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Let these mindset quotes remind you that you control your mind and you determine whether you display a positive or negative outlook. Your behavourior is also determined by your mindset. May theses quotes be encouraging and inspiring in determining the type of mindset you demonstrate.

The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it's not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
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We think positive thoughts and we become a positive person. Andrew Evans
We think positive thoughts and we become a positive person.
Andrew Evans, Winning Against Negative Thinking: Secrets of Positive Mindset And Happy Life
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Change management has its roots in a changed mindset.
Byron Pulsifer
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Individuals in a growth mindset don't simply look for challenge, they blossom with it. The greater the challenge, the more they stretch.
K. Orient, Empower Yourself: Powerful Lessons for Self-Development
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While the people with fixed mindsets let their intelligence and talent define them, the growth mindset oriented people know that with hard work and practice, they can be good at anything.
Timo Kiander, Work Smarter Not Harder
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When you retire you will find your mindset changes from one of routine to one of freedom.
Kate Summers
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Those with a growth mindset believe intelligence changes, so it's not as tightly bound up into your sense of self.
Jonathan Harnum, Practice Like This
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The manager needs to have a coaching mindset, looking for opportunities to help others learn. The coachee must be willing and able to learn and work with the help of others. The coach and coachee relationship must be one that rests on a foundation of trust that can allow the coaching dialogue to take place.
James M. Hunt, The Coaching Manager: Developing Top Talent in Business
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Gratitude and humility ... are critical in developing a successful mindset.
Paul Brodie, Champion: Ten Steps to Increase Positive Thinking, Overcome Adversity, and Achieve a Successful Mindset
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Your mindset determines how you perceive and connect to the world around you. Joseph Taylor
Your mindset determines how you perceive and connect to the world around you.
Joseph Taylor, The Prepper Mindset
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A positive mindset is one of the attributes of successful people.
Sandra Leon, Success And Happiness
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. . . by developing a positive mindset, you get freedom from all the negativity inhabiting your mind.
Benjamin Smith, Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free
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The opportunity to develop resilience comes through difficult circumstances that both highlight and challenge existing mindsets.
Devra Davis, Through Grief and Beyond: What we don't get told
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Success is not about being a genius or getting lucky. Success is about how you think of yourself when you look in the mirror. Your mindset will ultimately determine your success rate.
Elijah A. Grant IV; Derick T. Brown Jr., Win At Life
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With time, your positive mindset helps to liberate you from the negativity rooted inside you, making you strong enough to stand on your own and put an end to pessimism for once.
Benjamin Smith, Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You FreeMichael Hetherington
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"A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are.
Abhishek Bachchan
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My dad encouraged us to fail. Growing up, he would ask us what we failed at that week. If we didn't have something, he would be disappointed. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying. Don't be afraid to fail.
Sara Blakely
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When you are around people that have the same mindset as you do, it helps encourage you to work towards your goals even more.
Michael Henson, Morning Routine
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One of the reverse strategies to developing the mindset of someone who wants to help others grow or recover from many of life's issues is dependent upon how much love you have within. In other words, the less you love yourself, the less love you have to spread to those around you. This inner love is expressed in terms of how well you look after your health by choosing the right foods at the right time, and by how much you feed your mind with a healthy dose of what is good and positive.
Catherine Pulsifer, What Do You Feed Your Mind
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Self-esteem is the result, not the cause, of 'success' (however one personally defines that term). Or more accurately, the result of the mindset and the process that led to such 'success'.
Martin Kaye, Self Esteem Mastery
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Success is a mindset. Let's learn how to create a positive one.
Beau Norton, Manifesting Abundance
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Changing your mindset may change the situation.
Lisa Rusczyk, 50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life
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The antidote to fear is faith. This concept is akin to the cliché of the glass being half full or half empty. The perspective doesn't change the reality of how much water is in the glass, but our perspective changes our mindset on how we view what's in the glass.
Keith Hill Jr., Fighting Fear and Doing Discipline
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I've never known a person who was successful that didn't at first establish a mindset of success. You can't be that which you can't believe.
Byron Pulsifer
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As human beings it is our general belief that successful people are special and that they are born destined for greatness. It is just too difficult to comprehend that the main things that separates those people from us is not anything particularly special; it is simply their mindset and habits.
P. G.Manifold, Perseverance Is A Skill and You Need To Master It!
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Don't get in the mindset of depending on others to pray and release their faith for something that you need God to do in your life. It is great to have men and women of God that you trust to stand in prayer with you, but the key word here is praying with you.
Stephanie Williams, Daily Meditation Of Scripture To Bring Faith, Hope, Love, , Forgiveness, and Encouragment
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The minds of successful people are well organized and have the ability to focus. If you want to make the most out of your life, developing this kind of mind is essential.
John Morgan
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A positive mindset in failure means that failure becomes the greatest teacher available.
Byron Pulsifer
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Individuals in a growth mindset don't simply look for challenge, they blossom with it. The greater the challenge, the more they stretch.
K. Orient, Empower Yourself: Powerful Lessons for Self-Development
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Having a clear mental image of our goals will point us in the right direction. Having a strong mindset will help us mold our attitudes, behaviors, expectations and actions.
John Franz
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If you want to take the reins and control your life, it is important that you embrace the importance of having a strong positive mindset.
John Franz, Positive Thinking
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Not everyone can just jump right into something new and change their mindset at the drop of a hat.
Joseph Taylor, The Prepper Mindset
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Change your Fear to Motivation - Cuban says that when you're faced with a crisis situation, you have to convert your adrenalin to a determined mindset.
Warren Phan, Top 25 Internet Billionaires and Their Inspiring Stories of Success
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Develop the mindset of conciliation with others rather than leaning into confrontation. Learn to establish common ground rather than looking for areas of disagreement.
Byron Pulsifer, Personal Development Goals
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Even though our outlook on life certainly have an impact on our level of happiness, happy people usually didn't just sit around thinking themselves happy! Instead, both their level of happiness, and to an extent their mindset, came as a result of their behavior and actions.
Martin Kaye, Self Esteem Mastery
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Everything begins from the mind, including change. So, if you want to alter your life, you have to start with your mindset.
Alexi Weaver, How to Get Rid of Self Doubt and Start Believing In Yourself
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Being rich and successful always starts with your mindset. William Scaec
Being rich and successful always starts with your mindset.
William Scaec, How to Get Rich
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Changing how you view things isn't easy. Throughout our lives, we are told that things are the way they are. At no point are we told that we have the power to change it. Today I am telling you; you have the authority to change your mindset and become more positive.
Robert Norman, Positive Thinking: 30 Days Of Motivation And Affirmations
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When faced with failure, reflect on the wisdom in this Japanese Proverb: "Fall seven times, stand up eight." As long as you keep getting up, you are not failing. The proverb basically says that failure is common in that it may well knock you to the ground but the real sign of a successful mindset is to get up and have a run at whatever it is you want to achieve again.
Catherine Pulsifer, Accepting Failure
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