Plans Derailed

What do you do when your plans do not work out. Read the wisdom in this thought for suggestions of what to do. Be encouraged not to give up your goals.

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Plans Derailed

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Great, you have your plan well organized, it is written in specific detail with each action step laid out like a model builder who has all the parts labeled and ready to start gluing each part in the right order.

So, what do you expect to happen as you go along your merry way and start implementing your plan? Well, like most people, I am sure that you expect that each action step lead nicely into the next and so on until you arrive at your final destination. Right?

Well, that arrival at your final destination, though, may become derailed. Now what? Does this derailment mean it is time to give up, or to start a different plan?

Actually, neither one is the correct answer. It is entirely possible that your personal derailment may mean that you were too much in a hurry to get to your destination. Maybe, it just wasn't the right time. Maybe, just maybe you were trying to force a round peg into a square hole. Sometimes, no matter how hard we push, we just run into opposition after opposition, roadblock after roadblock.

I read a story not long ago about what happens when we try and do things but it is just the wrong time. The story was about a farmer who planted his corn crop but it would not grow no matter what he did. He put down the proper fertilizer before he sowed his seed to give it the nutrients it needed. But, still no growth. What was the matter? Well, in this case, the farmer planted his seed in winter - the wrong season. Seems kind of silly and obvious doesn't it? Well, the point in the story was just simply this: sometimes it is just the wrong season no matter how much you desire to plant your seeds.

So, maybe all that is wrong is that you are in the wrong season - maybe it just isn't the right time to proceed with your plan. Do not discount your plan or action. Instead, sit back and take a hard look at your goals. I am not suggesting that there is an exact moment in time to institute your plan for this would be to say that you have to wait until just the right moment. This would be wrong because in a lot of situations there is no perfect time, more a right time.

Do not give up - instead, take a little time to review your action steps and do not expect that everything will fall into place in a normal and orderly fashion.

I ran into the same challenges not that long ago when I was planning to move out of the province to a country property. The plan was to sell our home within a year and then move. But, even though there was a very detailed plan of action with all details laid out in a complete time frame of what to do when and how, it was not the right timing.

As it turned out, the plan was sound but the timing was wrong. It didnít mean that the steps were in the wrong order or that any steps were forgotten or ignored. It was just that it wasnít our time. So, did we just give up thinking that our plan was never meant to be? The answer was a definite no.

Instead, we just backed up a little bit and refocused out plan and thinking to push the time frame out another year. The intended goal did not change in anyway but only the timing. Not everything falls into our plans as we want or desire but that is absolutely no excuse to give up and quit.

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