Ways To Worry Less

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Here are just a few examples of how to worry less and enjoy life more:

Do Not Procrastinate
Make sure you act when you have to and do not put off until tomorrow, or next week what must be done. Procrastination is a way to keep an issue in the fore front of your mind so it can simmer away and cause worry. Don't be one of those people who say, if only someday I had more time. Get it done right now.

Find The Opportunity
A lot of times, we view a situation that causes us the real problem. If you turn it around and see a problem as a mere challenge, you will also see that there is an opportunity right before your eyes.

Stop Talking About It
Quit telling everyone who will listen about your problems or issues. When they acknowledge these issues, it only serves to add fuel to the fire and keeps you mired in staying stuck and not moving beyond them.

The Key
The key to overcome worry is to take action and you can't take action if you sit around and mope about it or stay in bed using up valuable time that could be dedicated to resolving whatever is bothering you.

One of the great contributors to worry is to always feel rushed to do this and that. Make sure you get yourself organized, develop a schedule that gives you the time you need and do not try and do everything at once and end up worrying that you must get it all done.

Do not worry about the size of a project. Think of a large project as doing the dishes - one dish at a time gets it done. The same applies to a large project when you divide it up into little pieces, manageable pieces, where you can do a little at a time. A little at a time turns out to be a whole bunch over time.

Use Your Energy
A lot of energy and worry is devoted to those things you have no control over. If you cannot control it, or do anything about it, forget it.

You only have so much time in every day so do not start to worry about thinking about issues that do not deserve any of those available hours. Wasted thinking is wasted time.

If you have taken action to resolve an issue that has been on your mind, be done with it once the action is taken. The action has been taken so there is no use in worrying about the outcome. You have other things that require your attention and time.

An Example
A case in point recently involved my mother-in-law who was preparing to get her house ready to sell so that she would have enough money to move into a seniorís independent living environment. From the get go, she started to worry. She worried about whether anyone would buy her house; she worried about how much money she would get for her house when it did sell; she worried that she wouldnít have enough money to last for the rest of her life even though she had built up quite a nest egg with the right investments over the last twenty years; she worried that she would not be able to take all her possessions with her even though she didnít use half of them or need them.

With the exception of only a few things, she had absolutely no control over the situation nor could she even think of any solution because there wasnít a solution that she could initiate that would control something uncontrollable. The only way we helped her mover through her situation was to guide her into actions that she could start to take on her own, and actions that would reduce concerns. For example, she was encouraged to start going through all of her clothes and weeding out what she did not wear and what she really needed. She also started to clean out her cupboards and closets and throwing away all sorts of things, mostly just junk, that she had been collecting over the years. The best part of her action was that she was exercising control over what she could. Action that one can take always triumphs over worrying.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"The only thing that really works is the admission that we are powerless over our worrying and there is a power greater than ourselves to whom we can give it." Anne Wilson Schaef

"Whatever the problem we have in our life, someone has faced it and overcome it. " David DeNotaris

"Sometimes you need to stop waiting, stop procrastinating, and go get what you want out of life. Stop being fearful and worrisome; no problems are as hard as we sometimes make them out to be." Julius Williams

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