Valentine Poems

Valentine's Day, February 14th, is a day where we tell those we love how much they mean to us. We wish those we care about a Happy Valentines Day. It is not to say that we don't express love on other days of the year, but on this special day that has been set aside it is customary to send valentines messages, cards and give gifts to the special someone in your life. It is a day of romance, a day for finding the right words to say, a day to stop and purposely tell the one that you love how special they are. Poetry is a great way to express your thoughts. There have been many romantic poems written over the years to express the love we feel.

Here you will find a collection of Valentine Poems written especially for this day. The poems are written in hopes you will find one that you want to share with the special person in your life. You will find short ones, long ones, old and new. We hope they express your thoughts in words so true.

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- A Funny Valentine's Day Poem
- Funny Verses Just For You
- Short Valentine's Day Poems
- William Shakespeare's Words on Love
- Love Is Enough
- Love Me Little, Love Me Long

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- Words Cannot Express
- Life's Greatest Thing
- Thank You
- A Valentine's Thought for My Friend
- A Valentine's Wish For You
- A Valentine
- Love Is Not
- A Valentin For You
- Cards and Kisses
- Love Not Me for Comely Grace
- More Short Valentine Poems

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- What the Bible says about love. One of the most famous verses on love and some thoughts about it.

A Valentine
Poet: , © 2016

Let me say this Valentines quote
Is one that I wish I wrote
It tells of love that is so deep
It is one that I will always keep.
It reminds me so much of you
I will read it over when I'm blue.
It was written by John McLeod,
And I would
encourage you to read aloud:
"Love much dear friends for love will bring
the healing joy and hope of Spring."

For You Sweetheart
Poet: , © 2016

This Valentine poem is for you my sweetheart
My love for you will never depart.
May we be together until the end of time.
I would never trade you, not for a million dimes.
With each passing year our love continues to grow
It is more beautiful than fresh fallen snow.
So let this poem be a reminder to you
I love you more each year through and through.

Love Is
Poet: Kate Summers ©2016

What does love mean on this Valentines day
Love is doing more for another than for self
Love is encouraging and supportive
Love is patient
Love is kindness for one another
Love is helping and laughter too
Love is appreciating all you do
Love is sharing interests
Love is a comfort
Love is always there
Love is meant to be shared
Love is beauty in the eyes of the beholder
Love is showing that you care.
Love is you and all you do
Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

The Word, Valentine
Poet: Kate Summers ©2016

When I think of the word valentine and I think of you, here are my thoughts:

V alentine, my cupid
A lways my love will be for you
L ove so true
E nthusiasm for all you do
N ever before have I met one whom I so adore
T rust and honesty we share for sure
I nspiration you give me
N eed you, want you, love you
E ncouragement you give and lots of love for me.

Roses Are
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer ©2016

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My love for you
Is oh, so true.

From the day that I met you
I was no longer blue
As I found my true love
It was like the wings on a dove.

You are loving and sweet
To everyone you meet
You are
kind and caring
And just a little bit daring

You make me
And you can be so crafty
But one thing is for sure
I do love you MORE!

Short Valentines Poems
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer©2017

Here is a valentines day quote for you
"Be happy and be not blue
For love comes along
For only so long."
So on this special day
I pray
You will be my Valentine!

I love all holidays when I am with you
Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving to name only a few.
But there is one special day that means a lot to me and you
It's Valentines day, the day when I shout out, I love you!

We share memories of younger days
But I love you more as we age.
Each passing year I love you more
You are truly the one I adore.

Our love is strong that is so true
When I'm with you I'm never blue
The fun we have, the love we share
Is more than we could have ever dared.

I look at you and smile
It has not been a long while
Since we first met and went out
I love you with no doubt.

One thing is for sure my love for you is for
Today, tomorrow, and forever, our love will hold true wherever.

This Valentine wish is sent to you
I must tell you without further ado
You are kind, you are sweet
You are the person I wanted to meet.
Now my days are full of joy
My life with you I do enjoy.

My love, my heart I give to you
You are one of the few.
You are the best
I feel so blessed
I thank God each day
That he sent you my way.

Of all the people I could have met, you my love I place my bet
And oh how I have won there is no other like you, none.

If I could have one wish for you
It is for success in all you do.
You demonstrate an attitude
That is always full of gratitude.
And I am happy I met you
Without you I would be blue.

Our love is strong there are no cracks
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you more that you can know
You, my dear, I will never outgrow.

I appreciate you so much
I love your every touch.
The way you smile
You make me feel so worthwhile.
On this Valentines day
I wish to say
Thank you, appreciate you
Love you, and all you do.

Candy and flowers we do get but all these things we can forget.
What is important and so true is my love will be forever for you.

Chocolates and roses
Can all decompose
But what we share
Is worth more than being a millionaire
What we have is awesome
Now life is full of enthusiasm!

Cupid hit me with his arrow on the day we did meet
and now this valentines day is complete!

Today I am saying, please be my valentine
I would be so happy and relieved
If you only took the time
To say that you would be mine
As when you are near
My heart skips a beat
And I lose all fear
And remember how you are so sweet.

An old familiar poem I write
If I could I would fly it on a kite.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

Happiness and joy indeed is how I feel when you are near
If you could only have one wish I hope it would be for a kiss.

I was fill with doubt when I asked you out
I was surprised to hear you say I would love to as I never want you to go away.
So now you are my Valentine I hope you like my little rhyme.

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