restless children in the world. V. Gee, Open Quotes
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Working in an area that is your passion, or more trying to make your passion your work, inspirational quotes can help you keep going when you feel you might quit. Jonny Fox Inspirational Quotes: 365 Quotes for Daily Motivation
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Smiling sends a positive energy inside your body and this can help you handling the tough times. Elijah Conner, Confidence For You, Yourself And I
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Never ever in the history of human civilization has any individual had access to so much of information so easily. Jaspinder Grover, Secrets to Unleash Your Creative Thinking, Instant Procrastination Cure and Learning How To Forgive
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For new ideas and inspiration to arise from within, you must be willing to drop old views and ideas about yourself, others, and the world quickly and without any attachments. Michael Hetherington, 15 Sure Signs That You Are On The Right Path
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Do not waste the precious gift of your life on grudges, petty differences, or even big offenses. Marty Cauley, Dying to go on Vacation
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The most important approval you'll ever need will come from from yourself. Kelly Stone, Dear Every Kid: daily confidence reminders
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If you associate with people who are accustomed to excellence, this will also be the standard you adopt. Robert S. Scott, Focus On The Things that Scream, Not The Things that Whisper!
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Being good to yourself equates to having a positive relationship with yourself and higher self-esteem. Sophie Winters, It's Not You It's Us
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Model yourself after people you respect and admire. The more you learn from them, the more you will become like them. B. N. Norton, Motivation Into Success
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If you'd like to feel more confident, use expansive body language: sit or stand straighter; throw back your shoulders and push out your chest, and hold your head higher. AJ Winters, The Motivation Switch: 77 Ways to Get Motivated
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Expect nothing and every possibility is yours. Michael Hetherington, 108 Paths to Peace
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You can also read memoirs of successful people in your career. Seeing the challenges people faced and how they were able to overcome them will certainly inspire you. If they can do it, so can you. Paul Bailey, Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life
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To be able to realize the future that you desire, to achieve the grand dreams and visions that you have, you need to associate yourself with great people. People who would inspire you, challenge, stretch you and help you become better. Rafael Bettencourt, Decoding Happiness
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"IQ" is a standard that has very little relation to a person's unique ability to profoundly love and inspire others. Jennifer Noel Taylor, Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love
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No matter what goal you want to achieve, surround yourself with people on a similar level to inspire and motivate each other. Martin Meadows, Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals
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Some ways people may manage their environment include: Posting inspirational pictures and quotes where they can be readily seen. Derek Doepker, The Healthy Habit Revolution
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Fearless faith is incredibly powerful. It is a spark of inspiration. Drew Scott Pearlman, The Four Faces of Transformation: A Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Power
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The Word of God is so amazing and inspiring on so many levels. In studying it, it is difficult to see how anyone could dismiss its significance and what it has to say. Richard Kelley MD, The Viral Christ
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The purpose of visualization is just to give you a glimpse of the possible outcomes to inspire you to take consistent action. Sandra Leon, Supercharge Your Life
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True peace comes from living a life in alignment with one's inspired vision. This peace comes from orienting our hearts in such a way that external factors (people, norms, events) no longer dictate the direction of our internal path. Benjamin P. Hardy, Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness
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Your role model could either be a singer, a TV personality, an author, a religious persona, a philosopher or just about any person that inspires you. Just remember, a role model needs to be an outstanding individual. L. S. Louvain, How To Be Happy: The Wondrous Power Of Forgiveness
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Be inspired by people who make thoughtfulness an art. Raven Mardirosian, 365 Ways to Keep It Real, Heal Yourself and Be Free
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And don't forget, wanting to get rid of poverty in this world isn't only done through giving, it's also done through inspiring. Sure, relieving a person's suffering for a moment is great, but inspiration can last for several lifetimes. Joshua Tongol, The Secret to Awesomeness
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Using your favorite heroes or inspirational people as encouragements and examples for personal growth is one thing; comparing yourself to those you perceive as 'lesser' or 'better' than you is a death sentence for your advancement in your personal self-improvement. Ian Tuhovsky, Natural Confidence Training
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Find an inspirational quote book, the book of Psalm, or another book that you can take quotes from. Write one at a time and take the time to reflect on the quote. Melissa Dayton, Crushed:When Parenting is Hard
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When you take an inspired action, it feels like you are entering the highway and you can achieve your dreams quickly and easily. Benny Zhang, Manifestation Success Secrets
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I spend some time everyday reading about someone successful or something inspirational. Maxwell Stone, Are you still a Rat?
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Study to be inspired--and to inspire. Michael Caputo, Bible Study: Going to the Source of Spiritual Success
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I also wanted to be an inspiration to everyone so that anyone who was not living their dream or up to their full potential could understand that it doesn't matter where you've come from or what you've been through, you can be successful and live up to your potential. TiTi Ladette, The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the Getto Workbook
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Whenever your mind wanders back to your problems, stop yourself. Look at things that inspire you because these will help you to get out of the funk and get into thinking in a positive manner. Joanna Jackson, Self Help
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