Do Not Worry

Author: , 2012

Do not worry is easy to say and much harder for thousands upon thousands of people. It seems that worry is one of those behaviors that dominates life and is not easily dispelled as a useless attitude towards much of what life throws our way.

Worry is one of those behaviors that cannot and will not accomplish anything at all. Worry is an emotional state and not a state that works towards doing anything positive. Worry erodes the psychic, causes unwanted emotional turmoil, and depletes the body through lack of sleep or poor eating habits. It only leads to further and further despair.

Worry Can Be Defeated
On the other hand, worry can be defeated - it can be controlled if you recognize or learn how to avoid or, at least, diminish its control over you.

So, how does one go about diminishing or eliminating worry?

One of the very first steps is to note what makes you worry. Is it money matters, work, family issues, loneliness or friends?

The Issue
Next, note what is the specific issue - do not just write down something vague or general, For example, if it worries about money, what is the specific issue? Is it not being able to pay for your next month's rent, or is it not having enough money to buy groceries for the week for your
family, or not having enough money to repair your car?

The next step will be difficult initially, but if you get comfortable with this step, you are well on your way to reducing worry in whatever aspect of your life is causing you to worry.

A Plan
The step is all about deciding, finding or developing an action plan to eliminate the worry. Let's go back to our specific money example of not having enough money to pay for the next month's rent or mortgage payment. You will need to sit down and look very critically at your finances. Is not having enough money partly attributed to you spending too much money on other non-essential items like social activities, too much on food, drink, TV hook up, or anything else that is not necessary to actually save money. Or, is it a matter that having reduced everything possible, there still is not enough money?

Here is one action plan - the key here is this. It is 'action' that erodes or replaces worry. As I have said before, worry doesn't accomplish anything but action does. The plan of action, therefore, is to find another or additional way of earning more money. This could be (a longer-term solution I realize) applying for a higher paying job, taking a part-time job a couple of days or nights a week, or finding a cheaper place to live that you can afford.

I cannot specifically tell you what action to take given your particular circumstances can be very varied, but you can.

Take action - not worry. Action defeats worry, just like "action" defeats

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"Do not worry about the size of a project. Think of a large project as doing the dishes - one dish at a time gets it done."
Byron Pulsifer, Ways To Worry Less

Worry is futile much like despising the fact that we all will grow old. The clearer vision accepts that old age and death are inevitable and that to worry about this fact of life is certainly futile thinking. Instead, a life that unfolds gallantly living each day to its fullest brings a life of no

"Worry is something you can make as big as the tallest mountain, or as small as a pebble on the beach. It is up to you to decide which you would rather have."
Byron Pulsifer

"Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?"
Jesus, Bible Matthew 6:27

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