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"Rather than sitting and worrying, do something, anything. Worrying is a waste of time."
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"The only thing that really works is the admission that we are powerless over our worrying and there is a power greater than ourselves to whom we can give it." Anne Wilson Schaef
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"Worrying about past regrets does nothing to change the past. Your future is where your focus should be." Catherine Pulsifer
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"Why worry when you can pray."
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"The problem of life is to change worry into thinking and anxiety into creative action." Harold B. Walker
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"To Dyer, worrying was merely a waste of time, as we could not control forces outside of ourselves, but just our reaction to those events." Adam Green, Wayne Dyer: 88 Greatest Life Lessons, Inspiration And Best Quotes By Wayne Dyer
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"If you can control your thoughts, especially the things that you worry about, I guarantee you that you will lessen your stress level by 50-80%." Mike Mraz, Everything You Need To Know About Stress Management in 1,000 Words
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"Hurry and worry are sisters, and often go along hand in hand with each other." Pauline Creeden, 101 Notes of Thanksgiving
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Either do something about it or fix it, but don't worry Patricia Akins, Things They Don't Teach You In High School: But You Need To Know!
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I should not fret and worry about important decisions - I should let Him make them for me. Do not worry about tomorrow - He is the God of tomorrow, He sees the end from the beginning. Billy Graham
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If your problem has a solution, then keep yourself from worrying because a solution is available to fix the issue. If the problem is out of your control, then there's no need to worry as well because it's out of your hand. Christ Lewis; Laura Lewis, Organize Your Mind in 24 Hours!
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