Inspirational Stories

Know someone who is experiencing challenging times in their life, share one of these inspirational stories with them, it may give them encouragement and positively influence their thinking. Many of these are true life experiences that we or people we know have gone through. Stories are written by or Byron Pulsifer. Stories are like inspirational quotes, reading one can change the way you think about a situation.

Not Always Financial Reward- the focus of this business was not the bottom line

No More Self Doubt- about a person who overcame other people's doubts and more importantly, her own doubts about what could be accomplished

Are You Holding Someone Back - about influence and encouragement.

How I Made My Millions- on taking action and perseverance.

How To Change Your Attitudes - What is your attitude towards your life. Does it impact your happiness?

Hope And Decide - about a young man who spent time in jail, and made a decision to do so.

Your Attitude Determines Your Future - Content here reflects how we react, the action we take, and, more importantly our attitude determines our future.

Yanni at the Acropolis - A memory of mine - I sat watching the DVD of Yanni, Live at the Acropolis.

Christmas Brings Memories - Reminds us what is important at Christmas

Do Not Take It Personally - about choices that we all have.

Flying With Struggle - Read this to get a different perspective on challenges you face.

The Trap Within- Are you caught in a mousetrap

Wolf Qualities - About two of my friends that appear to have wolf-like qualities

For Those Who Do Not Believe - especially written for those who do not believe in Santa

Helping And Reaching Out Goes Both Ways - How many people have you helped

The Greeting Card That Woke Me Up - A true story about persistence.

A Wise Woman I Met - about a wise women I met who is a role model of who I want to be

The Secret of Happiness - Is there a secret?

Keeping Motivational Messages Alive - how do you do this, find answers

Dreams Are For Living - About a man who had a dream, but also had excuses for not living his dream

Moving Forward - A true short story about a situation that I found myself and how I handled it.

Fly Again And Soar - about a person who faced heart breaking challenges and how with time was able to move forward

If and When Were Planted - a message that is about procrastination

What Counts As A Miracle- recounts a miracle that has stayed with me for years

Happy To Return - about vacation feelings, how do you feel about returing to work after a vacation

The Big Achievement - hopefully this will encourage you to accomplish all that you are capable in life.

I Wanted To Change The World - in life we sometimes try and change other people, but can you change other people?

Faced with Adversity- about a time we were faced with adversity and what we did to overcome it

The Cheese Cake That Lied- a funny story but one where wisdom is present!

The Two Pots We Have - a story with wisdom but will also make you smile!

Good things happen every day. We only have to notice.  Anne Wilson Schaef

A Lesson in Life - The message is one that reminds us we never know what tomorrow holds, what you do today may truly help you in the future.

Always Care - Reminds us no matter what others do we always need to care and help others. Even when it is not appreciated.

My Motivational Magnet- read about one magnet that is on my fridge.

A Mountain Of Dirt - if you are feeling overwhelmed by a project or by an issue in your life, read this one

Do You Know An Emperor - a reminder for you to be YOU

The Beaver And His Goals - an account about our beaver and the message he gave us

The Wooden Bowl Message - a message of change

The Vase Upon The Table - reflections about a Mom

Finally Made It - just when you think nothing else can happen it does

Gift Of Love In Many Ways - giving not only a gift of love, but about how those gifts can stay with you years later.

Found in a Book - the things you find in a book

IF and WHEN- IF and WHEN were friends.

How Many Points Would You Score- we sat around the table trying to decide who was the best candidate.

What Does It Take-about how one man was feeling down and how doing something for someone else changed his feelings.

A Music Lesson - to remind you that each of us has to make our own choices in life

To Make Rainbows You Need- for when life presents challenges.

The Wedding That Joins - about diversity

Familiar But Often Taken For Granted - a gentle reminder to appreciate all that you have

People In Our Lives- I sat reflecting on the past year.

A Bear Memory - a memory of receiving when others did without

Good Friends or Not - a true account about a person who thought they had a friendship but ended up with a surprise

The Dentist Opportunity - read the thoughts of one man's outlook on going to the dentist, it might surprise you.

An Inspirational Person, Jaymac-in our lifetime, we meet many types of people.

Angel Smiling On You - an inspiring account of a granddaughter and a grandmother

Your Weakness - an interesting question, does your weakness win

All Freedom Has Costs - destiny, who controls it, is it beyond our control - a question that is answered in this short story

The Farmer and The Mule- how we handle adversity determines our success in life

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