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"To simplify things down to their real essence, whenever things go wrong in our lives, whenever our plans go awry and the things we took for granted suddenly disappear, we have a very simple choice. We can either succumb to despair and assume the attitude of the put upon victim, powerless to change our fate, or we can decide to turn the tragedy into an opportunity."
Tony Clark
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"If you want to change your life, you have to take the first step and then the next and the next and so on and never lose sight of where you are going till you get there."
Tony Clark
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"Despite my own personal dreams and battles, I feel it is immensely important for me to put something back into a world that has give me so much."
Tony Clark
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"The goals we achieve today are the stepping stones for the next goal, the one after that and the one after that."
Tony Clark
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"There is nothing like a treasured prize and a tight deadline to focus the mind."
Tony Clark
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"I was beginning to understand that even the strongest bars can be bent if we apply enough effort."
Tony Clark
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"Don't be limited by the beliefs of others and make sure your own are sky high."
Tony Clark
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