Words of Encouragement

We all need words of encouragement. Here you will find words that offer support and comfort that will inspire and give you confidence and optimism. Let these words be ones that give you thoughts of support and reflection. Share them with others who could use some encouraging words!

"I want the world to see Me in you. I want you to stop and love the one. Who is the one? The one who needs a word of encouragement. The one who needs a helping hand." Nathan D. Pietsch, Pleasant Fruits
Helping Others

Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.
Galatians 6:4–5 MSG
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Words of Encouragement
Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter
Inspirational Quotes

Helping others, encouraging others, are often acts of being kind that have more meaning that you may realize.
Catherine Pulsifer
Encouraging Quotes

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far
Edgar A. Guest, Don't Quit
Encouraging Poems

It is also important to realize that adding a positive phrase in words that encourage to your daily routine can only help not hinder.
Byron Pulsifer
Words That Encourage

Your mind is like a magnet - it attracts into your life whatever you think about most.
Paul and Tracey McManus, The 7 Great Prayers

I believe my life has no limits. I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be.
Nick Vujicic, Limitless: Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life

When the story is said and done, our little bit may be invisible, but it we help encourage, push, and nudge things along, if we can just help, that would be fine.
Tom Prichard
Inspirational Stories

Fear imprisons, faith liberates; fear paralyzes, faith empowers; fear disheartens, faith encourages; fear sickens, faith heals; fear makes useless, faith makes serviceable.
Harry Emerson Fosdick

Keeping consistent in God's word will lift you up and encourage you! Andrew Farland
Keeping consistent in God's word will lift you up and encourage you!
Andrew Farland, Change Your Perspective Change You Life!

Every individual forms his own estimate of himself and that basic estimate goes far toward determining what he becomes. You can do no more than you believe you can. You can be no more than you believe you are. Belief stimulates power within yourself. Have faith in faith. Don't be afraid to trust faith.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Stay Alive All Your Life
Believe in Yourself

Remember to encourage effective communication within your team, it will build trust and encourage teamwork.
David Miller, Young Boss: A Millennial's Guide To Leadership

Be a rock to others in need, be a rock of support to those who are facing critical issues, be a rock full of caring, but be a rock who recognizes that you also will experience times when you need to seek your own rock.
Byron Pulsifer
Are You A Rock

Your destiny is the story of your life, and you get to tell the story your way. Of course, life is full of many variables beyond our control, but at the end of the day, you determine the actions that influence your path.
Scott Allan, Drive Your Destiny: Create a Vision for Your Life, Build Better Habits for Wealth and Health, and Unlock Your Inner Greatness

Inspiration, from whatever the source, arouses feelings within us that rekindle hope, ambition, and determination. It is a momentary whisper of encouragement and reassurance that causes us to become aware of our potential.
Jim Rohn, The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Some people sit on the sidelines, and some play to win. How do you play?
Tony Robbins, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
Anthony Robbins Quotes

Don't allow anyone to denigrate or inhibit your lofty aspirations. Buzz Aldrin
Don't allow anyone to denigrate or inhibit your lofty aspirations. Your dreams can take you much higher and much farther than anyone ever thought possible!
Buzz Aldrin, No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon

Likewise, family caregivers can go a long way toward helping parents or other loved ones stay in their own homes, but only if they understand the challenges of caregiving and know how to get help and support.
Denise Logeland, 10 Things Every Family Should Know Family

Each of us has the power to inspire or depress, to lift others or to push them down. We should look well to our words.
Wilfred Peterson
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For any problem, no matter how big or complex it may be, there is a solution.
Earl Nightingale, Business Life - 2 Amazing Ways to Solve Your Problems
Earl Nightingale

Everyone has a story. Put another way, everyone's life is a story.
Dan B. Allender, To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future
Thats My Story

People want to be heard and want to be loved. That attitude of acceptance and support inspires them to be the best they can be.
Bobby Genovese

Enthusiasm for life, an encouraging spirit, a heartfelt concern for the concerns of others, a way to show that someone cares is all part and parcel of a life dedicated to warmth and passion. You have it in you. Don't keep your zest for life inside; let it out in the service to others in need no matter when or where or to whom.
Byron Pulsifer
Encouraging Life

Relentless people move mountains. Relentless people make the impossible, possible. Relentless people achieve miracles. Relentless people are ready for any challenge. Relentless people don't panic, retreat, or fold when smashed in the face. They expect it and are ready to counteract it with a remarkable plan that smashes right back . . . except harder! Relentless people are always looking for the knockout shot that makes them the champion.
Wayne Allyn Root, The Power of Relentless: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom, and the Life of Your Dreams

Nevertheless, when there is no one around you to give you the encouragement, motivation and support you need, God's Word is always there.
Ruben Barreto, You Have What It Takes God

Just remember to never doubt yourself, we are all capable of amazing things. Rob Cristophe
Just remember to never doubt yourself, we are all capable of amazing things.
Rob Cristophe, Bad Habits - Eliminate Bad habits And Exceed Your Expectations: 5 Simple Steps To A Fresh Start

Good friends sure make their presence known at times of strife and challenging times and are revealed for their true support when all others seem to vanish. It is one thing to say you are a true friend and quite another to actually step up to the plate when times get tough.
Catherine Pulsifer, What Is a Friend

My husband and I can personally testify to the power of prayer, which is why we encourage others to have a heart dedicated to prayer.
Jennifer Smith; Aaron Smith, 31 Prayers For My Future Husband

Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.
Author Unknown

Often we get caught in the mental trap of seeing enormously successful people and thinking they are where they are because they have some special gift. Yet a closer look shows that the greatest gift that extraordinarily successful people have over the average person is their ability to get themselves to take action. It’s a "gift" that any of us can develop within ourselves.
Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement

When we treat them like the human beings they are, show our appreciation for their excellent work, and then encourage them to spend the weekend with their families, they are going to return to the workplace with renewed vigor, eager to prove their worth to the project and to the company.
William C. Oakes, Christlike Leadership: Leadership that Starts with an Attitude

You and I need to be the decision makers in our own lives and careers. It is also our responsibility to allow and encourage others to do the same.
Jay Rifenbary, No Excuse!

Giving someone encouraging words can sometimes mean more than a material gift. Those encouraging words can be just the influence the person may have needed to continue. And by receiving encouragement, they may go on to discover bigger things than they are currently working on. We don't realize the impact of encouraging words. And we may not think of them as gifts.
Catherine Pulsifer
A Gift of Value

Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don't go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you.
Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn Quotes

Be a positive influence in someone's life. Catherine Pulsifer
Never doubt the influence you have to encourage and help others. Be a positive influence in someone's life.
Catherine Pulsifer

. . . choose to confide in friends with sunny dispositions who will encourage you to be more positive.
Zayne Parker, Anxiety: Mastery

The reason for this entire expedition was to provide some sort of hope and inspiration. To encourage people to believe in themselves, to follow their own dreams, and to go after their own goals, whatever they may be. I was hoping to encourage people to become active members of life.
Sean Swarner
Keep Climbing

Everybody has problems, but everybody also has blessings in life.
Robert W. Bly, Count Your Blessings: 63 Things to Be Grateful for in Everyday Life . . . and How to Appreciate Them

I believe that when things are a mess, we need others to know what we are thinking, feeling, or doing. We must share our feelings with people who will not reprimand us for our thoughts. We need to share these feelings with someone who will encourage us to move forward.
David DeNotaris
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Follow your dreams, remember you can achieve All that you dream, whatever your mind can conceive.
Catherine Pulsifer, Another Year
Birthday Poems

Mother Teresa believed that love was of central importance to all life and happiness. She believed that love only needs a little encouragement to fuel great positive changes throughout the world. This is something all of us can do with simple actions such as smiling.
Scarlett Johnson, Mother Teresa: 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Timeless Wisdom From The Life Of Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa Quotes

Too many people are disheartened by the thought that their business is too small to be taken seriously by the general public. However, Ray Kroc took one such business and turned it into a blazing success.
Richard J. Bowerman, Ray Kroc: 10 Leadership Lessons from Ray Kroc's Life
Ray Kroc Quotes

When you lose everything, you get depressed if you don't step back and start appreciating what you do have.
Paul and Tracey McManus
The 7 Great Prayers

Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart. Abraham Lincoln
Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Quotes

"We do learn something about ourselves when we are up against the wall, and we do most certainly come out stronger."
Tina Sloan, Changing Shoes
Changing Shoes

"…each time we make a difference in someone else's life, no matter how small, it will encourage them to do the same for others. And each time that happens, we all become a stronger force for good."
Thomas E. Pierce, The Last Rose
Making A Difference

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