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  1. If there is at least one person you've helped in life, then your life has been worthwhile. L. Sydney Abel
    Helping Others

  2. If you want something out of life you have to go out there and get it, because it is not just going to be given to you. Kelvin Waites, Hit'em Before They Hit You
    Inspirational Quotes

  3. Life is not just about what you achieve, it's about who you are and how you live. Maggie Huffman
  4. Life is not just about what you achieve, it's about who you are and how you live. Maggie Huffman, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential
    Quote of The Day

  5. Most of those who have succeeded in life can trace their success back to the essential education they obtained from parents, teachers and/ or friends. T-Ralph Olaniyi, The Education Our Parents Denied Us

  6. "To get where we want to go in life, we have to keep at it. We have to create a vision, make choices based on what moves us most swiftly toward our goals, and go after them with determination and single-mindedness." Stedman Graham

  7. The foundation stones of honesty, character, faith, integrity, love, and loyalty are necessary for a balanced success that includes health, wealth, and happiness. As you go onward and upward in life, you will discover that if you compromise any of these principles you will end up with only a beggar's portion of what life has to offer. Zig Ziglar, See You At The Top
    Words of Encouragement

  8. "Gratitude is the act of being thankful for what you have. It is the emotional expression of appreciation for what is present in your life." Janeen Latini, Love to Lead. Lead to Love

  9. "Sometimes in life, you have to do a few things that are absolutely off beat. You have to walk down an obscure path in order to find success." K.A. DeWolf, Make Money Live Happy

  10. "In life, harmony within is one thing that keeps a person grounded and satisfied with who they are. If you feel out of step, it is trying and difficult each and every day." Byron Pulsifer

  11. "To each of us some rain must fall because life is not always cast in a play that has the script you expect or want." Catherine Pulsifer
    Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles

  12. "It is intuitive that people who smile and cut out negativity from their life will live longer, healthier lives." Deena B. Chopra; KC Harry, Happiness 365

  13. "No matter how much you may think that recounting issues that have caused you problems over the last few years, it will not help you to move towards creating a better or a new life." Catherine Pulsifer
    Moving Forward

  14. When all life is seen as divine, everyone grows wings. Michael Jackson
    Famous Quotes about Life

  15. "Many people believe that once you become a parent, the rest of your life becomes an exercise on how you can focus and use things and opportunities that are at hand." Ariel Stefan, How To Raise Your Kids And Still Have Time For Yourself

  16. "When it comes to teaching a child about all he needs to know in life, there is no better person than the child's parent." Aidin Safavi, Homeschooling: for Beginners

  17. I find that life can become so complex that we can forget the things in life that were meant to bring us the most pleasure. Dolores Ayotte, I'm Not Perfect and It's Okay
    Not Perfect

  18. Today my kitchen is "family central." Life happens there. Jeff Henderson, Chef Jeff Cooks

  19. May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures. May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours. Irish Wish
    Irish Quotes and Sayings

  20. "You are in charge of yourself and your life, and nobody else has the right to take advantage of you or your hard work!" Sarah Goldberg, Manipulative People

  21. Life will never be simple, but we can learn many ways to make it simpler and easier on our mind and body. Brittany Hallison, Letting Go

  22. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. Mark Twain

  23. Our brains have the ability and capacity to continue learning for the majority of our lives. If we can just keep pushing forward, the answers to life will present themselves. Phillip Crone

  24. Life will never be without surprises and challenges. Rajneesh Chaturvedi
  25. Life will never be without surprises and challenges. Rajneesh Chaturvedi, Taming Mind

  26. Live for today, hope for tomorrow
    And forget about yesterday
    Grant Ngobean, Yesterday Is Gone
    Poems About Regret

  27. Perspective comes from the appreciation and understanding that life can be difficult but we can get through it and that other people's lives are way more difficult. Harvey Volson, Self-Esteem Mega Makeover

  28. The secret to life is to love who you are - warts and all. David DeNotaris
    Funny Quotes about Life

  29. Look for opportunities in every change in your life. Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills

  30. Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. Bill Gates
    Cute Life Quotes

  31. The frantic pace of life is only interrupted by the quietness of Sunday. Byron Pulsifer
    Sunday Quotes

  32. Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, s et goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. Les Brown

  33. "A simple lesson in life is that experience always allows you to learn what to do next time." Alan Sugar, Unscripted Extras
    Life Lessons

  34. An open-minded person, who also knows how to relax and enjoy life, is therefore much more capable of problem solving and may amaze those around them.  Michelle Hunt
  35. "An open-minded person, who also knows how to relax and enjoy life, is therefore much more capable of problem solving and may amaze those around them." Michelle Hunt, Creativity: Innovation
    Open Minded

  36. "Often time in life, what is easy to do is not worth it. Sure, crashing on the couch and watching the newest episode of your favorite show is a pleasurable experience, but it is bad input and it will not help you advance much in the road to success." Amar Hasic, Entrepreneur Royale
    Motivational Quotes About Life

  37. In life's ring let's be clowns;
    Laugh and sing at ups and downs!
    Wilhelmina Stitch, Clowns
    Funny Poems

  38. "Everybody feels anxiety at least once in their life time. Situations full of stress, for instance meeting time limits or essential social commitments repeatedly makes us nervous or frightened." Mike Mitchell, Mindfulness: Mindfulness For Anxiety Relief

  39. "Every aspect of life has rules, and money is no exception. Come to grips with those rules and you can become very, very rich." Andrea Plos, Sources of Wealth

  40. . . . communication skills are so important. These skills not only affect your home life but also your ability to make friends. Gregory Davidson
  41. ". . . communication skills are so important. These skills not only affect your home life but also your ability to make friends." Gregory Davidson, Communication

  42. "You should note that the ability to think positively plays a very central role in our state of well-being as well as our quality of life." Angel Greene, Self Help
    Positive Thinking

  43. If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm. Stephen Covey
    Live Life Quotes

  44. Making a profound difference in one specific child's life is more powerful than describing the plight of a million anonymous people. Dale Losch, A Better Way
    Make A Difference

  45. Your life is a crafted narrative written by a good God, who is working toward your supreme good. Max Lucado
    Christian Quotes about Life

  46. Ask yourself what success means to you and how you want to achieve the goals of your life. Sandeep Sharma, Habit Makes Perfect
    Great Quotes about Life

  47. The parts of your life which you're not happy or satisfied with are often the parts where you're probably not being true to yourself. Billy Anderson, Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You
    Believe In Yourself

  48. However, unproductive complaining can lead to a negative outlook on life and one's surroundings. Meilena Hauslendale
  49. However, unproductive complaining can lead to a negative outlook on life and one's surroundings. Meilena Hauslendale, Stop Complaining

  50. "The feelings we live through in love and in loneliness are simply, for us, what high tide and low tide are to the sea." Kahlil Gibran
    Quotes about Love and Life

  51. The first step to make a change in your life, to get what you want from life, to make your life better is to first specifically decide what it is you want. Unless you know what you want you will never arrive because you have no final destination. Catherine Pulsifer, Personal Development Goals
    Life Changing Quotes

  52. The light heart lives long. Irish Proverbs

  53. Living a more positive life comes down to attitude and action. Catherine Pulsifer
  54. Living a more positive life comes down to attitude and action. Catherine Pulsifer, Living A More Positive Life

  55. In the end, what's most important in life isn't going to be how much money you make, how many material things you acquire. . . It's going to be the way you guide the young people you bring into the world. Tony Dungy

  56. Your life should be a walking book of righteous living, whereas with no Bible in hand people who see you know what you stand for. Edward A. Bradley. Fatherhood

  57. Life does not occur in compartments. Whatever impacts you personally will leak into your professional life, and vice versa. Marlene Chism, Stop Workplace Drama
    Poems about Life

  58. "Holding onto the past is a recipe for an unhappy life." Pearl Little; Julie Schoen, Christian Yoga

  59. "Turning 50 is an important event in a person's life. It is at time that should be commemorated and celebrated." Mark Myers, The Ultimate Guide to 50th Birthday Party Ideas

  60. "Whether it is in our personal or our communal life, we must always begin by asking what we can do, not what others should do." John B. Izzo, Stepping Up
    Quotes to Live By

  61. "The main reason people are not happy with their lives is because they aren't living a life of service to others that are truly in need, or they are even aware that they exist!" Kevin Kerr, How to Be Happy and Live Life to the Fullest
    Inspiring Others

  62. In order to live without regret, you must work consciously, developing courage, hope, gratitude, faith, honesty, compassion, positive thought, healthy action, trust, presence, acceptance of change, self-love and self-respect, and a heart-honoring attitude." Bronnie Ware, Your Year for Change

  63. Don't let the world dictate how you live,
    Stand up for the pure and the clean.
    Greta Zwaan, Stand Up For The Faith
    Inspirational Poems

  64. "Your daughter reminds you to laugh, to have fun, to chill, to put yourself out there, to try new things, to create adventure, and to live fully alive." Colleen O'Grady, Dial Down the Drama

  65. Most people can't recognize the good life when they have it... I believe, the good life, is simply when you are able to recognize all the good in your life - where ever and whenever that is. Joel Osteen
    Life is Beautiful Quotes

  66. "Most of us are trying to balance work, home, and a family life. We tend not to accept the early symptoms of burnout and carry on our daily lives." Yasmeen Abdur-Rahman

  67. "Seek who you are and what you can do to better yourself and to better all that come into your life." M. Lee
    Personal Development

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Daily Life Quotes

Monday, November 12, 2018
Life is an adventure and getting wherever you are going is half the fun.
Amy, All Good Things Take Time

Sunday, November 11, 2018
This life is not forever, nor is it the best life that will ever be. The fact is that believers are headed for heaven.
Joni Eareckson Tada, Heaven

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Fortunately painful personal experiences are not the only way to learn important life lessons. The latter can be learnt through the experiences from others.
Paul David Brand, Living Well, Learning Life Lessons

Friday, November 9, 2018
If you incorporate yoga workouts regularly into your life, with patience and discipline, you’ll notice a long list of benefits to your health....
Dean Pohlman, Yoga Fitness for Men

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Punishment might shut down a behavior in the short term, but teaching offers skills that last a lifetime.
Daniel J. Siegel, No-Drama Discipline

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Time can’t be bought in a store, and it’s one of the most sought-after commodities of modern life.
Rachel Jonat, The Joy of Doing Nothing

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
When you give yourself permission to enjoy, life changes instantly.
Joe Hoare, Laughter yoga and happiness

Monday, November 5, 2018
Loss and hardships are unavoidable in life, however, "how" we deal with our pain is what will make us or break us.
Melanie Willard, Dare to be Raw

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Sometimes we are allowed to see in our own lifetimes what we were supposed to see in the life and ministry of Jesus.
Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

Saturday, November 3, 2018
By understanding that life is created from the inside out, we are empowered to create a beautiful life.
Joseph Bailey, The Speed Trap

Friday, November 2, 2018
If you learn to develop an abundant mentality you will not be envious of others, you will celebrate their successes, you will share in their joys and pains. Don't see life as a competition but as complementary.
Bernard Kelvin Clive

Thursday, November 1, 2018
Finding time to do nothing is an easy and incredibly powerful way to lower your stress, increase your happiness, and enjoy your life. Rachel Jonat, The Joy of Doing Nothing

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Life is more than just the accumulation of things. Be concerned about what’s truly important.
Rick Warren

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
When you make any decision in life: - You can choose what feels good. You can choose what makes you look good. You can choose to do what is good or right.
David J.Lieberman, Never Get Angry Again

Monday, October 29, 2018
Life happens, and it brings clutter along for the ride. As long as you’re living, there will be new stuff coming in and old stuff that needs to leave.
Dana K. White, Decluttering at the Speed of Life

Sunday, October 28, 2018
When we wrap thanksgiving around our prayers something powerful is released and God is given the space to work in our lives and prayers.
Rachel Larkin, 21 Prayers of Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Winning lifts everyone it touches -it just makes the world a better place.
Jack Welch, Winning

Friday , October 26, 2018
I believe that the ability to remain calm is an essential skill in modern life.
Rick Mathis, Stay Calm

Thursday, October 25, 2018
We've all got our challenges in life, but if you believe you have what it takes to rise to the challenge you face, you definitely have what it takes to succeed despite the odds.
David Fairweather, Winning Mindset

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Don't bury the treasure of your life under the opinions and expectations of strangers.
Lisa Bevere

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
How a leader deals with the circumstances of life tells you many things about his character. John C. Maxwell, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

Monday, October 22, 2018
Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.
Stephen Covey

Sunday, October 21, 2018
If trouble arises in your life, you are not to thank God for the trouble, but instead you are to thank God, in the trouble.
J. London, What God Says About Praise & Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 20, 2018
The story you live and the identity you inhabit are always a choice.
Bernadette Jiwa, Story Driven

Friday, October 19, 2018
To change your life, to improve your business, you must think, feel and behave differently.
Ross Wilson, The Happy Agent

Thursday , October 18, 2018
Success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you as you hike it… and there’s the very real danger that “succeeding" will take up your whole life, while the big questions go untended.
George Saunders

Wednesday , October 17, 2018
If I know anything about life, it’s this: it doesn’t have to be so complicated.
Emily Ley, A Simplified Life

Tuesday , October 16, 2018
Your life is your message.

Monday, October 15, 2018
.... having a purpose in life is so important in Japanese culture that our idea of retirement simply doesn’t exist there.
Hector García; Francesc Miralles, Ikigai

Sunday , October 14, 2018
If true honour lies in the respect and grateful love of one's fellow-men, if true success lies in a contented heart and a peaceful conscience, then the men who have reached the highest goal of life are those who have followed most closely the way to which Jesus Christ points us and in which He goes before us.
Henry vanDyke

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