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"Success is not about obtaining more money, but success is when you attain a peace and happiness in everyday living."
Happiness   |  

"But unless you specifically define what success means for you, how can you possibly achieve it?"
Jonathan White, Success Through Appreciation
Achievement   |  

"To reach your full potential, you must be aware of potential obstacles to success. This means assessing yourself realistically, paying attention to the places you’ve fallen short in the past, and developing strategies for overcoming similar problems in the future."
Brian Cagneey, Coaching: How To Influence Your Team With Coaching Skills, Leadership Skills And Coaching Questions
Potential   |  

"Everyone wants success. It is obvious when people do. But sometimes, people need help working to getting success and being able to prosper, and this coaching helps with that."
Randy Wayne, Coaching
Coaching   |  

"When your players can see that you are committed to their individual success and the success of the team, not only will they respect you, but your commitment will motivate them to commit to both themselves and the team."
Ace McCloud, Coaching: Coaching Strategies
Commitment   |  

"In fact, for me that is the definition of genuine success itself: success is living every day the way you choose."
Rita Davenport, Funny Side Up
Choices   |  

"Learn to celebrate your successes and acknowledge your defeats, but then move on to the next opportunity and challenge."
Stedman Graham
Knowledge   |  

"While everyone that strives to succeed, everyone that has the courage to leave their comfort zone, everyone that is willing to try to make a positive impact on some corner of the world will face difficulties and hardships along the way, those who are driven by authentic passion will persevere and will not allow the unavoidable obstacles to become insurmountable barriers."
Dennis Houchin, The Passion Principles: The Key to a More Fulfilling, More Creative Life
Courage   |  

"Success is built upon clarity and honesty with oneself."
Warren Philip Gates, Success and the Powerful Introvert
Honesty   |  

"Just as you are bound to fail, you are also bound to succeed, but not without you trying."
Sean Clive, How I Made It In My Life
Failure   |  

"Whatever the situation is, never give up. This is one of the most important pillars of success."
Nathan Ergang, Big Life Change
Determination   |  

"Most highly successful people take care of themselves. They understand the importance of continuous self-improvement."
Trevor Poulin, Always Say the Right Thing
Thoughts on Personal Development   |  

"Remember, the only distance between success and failure is your belief in yourself. "
Stephanie Beyer, Self Esteem
Believe In Yourself   |  

"Successful people tend to stay away from negative vibes and this gives their inner confidence a big boost."
Elijah Conner, Confidence For You, Yourself And I
How To Recognize A Negative Attitude   |  

"Don't wait to become successful in order to be happy, choose to be happy now and attract all the success that you want for your life."
Stephen Bryant, The Happiness Edge
Happy   |  

"Focus not on discouragements but on the will to succeed."
Edward Dunedin, Inspirational Quotes And Idioms On Life
Focus   |  

"We need to enjoy the small stepping stones of progress towards our successes."
Benjamin Chapin, Think Positive: Guide to Positive Thinking
Joy   |  

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