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Inspirational Book Review

Never Ending Destination
By Tony Clark

Reviewed by

Tony Clark's
book, thinkUcan, is one where he shares his life experiences telling real life stories from an early childhood to present day.

His younger years were ones filled with violence and hardship. His role models in life lead him to the same type of behavior until he met an uncle whom he admired and wanted to emulate.

In each chapter, Tony shares his experiences, what he learned, his
successes and failures. He summarizes "life's lessons" at the end of the chapter with pointers for success in relation to many different aspects of life. He shares tips and tools he uses to achieve his goals.

This is a story of a real person with successes but not before he faced the challenges we all face in life. The book is inspiring and uplifting as he shares his story and his solutions to the issues he faced.

As I read Tony's story, I was pleasantly surprised by his latest goals, ones that I know he will achieve.

I would highly recommend Tony's book "thinkUcan". It is a book of inspiration,
determination, and covers life's highs and lows that we all experience.

You can read Tony's words of wisdom in the form of
inspirational quotes from the book, thinkUcan, at Tony Clark Quotes.

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