Difference Between Wishing And Hoping

Author: , 2012

For many, there is a distinct difference between wishing and hoping. For others, there is no difference at all.

Wishing Is
Wishing is something that all of us can do but with little chance of getting what we wish for. It is like wishing to win the lottery but you don't buy a ticket - you can't win if you don't have a ticket no matter how hard you wish.

Hoping Is
On the other hand,
hope is quite different. You can hope that you win the lottery but, in this instance, you have purchased a ticket. So, there is a reason to hope.

Life Is
Life, in general, is the same as either or not buying a lottery ticket. Thousand wish they could have a better job, or a new car, or a better home, or a different lifestyle but they do not take any action at all to turn their wishes into a possibility. Then there are those who hope for a better job, or a new house or whatever but take some sort of action at least to put the possibility wheels in motion.

Those who take more and more action are better able to hope for what it is they are working towards. The harder you apply yourself to any task, project or plan, the nearer and closer you get with every step. And, those who understand, also, that set backs can and probably will occur know that failure is only a temporary condition and soon regroup and learn from their failures to start again in even more earnest.

A Recent Conversation
I recently had a conversation with a young lady who was able to finish her pre-school qualifications and was able to go out on her own and rent her own apartment. It was a suitable apartment for her purpose but she really wanted a more spacious apartment and one with a lot more room instead of the small space she had now.

So, instead of wishing for a better place to live, she started saving her money so she could have enough money for the first and last months rent. And, it wasn't that she could save very much, but she hoped to save more by taking another job part-time to save even more. She not only hoped to have another apartment soon, but she also took action to get it sooner than later. In this sense, she had every reason to hope she would be able to move soon.

And, within four months, she had saved enough for her down payment and found what she was looking for within the week. She moved -
hope with action equals achievment.

If you could have that single wish would your dreams come true. Perhaps, but how long would you be happy. Be inspired by these thoughts about wishing and life.

A Single Wish

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

If a single wish was all that one needed,
Than we all would get what we want.
There would be no need for such things,
As working, hoping or even wants.

If a single wish was all that one needed,
Life would always be full.
There would be no need for inhabitations,
And no fun in riding a bull.

If a single wish was all that one needed,
I would think we'd be very bored.
Our lives are meant to be fought for,
It's time to pick up that sword.

A single wish is not all one needs,
Hard work and believing is what one needs.
Take control and fill your own wishes,
And then you'll be planting your own seeds.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"Hope can be seen out in the garden in a plant that grows from a tiny seed. At first it struggles through the soil, but it persists and continues to go on until it becomes an imposing tree, and then it starts bearing fruit." Robert Smith

"There is a mere difference of motivation between an achiever and a loser. Achievers usually follow through a task, even when they are not feeling up to." Samantha Strauss

"Most people who accomplished anything, whether in relationships, business, sports, knowledge, or anything else, did so because they first believed that they could do it and saw the opportunity." Rita Chester

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