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The only way to succeed tomorrow is to succeed today. And the only way to succeed today is to change what you are doing this minute. Change this minute, and your life changes. . . eventually. Rahul Badami, Self Help: How to Change your Life in the next 15 minutes
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"Whether you acknowledge your successes yourself, receive praise from others or both, it is important that every step toward your goals that you take receive the credit it is rightfully due."
Henry Lee, Habit Master
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"A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do."
Robert B. Cialdini PhD, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
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 has a place for those who demand more of themselves today
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"The difference between smashing success and a cautionary tale of failure often comes down to successful execution of business strategies."
J.D. Rockford, The Project Management Pocketbook
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"In a nutshell, to be successful is to experience an improvement in your circumstances and overall emotional well-being."
Rupert Johnson, Build for Success
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"Most people confuse satisfaction with boredom. The path to satisfaction requires a maturity, commitment and level of action that is NOT boring."
Grommit Howard, Life's Toolbox: 5 Tools That Will Change Your Life
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"To succeed means that you may have to step out of line and march to the sound of your own drummer."
Keith Degreen
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"The wonderful news is that we can reprogram our sub-conscious mind with the right set of behaviour traits that will guarantee us success."
Barry Naude, The Essential Skills for Success
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"One of the toughest things to get over when you are speaking of motivation and discipline is not to measure your success by the success of your peers."
Felix Oberman, Developing Discipline and Motivation
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"Most of those who succeed in achieving their goals do it by creating an environment for opportunity."
Stedman Graham
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"Search for the things that you are good at. Work at them until you are the BEST. You are guaranteed to succeed."
Joe Brown
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"Willingness to get going, concentrated effort, persistence and resilience in the face of obstacles – all are crucial to success in achieving life goals."
George Harris, Don't Wait For Your Life To Start
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"Everyone has the right, the means, and the responsibility to succeed on their own terms."
Paul McCabe
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"If you can learn to view failure not as a negative thing, but rather as a learning opportunity, you will be poised for success, and you will stop losing motivation when you fail."
Cary Bergeron, 12 Simple Secrets To Staying Motivated
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"Success requires the ability to solve problems effectively and to be a good decision maker."
Angel A. Cataluña, Basic Influencing and Persuasion
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Confidence is important for your well being and personal success as well as your relationships with other people. One of the most debilitating flaws you can have is low self-esteem, life will be incredibly difficult if you spend it worrying that everyone else is better than you.
Jason Travis, Self Confidence
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Wall Art
"Don't Quit . . . It's when things seem worst you must not quit."
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Confidence is a requirement of success. People who lack self-confidence find it extremely challenging to get out of their comfort zone and seek something better.
Kathleen Rao, Self-Confidence
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Well-defined goals enable you to achieve success.
Katherine Leigh, 3 Weeks to an Organized Homeschool
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But planning isn't just some secret key to success. It's actually a powerful tool against laziness.
Gretchen Pilar, Overcoming Laziness
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Productivity is considered a key source of economic growth and benefit. I would say the key to success.
Lorena Katz, Productivity: How To Be Productive
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Begin today consciously programming yourself for Success in all areas of your life by catching and correcting your thinking, your emotional reactions, and your imagination any time it is negative.
Bill Tharp, Empowering Secrets of Success
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Too many times I hear of people struggling to climb the ladder of success, only to get to the top and find out that they’re on the wrong wall! Don't let that be you. Don't try to drive your passion, let your passion drive you.
Tim David, THiNK - Advice for Teenagers who want to Avoid Drama and Achieve Awesomeness
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Giving more attention to details can determine the difference between success and failure.
Dan Goldberg, Sales Scripts: 5 Simple Scripts to Sell Anything Over The Phone
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Taking better control of your life is significant to your personal level of success.
Helen R. Johnson, Emotional Intelligence
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Success doesn't often happen in giant leaps. Success usually happens in a series of small, intentional steps that take you closer to your goals.
Karen Kelloway, Nail It!: Six Steps to Transform Your Career
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At some level we are all chasing success of some sort. We are continually looking for ways to have more, to be more and to gain more, thinking that once we "have it all" we will be satisfied and life will be perfect.
Thomas Meyer; Katrina Swanson, Secrets To Success - Aim For The Stars
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You will be surprised with the power you hold that is ready to be tapped into success and leadership potential.
Laurie Cain, Introvert's Road To Leadership
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To be successful and happy you must be a success on three levels. Spiritually, with your health and with your finances. If you are rich but your health is poor you are not a success. If you are spiritually connected and you are healthy, but you are poor, you are not a success. Get one area wrong and your life is completely different.
Craig Beck, How to Attract Money
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When you are intimidated, you feel that others are bigger, better, smarter, more well liked, more successful, better dressed, better looking, and/ or richer than you are.
Jane John-Nwankwo, Never Be Intimidated: A Motivational Book For Success
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Fill your vocabulary with words that evoke feelings of success and strength. Robust, happy, content, love, affection, faith and other such words should be the first ones your mind reaches out for.
Kathryn Prentice, Positive Thinking: Simple Guide For Rapid Self Improvement And Feeling Happy Now
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You've got to wake up and be proud of what you've built, and the barometer for success should be beyond money and growth.
Jason Navallo, Success
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When you serve as a resource to someone and help them succeed, you can be rest assured that success will come to you.
Ryan Jump, 9 to 5 Productivity Booster: 95 Resources to Boost your 9x5 Productivity
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It's time to instill the belief in every child that they can succeed - and then make sure we make good on the promise to never let them down.
President Barack Obama
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What we don't realize is this: every time we start thinking about what someone else is doing, we are taking away time and energy that we could be focusing on our own progress and goal achievement. We are in effect taking away from ourselves, and in doing so, decreasing our chances for success!
Lisa Kardos, Success Blueprint: Get Out of Survival Mode, Regain Control of Your Life, and Get Ahead at Work and in Life
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Independence is a trait you should want your child to have. After you provide your child with the discipline, manners, and responsibility to be successful, you want your child to be able to leave your side and reach their goals.
J.J. Hartley, Parenting: Parenting Toddlers
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It is the proactive people who become successful. They refuse to simply drift through life merely doing what is required of them. Instead, successful people take the extra mile and do the extra tasks to make their lives more fulfilling and meaningful.
Aidin Safavi, Success: Success habits for Beginners
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