Trouble Quotes Page 2

Inspiring trouble quotes page 2 to encourage and inspire you to move beyond your issues.
Don’t dwell on life’s troubles, think of the good times. Catherine Pulsifer

I Am Not Afraid

Let one of your life goals be – I am not afraid. If you truly trust in God there is no reason to be afraid. Read the thoughts of George Matthew Adams written in 1918. And also, the bible is full of verses ….

Success In Life

What is success in life? A question often pondered by many. Read the answers by individuals. The interesting thing is these answers were given in 1893 but today over a hundred years later I believe our answers would be similar!

Pearls of Wisdom

These pearls of wisdom are based upon the ancient legends and philosophy found in the Talmud and folklore of the Jewish people. These were found in old newspapers under a column written by David Morantz.