Inspirational Stories Page 3

Have A Great Life - We all met people who impress and inspire us.

What is Enough - a good question, find the answer

Blindness In More Ways - about blindness not in the literal sense but in the sense of people giving back

Living Life Like Money- an interesting comparision

One Starlit Night- Reminds us to look beyond what we see as normal or routine

Changing Lifestyles- We stood in the kitchen talking. I was discussing my upcoming change in lifestyle.

What Goes Around Comes Around- The title best describes this well.

A Gift You Are Given To Use - We all love to receive gifts. But what is the most important gift that you have been given.

Build Your Bridges - A tale of two brothers that let the bridge fall down.

You Can't Keep Me Down- about making choices and being told that you can not achieve or amount to anything.

To Each A Little Rain- It happens to every one of us, we all experience a little rain in our life

The Gift Of Friendship Is Invaluable- A real life event where the author is questioning his actions

What Does Commitment Mean To You - Always stay committed to yourself

Forgive Yourself - my Grandfather and his regrets

Just Thinking Is Not Preparation - for success in any project, personal or professional, planning and preparation is a key.

Wanna Do's- Growing up, we lived in the country.

Do You Have A Parachute -Recognize the people who have packed your parachute, who have made a difference in your life

Impact of Christmas Shoes Song- Most of us are familiar with the song, Christmas Shoes.

What Is It To Be Grateful- can learn from you. Watching you teaches me how to be grateful and to count my blessings

Making Mistakes- about mistakes and change using the example of drinking and driving

Adjusting Sails- A friend of mine had a terrible childhood.

Today Is The Best Day - We sat on the swing enjoying the warm summer air.

Stop and Focus - are you focused, stop and read this

Overcoming Other People's Opinion - An individual who has defied others beliefs.

If Only Someday I'll Was A Destination - A thank you for to all the procrasinators of the world

The Waste You Regret - What is this you may ask

Believing In Your Dreams - man that took over 30 years to accomplish his dream

Do Or Do Not - A conversation between a father and son about the son's potential.

Inspiring Transitions - Are you happy in your work? A story of someone who was not and what they did.

Inspiration Through Self Direction - We all face negative issues in our day. What are your choices and what attitude do you choose.

Waiting for No Risk - So many people are risk adversed it is amazing.

An Important Question - How would you answer this question

The View From A Hospital Window - about not having regrets

The Last Roses - A heartfelt tale that reminds us to live each day.

Only A Few Words - We all start somewhere

Balance of Life - A motivational message to remind us about the balance of life

A Wake Up Call - a reminder you to live each day.

Find The Potential- about one person who did have potential, but perhaps felt like he didn't.

The Biggest Package - Human behavior is amazing to study.

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