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Be inspired by the wisdom in these Tony Clark quotes, from his book, thinkUcan. While Tony has achieved many successes in his life his latest endeavour is an online and offline training organisation, thinkUcan. He has authored the book, thinkUcan, read our review on this very inspiring book.

"Instead of being a person to whom things happened, I became a person who made things happen."
Tony Clark
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"Your possibilities are endless."
Tony Clark
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"Stay focused, keep going."
Tony Clark
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"A life lived at less than its full potential is a life half wasted."
Tony Clark
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"Never forget your friends."
Tony Clark
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"Fear is a hurdle not a barrier."
Tony Clark
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"If you want it, go for it."
Tony Clark
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"I enjoy every day, because I choose to."
Tony Clark
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"'I'll be happy when…'is a false promise. The time to be happy is now."
Tony Clark
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"Simply by putting my ambition out there it had mysteriously come spectacularly true and I was enjoying a lifestyle that some people only dream of."
Tony Clark
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