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There are a lot of different tasks we need to perform throughout many aspects of work. I know this for a fact seeing that I have trudged through many tasks as anxious as could be to get this chore done as soon as possible. I thought that a lot of these less than favorite tasks would diminish or be gone forever when I owned my own business. But, I was wrong - really wrong.

Bad Habits
It is really easy to adopt a bad habit when it comes to do things you don't like.

"The good thing about habits is that you can change them if you want to."
Byron Pulsifer, The Who In I

A bad habit that makes you rush so that the finished task is not done as well as could be done - you already know that when you start but that doesn't seem to matter because it could be a detestable chore; a habit that sees you more than willing to give this task to somebody else if you had a chance. A habit that you have formed all by yourself based on an attitude that lead to a belief that formed a habit.

Such was the case a few days ago when I knew I had to go out to the studio and count all raw materials and all finished product. I detest counting stock and taking inventory. I also knew that this less than fun chore was necessary though in order to complete part of the necessary work before filing a business tax return. So, what to do?

I sure I am not unique when it comes to detesting some aspects of a job. But, I didn't want to continue on with this habit of wishing if only someday someone would do it for me. I knew I needed an attitude adjustment and I needed it fast before I went out to count inventory.

Altered My Thinking
So, this is what I did to alter my thinking.

I decided that instead of looking at the negative aspects of this formerly labeled negative chore, I would rephrase it; re-channel it to become a positive instead of a negative. So, what were the positive aspects that I could focus on?

Simply put, the good thing about counting inventory was, firstly, at least I had inventory to count. This meant that I had a business instead of working for someone else. Secondly, I had inventory to count, which was better than not having any at all, and having to purchase raw materials to make product. Thirdly, I could count inventory on my schedule and not have to do it when I needed to conduct other important business matters. This is not the same as procrastination where one keeps putting it off - it simply means that I have the option to schedule this task when I want to without interfering with other tasks that require my time - for example, I can count inventory in the late afternoon or in the evening when everything else settles down.

"We have the ability to decide what thoughts we are going to dwell on."
Wisdom from David DeNotaris

The Point
There is way to turn negative thinking to positive thinking - it means seeing the positives and not focusing on the negatives.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"At the end of the workday or on your way home, think of three things that went well at work! Tina Nies

"Develop the habit of focusing on the possibilities, not the problems." David DeNotaris

"To be truly successful, you require the strength of body, positive mentality, and most importantly work hard to fulfil your potential. You also require the right attitude and discipline to a point where you place your goal before some of your needs." Michael Welton

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