Success In Life

Success In Life

What is success in life? A question often pondered by many. Read the answers by individuals. The interesting thing is these answers were given in 1893 but today over a hundred years later I believe our answers would be similar!

Success In Life
Published by The San Francisco Call, Jan 8, 1893

Success in life. What is it? Is it tangible?

Is there such a thing within the reach of all men? And if there is, what is it?

Important queries these.

Can every man be successful?

And if he can, what are the best rules to follow to attain that success?

These questions were put to many people yesterday, and were answered in a great many different ways.

It is fair to presume that every man wants to succeed, and every woman.

Is there not some one thing that all can unite upon, something within the reach of all, that, once attained, means success?

To test this question have the following interviews been held.

Of course, there are varying degrees of success – whatever success itself may be – but is there not a common end to which all may attain, no matter how meager the talents, so long as the ambition to succeed is there?

And to solve this problem the cardinal question asked of each person was:”What is success in life?And has the problem been solved?You must read and judge.

Mrs. Annie Beasant

“Success in life depends upon the number of opportunities one has and the use one makes of them for the betterment of his fellowman, “was the answer of the most famous women in the world to-day – Mrs. Annie Besant, theosophist and reformer.

“I take it that when one makes the most of one’s abilities be it little or great, for the benefit of one’s neighbors, then has one been successful,” she continued.

“And I think that should be the training of the young. They should be taught that the very highest ideal in life lies in using their talents to improve the conditions of men and make them better.

“And one need not especially gifted to attain this ideal. Be one’s powers ever so little there is always some little word or action that can be done which will make others besides yourself better and happier.

“Why, if you can do no more, just think good thoughts. Do you know that from our brain are continually radiating thought waves which go out from us and come into contact with either people’s brains and bodies.”

That is strictly scientific and, more, it is true.

“Then it behooves us always to think well, for we are always influencing other people and other thought than our own. And so I believe that if one does nothing more all one’s life than just to think well, one has been successful.

“But, of course, if one thinks well one will be bound to act well; so after all there is a very tangible reward to be received in this life as well as in the one beyond the grave for thinking well.

“What society ordinarily calls success is, in my mind, most lamentable failure. Jay Gould was, I believe, called a successful man. But what did he do in life beyond accumulating great wealth? His money was like a chain and ball around his leg, and he could only leave it to those who probably be better off without it.

“His whole life was ‘wasted in getting riches, his whole existence embittered by the accumulation of that which he sought.

“If American civilization is to last it must have higher ideals for its young people to strive for than the mere accumulation of wealth or success in business or society.

“The young should be taught to educate and develop all their faculties and abilities to the one supreme end that society may be the better for their having lived in it and part of it.”

Mayor Ellert

“As a general proposition success on a given line means staying right within your task, whatever it may be, and fighting it out on that line,” said Mayor L. R. Ellert, without hesitancy.

“In this, of course, a man must do what he thinks is right.

“Let him bend all his efforts in the direction he has chosen, and if he has good health, morally, mentally and physically, he will succeed. If a man does this there’s no reason why he should not succeed in anything he undertakes in the United States.

“There’s a chance for everybody alike here and all that is needed is not to be overcome by obstacles of any kind. Just stick to one thing and don’t let any force shake you from it. Then you will succeed. That has been my experience, both in politics and in business.

“A man should have the aim and the determination to be honest and upright and sincere in all that he undertakes. If he adds persistency to this he can hardly help being successful.”

Julius Ludivici

“The reason more men are not successful is that they don’t stick to one thing,” said Julius Ludovici, the portrait painter.

“A man should select what nature has best fitted him for and then stick to that one thing through thick and thin. There he’ll be successful.

“It’s this changing about from one thing to the other that makes it impossible for many men to succeed. And then but few men ever get into the occupation in life that fits them best. When they do, and they bring energy and perseverance and hard work to the task they generally succeed.

“I know most people think wealth is the main thing, but I don’t believe that. Wealth doesn’t bring happiness. It doesn’t bring the keen enjoyment that comes with success from having done something, having created something that is beautiful or useful and is appreciated by men.

“And a good name is better than all. It gains a man nothing if he loses the respect of his fellow-men, though he win of a world of wealth.

“A good name and hard work in the right direction brings success.”

Joseph G. Eastland

“Moderate prosperity and a good conscience is success in life, said Joseph G. Eastland, capitalist.

“Self-respect is the great thing to be always worked for and desired. It’s an attendant upon success and I don’t think a man can be successful unless he has self-respect.

Inspirational Quotes
A man must have gone beyond his fellow-men a good way in whatever calling he chooses, and I suppose when he has done this he has succeeded. Chief Justice Beatty, 1893

So mold your thoughts and actions throughout life that when death comes you will be ready for it, knowing that you deserve a reward in the next life and be sure of getting it. Archbishop Riordan, 1893

The successful people, I take it, are those neither very rich nor very poor, but those in moderate circumstances, who have not aimed to high and have nearly reached or quite attained what they started out in life to attain. Ex-Governor Perkins, 1893

If, at the close of one’s life, one feels that he has done his duty to his family, his neighbors, his country and himself, one has been successful. William Greer Harrison, 1893

The greatest success a man can make in this life is to establish a reputation for honesty and integrity. Timothy Guy Phelps, 1893

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