Poems about Perseverance

Poems about Perseverance

Let these poems about perseverance remind you to keep going even when you feel like giving up. The verses remind us that persevering is truly one of the keys to a successful life.

Keep Your Focus
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

You developed your goals and now have a plan
You know deep in your heart that you can
You may feel at times that you have failed
But by persevering you will fill your sail.

Continue to take it step by step
The goals you set are your prep
When progress is slow and you are feeling down
Keep moving forward and hold your ground.

When obstacles are around every turn
You must stay focused on what you yearn
You see success you will find
When you persevere and focus clear in your mind.

The mountain may seem overwhelming
Your dreams out of sight
But determination brings on a great might
Persevere and keep moving forward
Never doubt that the day will come
When all your efforts will be achieved and then some.

Perseverance is that of which we all must strive for would we be successful and gain the desired goal.

Keep Your Grit
Poet: Mabel E. Bailey

Hang on! Cling on! No matter what they say;
Push on! Sting on! Things will come your way.

Sitting down and whining never helps a bit.
Best way to get there is by keeping up your grit.

Don’t give up hoping when the ship goes down.
Grab a spar or something – just refuse to drown.

Don’t think you’re dying just because you’re hit.
Smile in face of danger and hang to your grit.

Folks die to easy – they sort of fade away;
Make a little error, and give up in dismay.

Kind of man that’s needed is the man with ready wit.
To laugh at pain and trouble and keep his grit.

Let’s Persevere
Poet: F. M. O’Rouke

Perseverance is trying and trying,
And trying again each day;
E’en through failures and disappointment
Come thick and fast our way.

But if we press on with a purpose
That is always steadfast and true,
With the “star of hope” to guide us
And the goal kept ever in view,
We will surely at last attain to the height
That belongs to those who try to do right;

So let us, then
With a song in our hearts,
And on our lips a cheer,
Adopt for life’s slogan –
“Let’s Persevere.”

Perseverance is the keystone of success - the main characteristic needed to bring results.
Amie Smith

Persevere Always
Poet: Charles Francis Glass

Let us persevere,
At work or play,
And be sincere
On every day.

If we would win,
There is a way,
Keep up the din,
And it will pay.

We must be spry
And fight to win;
If we come nigh
Make gold or tin.

Let us use grit,
Work on and pray;
We cannot sit
And win the day.

Do what we say
Earn all the praise,
Get what we may
And persevere always.

Keep Peggin’ Along
Poet: James Conway Jackson

The race is not to the swift they say,
Nor the victory always to the strong;
But the one who perseveres will win
If he’ll jes keep peggin’ along.

Your way may be steep and your way may be rough,
And you just a wee mite midst the throng;
But stick to the right and you’ll sure win the fight
If you’ll jest keep peggin’ along.

Don’t mind the hard knocks and the kicks and the cuffs,
Push on; by and by you’ll grow strong;
Don’t slacken your paces, you’ll sure win the race
If you’ll jes keep peggin’ along.

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. Author Unknown

Keep A Pluggin’ Away
Poet: E. M. Glotzback

I’ve a humble little motto
That is homely, though it’s true –
Keep a pluggin’ away
It’s a thing when I’ve an object
That I always try to do-
Keep a pluggin’ away.

When you’ve rising storms to quell,
When opposing waters swell.
It will never fail to tell –
Keep a pluggin’ away.

If the hills are high before
And the paths are hard to climb,
Keep a pluggin’ away.
And remember that successes
Come to him who bides his time –
Keep a pluggin away.
From the greatest to the least,
None are from the rule released.
Be thou toiler, poet, priest,
Keep pluggin’ away.

Dive beneath the surface
There is treasure farther down-
Keep a pluggin’ away.
When the clouds have rolled away,
There will come a brighter day
All your labor to repay –
Keep a pluggin’ away.

There’ll be lots of sneers to swallow,
There’ll be lots of pain to bear –
Keep a pluggin’ away.
If you’ve got your eye on heaven,
Some bright day you’ll awake up there –
Keep a pluggin’ away.

Perseverance still is king;
Time its sure reward will bring;
Work and wait unwearing –
Keep a pluggin’ away.

Obstacles Gone
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

Your struggles are a part of life
Never expect success without some strife
Your willpower and hard work will pay off
And the results will be nothing to scoff.

If everything was easy, it would all be done
The challenges and obstacles can be part of the fun.
Keep your eyes looking foward, solutions will be found
And you will find a life that is sound.

When we give up and we quit
We lose all of our determination and our wit
We must always persevere
And never give into fear.

For they say success is always found
Little by little, we gain ground
Over and over we keep moving on
Until we see our obstacles gone.

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