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A poem about taking actions and seeing results which contains wisdom we can all use. We hope this motivational poems encourages you to achieve what you now only dream of. Turn your dreams into goals, make them a reality.

Results and Actions
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012 2012

If one day you decide you want,
Something of your own.
You'll have to do a little work,
Be a dog after a bone.

Do not expect what you want,
To come knocking at your door.
No matter what it is you want,
You'll have to dig you own hole.

Good things do not come to those that wait,
But come to those that do.
If you want it bad enough,
You'll have to see it through.

So get up off your couch,
And decide your next action.
Make something happen for yourself,
And see results and feel satisfaction.

This poem asks questions by the poet, it is like the poet is wondering, but not truly asking the questions. Perhaps reflections and thoughts about life

What Wouldn`t Happen?

Poet: K. Hooton, 2005

What would you do?
What would you say?
What would you think?

What would you do if I tore down your flawless walls?
If I took away your only chance of hiding?

What would you say if took away the cards?
If I unwrote all the rules?

What would you think if
I told you how I felt about you?
If I asked you if you felt it too?

What would happen if we just knew?
If things were a little clearer?

I'll tell you what would happen
It would take away the fun of finding out,
What you would do.
What you would say.
What you would think.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"Inspiring self is integral to the never-ending journey of becoming a better person. Without it, the inspiration we receive from others does us no good."
Ryan Jump

"The only way to stop yourself from giving up is to be true to yourself."
Eshraq Jiad

"Why do most of us place severe limitations on ourselves in order to avoid failure, even to the point of sacrificing our dreams?"
Suresh Basandra

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