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Not only are we constantly bombarded in today's world by information coming at us in an instance; we also are personally bombarded by our own use of modern technology. This information comes at us at an alarmingly fast pace through TV, radio, iphones, blackberry's and email. No matter where we go, we cannot seem to avoid it.

So, are there ways to minimize or at least control all of these intrusions? Now, on the other hand, some of this information is necessary for us to get the job done, but what is the limit?

A Few Ideas To Tune Out
Here are a couple of suggestions to consider seriously:

- Tune out and turn off. You already have enough tasks to do and you already have a set of priorities to accomplish. It is time to stop responding to every new message or other demands on your time and those who want your immediate attention. This technique applies to work, at home, time already set aside to exercise or whatever. Your need is to approach a higher level of simplicity, not a more complicated routine.

- Remember this: you do not have to answer every message that comes your way. Unfortunately, many messages are uninvited, and others simply are unimportant. The only messages to answer are the urgent, necessary and important. Let the rest of them go off your list.

- If you do not know at this point in time who is calling you, one of the best investments for just a few dollars is to sign up for caller I.D. When you do this, you can avoid time consuming calls from telemarketers, or from friends and relatives who you know you can call later when you have the time. This little investment allows you to get the important messages and calls, and gives you the time to do what you must.

- One of the most important things to do that many do not is to find a place that you can be alone - it's a place that allows your mind to go to what I call 'zero time'. This can be the silence of your car when you stop at a park, or overlooking a distant vista, or in your own room with the door closed away from everything else. The important aspect here is to let your mind have some relaxing time - keep it away from intrusions.

Paperless Society?
There is another interesting yet annoying fact today that was not envisioned at the start of the technology age. And, that annoying aspect is partly the expectation that we would move into a paperless society. Well, for anyone working in a company or corporation, I am sure that you have found that this just isnít true. Not only do we have more information coming at us in a never-ending stream through our electronic devices but also we have more paper coming to us. Some of this paper is a copy of what we received electronically because of the need to preserve a hard copy for record purposes, and some of it is from our own past habits. But, no matter what the cause, we have both electronic and paper seemingly constantly filling our minds and our in trays.

You Can Control
Some things you can control through setting specific times to do certain things like check your email or review paper that crosses your desk. One thing is for certain, if you do not know how to organize your workflow, or mange your available time, you will end up spending more time reading emails and responding to messages than you will actually accomplishing what is necessary to accomplish.

Life is complex, hectic, demanding and full of others who want some part of you. It is your own interpretation of wisdom that allows you to be in control not everything else.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." Ovid

"Time and words can't be recalled, even if it was only yesterday." Yiddish Proverb

"In the hope of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet." Albert Schweitzer

"This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men." Captain J. A. Hadfield

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