About People Who Contribute

Words of Wisdom was first started in 1999. Actually it was 1998 - we had a free site before we registered wow4u.com. It started out as a site to sell our book, however as you can see today it has evolved into much more than a place to sell books.

The following are the profiles of those who contribute to wow4u.com. If you would like to read about the writers please feel free to visit their about page.

About Catherine Pulsifer - the first author and creator of the site

About Byron Pulsifer - a main contributor over the years

About Julie Hebert - contributes poems on a regular basis

We only accept articles, poems or thoughts that are
original pieces of work. We do not want our site duplicated, so we do have copyright on all of our work. We regularly use copyscape to ensure our work is not being copied or duplicated.

If you have an original piece of work we would be happy to publish it as long as we are the only publisher. If we find it being published in various places we will remove it from our site.

This site has been a labor of love. It contains our heart and soul. We hope you find inspiration, encouragement and that you enjoy it.

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