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Let these positive quotes remind you of the benefits of being positive. Being positive means you look forward to the future with good expectations.

Positive emotions act as a personal development spur, whereas negative thinkers are more likely to give up when things don't go according to plan. Angel Greene, Happiness: Uncommon Guide to Influence to Your Potential, Performance, and Joy in Life
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When you take a positive action a positive feeling generally follows it, which is then most likely followed by another positive action and the upward spiral continues. Cyd Casados, The Daily Action Plan
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Negative results are just what I want.† They're just as valuable to me as positive results.† I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don't. Thomas Edison
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Every day may not be a good one but there is something good in every day. Author Unknown
Every day may not be a good one but there is something good in every day. Author Unknown
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Complaining and worrying would release negative hormones in your body and harm your health whereas focusing on positive aspects of life would release positive hormones in the body and improve health and happiness. Swaati Shiv, A Course in Emotional Management
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We should not praise people just for the sake of praising. We should honestly look for positive traits in the character and actions of the people around us. Joginder Singh, Be a Winner: You Too can Succeed
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Happily married couples arenít smarter, richer, or more psychologically astute than others. But in their day-to-day lives, they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which all couples have) from overwhelming their positive ones. John Gottman, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert
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When you stay calm, positive and creative energy flows through you, whereas, when you panic, the distractive negative energy deters you from being focused on the job at hand. David Hewitt, Focus: Best Ways To Improve Your Concentration and Improve Your Learning
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Speak the affirmative; emphasize your choice by utter ignoring of all that you reject. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Depression is disempowering, but positive emotions are empowering. Steve Pavlina, How to Overcome Depression
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Choose to look at the positives within challenging situations. Larry Hagner
Choose to look at the positives within challenging situations. Larry Hagner, The Dad's Edge
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Your grief is yours to feel, but positive affirmations can take away your suffering as well as heal some of your old pain and negative thought patterns. Louise L. Hay and David Kessler, You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After a Breakup, Divorce, or Death
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There's a positive side to any situation, even if you don't see it right away. Nealey Stapleton, Life Lessons: From People Who Shouldn't Be Giving Them
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Situations like being promoted at workplace, becoming a mother or a father, moving to a new home, etc. may be positive aspects of our life, but we experience some sort of stress in situations like that. Robert Gallagher, Stress Management: An Easy to Understand Book Full of Tips and Tricks to Fight Against Everyday Stress
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Turn the negative into a positive and use the knowledge gained to propel you further. Drew Eubanks, Getting Results: 13 Practices to Help You Achieve More Results in Less Time
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The mind, like the sponge, can only put out what it takes in, and thus we have to be sure to soak up positive thinking in order to produce the positive results. Benjamin Chapin, Think Positive: Guide to Positive Thinking
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Your emotional intelligence is your capability to identify, use, understand, and manage your emotions on a positive way to relieve stress, communicate in an effective manner, empathize with those around you, overcome daily challenges, and defuse conflicts. It can impact many different aspects of your life, such as your behavior and how you interact with those around you. Salma Stockdale, Communication Skills - The Definitive Guide to Effectively Improving Your Social Skills, Boundaries, Mind Control and Public Speaking
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To keep a positive outlook, you need to keep perspective. Seymour Schulich
To keep a positive outlook, you need to keep perspective. Seymour Schulich, Get Smarter Life and Business Lessons
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Leadership is the de facto requirement and building relationships through positive win/win influence is imperative. Michael Nir, Influence: Body Language Silent Influencing
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Always put positive thoughts into your subconscious mind to create the reality you want. (What you think is what you will receive.) Robert Rivers, Happiness Is Possible: 6 Key Steps To Live By
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Just as negative beliefs at some point entered your subconscious mind, and began to subtly shape your lives, new, positive beliefs can also be "planted" there: beliefs that will gradually begin to improve your behavior, your thinking, the way you feel, and thus, your life. David Bolton, Six Ridiculously Simple, yet Amazingly Powerful Techniques that will help You to Lose Weight
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Make it a habit to notice the positive things from your workmates and soon, you will be more productive when working together. Mark Snyder, Productive Makeover Success: Simple Guide to Getting More Done in Less Time
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Accountability implies a freedom to do something; it moves beyond the mere absence of interference or coercion and implies a definite sphere within which an individual can act to get things done. In this sense such a person is free to make a positive contribution to their organization. Brian Dive, The Accountable Leader: Developing Effective Leadership Through Managerial Accountability
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A positive mindset is one of the attributes of successful people. Sandra Leon
A positive mindset is one of the attributes of successful people. Sandra Leon, Success And Happiness
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. . . there is a recursive and positive relationship between wellness, happiness and productivity, and innovation and creativity in the workplace. Dr. Rachel Talton, Flourish: Have it All Without Losing Yourself
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It is proven that humans don't multitask very well, so attempting to focus on the negative and positive at the same time doesn't work. Kendra Tillman, You Are Stronger Than You Think
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We must practise setting our minds on positive things every day even when we are having a bad day or in a bad situation. Tunji Ogunjimi, Glory Realm Living
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Keeping a journal is not supposed to be a negative experience it's supposed to be a positive one so treat it that way. Heather Rose, Depression Cure
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. . . by developing a positive mindset, you get freedom from all the negativity inhabiting your mind. Benjamin Smith, Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free
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Expose yourself and your family to positive environments and people - it is contagious. Julia Vergara
Expose yourself and your family to positive environments and people - it is contagious. Julia Vergara, Awaken Through Parenting
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Each positive thought you think will attract more positive thoughts, and those thoughts will inspire you to take positive action that creates wonderful things in your life. Beau Norton, Extreme Confidence: A Comprehensive Guide for Increasing Self-Esteem and Confidence
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Try to practice positive thinking. Every time a negative or worrying thought pops into your head, take a moment to convert it into a positive thought. Zayne Parker, Anxiety: Mastery
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Instead of focusing on doubts, focus on the facts, and remain positive that you will control what you can, and resolve to deal honestly and straightforwardly with the things you can't control. William Clark; Wendy Larson, Emotional Intelligence
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The hope is that through continuous positive experience, you will gradually build a great reputation that will make people eager to buy from you again and again. Amy Dix, Brand New You
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The power of smile has always led people to positive circumstances. Mia Conrad
The power of smile has always led people to positive circumstances. Mia Conrad, Self-Compassion
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Any attempt for positive change is a noble venture - so pat yourself on the back for even thinking about it! Matthew Oleniuk, Quit Your Job!
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Always be positive, look at the positive side of any circumstance you face. You only have two options. If you don't fill your mind with positive thoughts, it will be filled with negative thoughts instead. Abder-Rahman Ali, How I Became Productive: 12 Proven Factors To Productivity
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It's been proven over and over again that cultivating gratitude and shifting your focus to the positive can dramatically improve your happiness. Ryan Jump, 9 to 5 Productivity Booster: 95 Resources to Boost your 9x5 Productivity
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Some stress can be positive, like achieving a long desired success or the exhilaration of falling in love. But, as with most things in life, too much stress causes us to have psychological and physical problems. Ruby T., 8 Minutes Every Day To Have Happy Life: Stress Detox With Steps Guide Mindfulness
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Don't repeat the previous blunders. Discover your hidden potentials within yourself and work on it with positive frame of mind. Birister Sharma, Self-Help 10: As You Think As You Become!
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A positive word goes so much further than negativity. Emma Jones
A positive word goes so much further than negativity. Emma Jones; Zach Raymond, Influence and Persuasion
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When we are engaged in pursuing our passion, we feel better about ourselves and have a more positive view of the world around us. Dennis Houchin, The Passion Principles: The Key to a More Fulfilling, More Creative Life
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Results do not appear overnight, but the impact positive healthy lifestyle changes have on your life is worth the wait. Sullins Stuart, Experience the Now: How to Increase Your Level of Consciousness
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People who focus on positivity understand that failure is a part of learning and they do not blame themselves or feel worthless when they fail. Jennifer N. Smith, Save Marriage: Everything You Need To Save Any Marriage
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We can either work on the negative things and turn them into positive things, or we can accept that the negative is negative and leave it at that. Jennifer N. Smith, Positive Thinking
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Your words can spark positive change. Lynn R. Davis
Your words can spark positive change. Lynn R. Davis, I Am Positive: 31 Positive Affirmations For A Prosperous Soul
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Everyone knows a person who is consistently empathetic, seemingly without any effort. These people know how to connect with others in a positive way, using empathy to grow trust and construct meaningful bonds. These are the people who can foster positive team environments that work toward benefiting the common goal. Tuan Luu, Coaching: 12 Key Skills to Lead, Inspire and Get Transformational Results For Yourself, Your Clients, and Your Team
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Remember that whatever hardships come your way, whatever tragedies befall you and whatever mountains you must climb, you will get through it, there are better days just round the corner, stay positive. Tony Clark
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An increasing number of studies confirm the relationship between the positive emotions and optimal living. Mary Kay Morrison, Using Humor to Maximize Living: Connecting With Humor
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Even in the most difficult circumstances, there is always something positive that can be taken away from the experience. Tony Robson, Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Life By Cultivating Positivity and Love For True Success
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You cannot be positive and move forward with life if you struggle with negative thinking.  Catherine Pulsifer
"You cannot be positive and move forward with life if you struggle with negative thinking. There are great ways to keep those motivational words in front of you which will have a positive impact on your thinking." Catherine Pulsifer, Motivational Words in Front of You
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A smile is just that little thing you may need to help brighten your day and put a little bounce in your step. The smile you receive can be one of the best ways to start your day. Byron Pulsifer, Just A Smile
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. . . if we can learn to think about other people in a more positive and realistic way, it will be far easier to resolve conflicts and develop rewarding personal and professional relationships. David D. Burns, Feeling Good Together: The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work
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In fact, by learning how to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust, you can positively and significantly alter the trajectory of this and every future moment of your life. Stephen M.R. Covey, The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything
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Studies show that people are more likely to achieve goals framed positively than negative ones. Joanna Jast, Laser-Sharp Focus. A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success
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