Teach Me

Poetry that expresses thoughts of God and of the Bible; find wisdom in the words of these Poets to inspire and encourage you.

Teach Me
Poet: , 2012

I am just a young black bird,
Waiting high in the tree.
For someone to find me and help me,
A teacher is what I will need.

As I am just a young black bird,
No matter what I will say.
I know nothing of anything,
And a teacher I will obey.

Teach me all that I need,
To survive among the sky and the trees.
I will listen to what I am told,
You're wisdom will put me at ease.

I know that teaching a young bird is difficult,
And this I am very sure.
But I promise to leave stubborn and negativity,
At home, so that I, a black bird can mature.

So please teach me all you know.
Teach me everything you can.
For all I want is to be a good black bird,
One with skills that will help me to stand.

And finally teach me to thank the Lord
For all that I have and do
For blessings from above
Teach me the principle of gratitude.

"Bible reading is an education in itself."
Lord Tennyson

I Am
by John Wesley

I am a creature of a day.
I am a spirit come from God,
and returning to God.
I want to know one thing:
the way to heaven.
God himself has condescended to
teach me the way.
He has written it down in a book.

Oh, give me that book!
At any price give me the book of God.
Let me be a man of one book.

"It is not at all incredible, that a book which has been so long in the possession of mankind should contain many truths as yet undiscovered."
Bishop Butler

More Than A Dead Letter
By Phillips Brooks

The Bible is like a telescope.
If a man looks through his telescope,
Then he sees the worlds beyond;
But if he looks at his telescope,
Then he does not see anything but that.
The Bible is a thing to be looked through,
To see that which is beyond;
But most people only look at it;
And so they see only the dead letter.

"The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed."
Patrick Henry

God Be In My Head
by Sarum Primer

God be in my head, and in my understanding;
God be in mine eyes, and in my looking;
God be in my mouth, and in my speaking;
God be in my heart, and in my thinking;
God be at mine end, and at my departing.

"Every man's life is a plan of God."
Horace Busnell

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