About Believing

About Believing

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I recently read the a piece written by Hugh Stevenson Tigner and realized how true his words are.

When we have belief is what we are doing and in our self we can accomplish anything. But if we start doubting our self, or questioning we will not realize our goal.

The Words of Hugh Stevenson Tigner
His words of wisdom are ones you may want to reflect on and remember:

“This capacity to believe is the
most significant and fundamental human faculty,
and the most important thing about a man is
what he believes in the depth of his being.

This is the thing that makes him what he is;
the thing that keeps him going in
the face of untoward circumstances;
the thing that gives him resistance and drive.

Let neutrality, confusion, indifference, or skepticism
enter this inner place,
and the very springs of life will ceased to flow.”

The Words of Walt Disney
Also, as Walt Disney once said,
“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”

To Believe Is To Also Hope
Hope is something that comes from taking action whereas a dream is only a wish but there is no action. To believe is also meant to inform one that you have within you the will and power to accomplish that which others only have fantasies about. To believe means that you know that you are in control of your own destiny and this control is not given to react negatively to circumstances or is not subject to the myriad of excuses that one can devise.

If you have less than belief in your own abilities or are one who looks to others for your strength, you are letting yourself down. In you lies the potential although at this time it may be no more than a dormant tingle that rises occasionally but is soon cast aside as something foreign and strange.

Develop Belief In Yourself
Sometimes is extremely challenging for an individual who is not accustomed to manage their own life where their will is their inner strength to move towards what it is they want to acquire or achieve. This does not mean, however, that you cannot develop your own strength of character, your very own inner talk that shows you the way or reinforces that you are making the right choices. This inner voice can be bolstered every day by reading inspirational words of wisdom that are available in online books, in inspirational and motivational web sites, or books and magazines in local book stores. You must surround yourself with all that is positive and with all that tells of true stories where ordinary people, like you, did extraordinary things.

Find the Support You Need
Bring to your life a series of supporting players and by this I mean mentors who will give you a gentle but firm push to keep going forward in believing in yourself when you are in doubt. These players should be those people who know the true value of working diligently towards a goal even though obstacles may have stood in their way but their perseverance and belief in their own strength moved them over and beyond.

If you doubt that you can do what it is you want, just read the countless stories of people all over the world who have overcome tremendous odds, odds that you will not probably have to face because they have gone before and where you can learn how they succeeded when everyone around them thought they would certainly fail.

Be Inspired By Others Stories
Take for example the true story of Abraham Lincoln, a man who suffered countless setbacks in his personal and professional life but did not give up. Read about how many times he tried to succeed on his road to become President of The United States and you will find an account of true determination, an account of the spirit of believing in his abilities and his hope for the future combined with action not inaction.

We hope these inspirational words encourage you to believe in the thing you are working towards!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Hope energizes you. It inspires. It motivates. Sometimes you don’t get what you hope for right when you want it, but if you stop hoping altogether, you cease to take the actions that will bring your dreams to life.” Valorie Burton

“Keep surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, value you and motivate you to continue serving in the trenches of whatever field, organization or ministry you’re serving.” John Stange

“Without optimism and the belief that we are going to be able to accomplish anything in life, we become stressed out and defeated, and give up on ourselves before we even begin.” Jennifer Smith

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