About Julie Hebert

In the calm periods of the day, or during the late hours of an evening, I find that my creative juices flow like a never-ending stream. Iíve always enjoyed writing and fondly remember all those little stories that I wrote as a pre-teen. I suppose it fair to say that I enjoy an active imagination, and it is this imagination that comes to life each day when I write poetry.

There is much to say about life; I never find it lacking in new ideas, challenges, or those things that pop into oneís mind after absorbing new experiences throughout the day. I find that an active life makes for an active mind and it is this activity that continues to allow me to write frequently.

I especially enjoy writing for a website like the one you are on now because it contributes to others in a number of ways. I firmly believe that what we give in life we get back two-fold. To me, helping others improve their life whether that is through the written word or those casual meetings is one of the pleasures of life. It is not a burden to help someone find new and exciting thoughts or to recharge their batteries so that can move through their life with a little less stress.

I do hope that my writing through poetic verse helps you to see life in a more positive way, to appreciate that each of us can positively contribute to each other in a variety of ways.

Julie Hebert
Contributor to Inspirational Words of Wisdom

One Of Life's Challenges
by Julie Hebert, ©2011

People will come and go,
In and out of our life.
It's how we interrupt this,
That will determine if we survive.

It's hard to say goodbye,
To those we become fond of.
And even more difficult,
To say hello to those we don't love.

But life is full of challenges,
We each have to endure.
The power to over come them,
Is up to us, that's for sure.

With time you'll eventually learn,
To just go with the flow.
Be happy with what life has to offer,
As this is definitely your show.

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