38 Mindfulness Quotes

Be motivated and encouraged by these mindfulness quotes. With today's hectic schedules,demands, and instant expectations we have a tendency not to be mindful of the present moment. You can find your mind thinking about the next thing we have to do, without being fully present in our current situation.

One of the best definitions of mindfulness we have found is from Michael Smith's book, Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety. He states, "Mindfulness is simply paying attention, noticing without judgment, and being present in whatever you’re doing." How often do you do this? We hope these quotes remind you to practice mindfulness in your day to day life.

  1. Humanity has been applying mindfulness for thousands of years now. It has been held in high stead by Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists alike.
    Amelia Sceats, Mindfulness
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  2. Many people find that mindfulness gives them so many benefits that they continue with it for the rest of their lives. They see it as a journey that continuously reveals their true potential.
    Vidyamala Burch, Mindfulness For Health
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  3. When you are mindful, you are able to savor the pleasures of life, and you will become fully engaged in whatever you’re doing.
    Neal Hoffman, How To Practise Mindfulness
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  4. When an active mind and quiet mind are combined, this can provide the best formula for living a harmonious life with clarity towards your surroundings.
    Dane Krauss, The Meditation Guidebook For Beginners
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  5. Mindfulness is not about eliminating stress, as stress is a given in life, but it can help us deal with stress and other challenges more effectively.
    Corinne Sweet, The Mindfulness Journal
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  6. Mindfulness means to be present, in the moment, undistracted. It implies resting the mind in its natural state of awareness, which is free of any bias or judgment. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
    Andy Puddicombe, Meditation And Mindfulness
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  7. Mindfulness is that hole where you, the mindfulness, know about what's going on inside your brain. You become clear and alarm to what you think, say and do.
    Joseph Sorensen, Brain Disorders
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  8. The very first step towards changing your mind is to first be mindful of yourself and the world around you.
    Jill Hesson, Zen for Beginners Mindset
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  9. Mindfulness is just one type of meditation that leads to a greater understanding of consciousness and oneself.
    Relaxing Hypnosis, Guided Meditation For Anxiety
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  10. It takes a lot of practice and mindfulness to be judgment-free. It’s possible to reach that awareness, but it needs to start with your perception of “I."
    Harper Daniels, 30 Days To Discover Who I Am
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  11. Whatever thoughts, feelings, or perceptions come up in the context of mindfulness are not regarded as good or bad, but as simply part of the colorful tapestry of mind.
    Ian Tuhovsky, Mindfulness
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  12. When we practice mindfulness, we pay attention to what is happening in our mind and our body; to our thoughts — the stories we tell ourselves— as well as to emotions and physical sensations as they are arising.
    Anna Black , Living in the moment
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  13. Mindfulness is the practice that quiets the noise inside us. Without mindfulness, we can be pulled away by many things.
    Thich Nhat Hanh, Silence

  14. Another way to put it is that mindfulness is all about being, as in “human being," and about life unfolding here and now, as it is, and embraced in awareness. Therefore, it takes virtually no effort because it is already happening.
    Jon Kabat-Zinn, Falling awake
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  15. Meditation is all about being mindful of everything happening inside.
    John Marcus, Complete Meditation Guide

  16. Mindfulness allows them to acknowledge rather than fight the chatter in their heads. It’s there but they tune it out. Thoughts that come and go are observed and accepted, rather than judged. They are not bad thoughts or good thoughts; they are just thoughts.
    Claudia Hammond, The Art of Rest

  17. Mindfulness allows you to see the different elements of pain laid out in front of you. And when you see this vista, something remarkable begins to happen: your suffering gradually begins to subside and evaporate.
    Vidyamala Burch; Danny Penman, Mindfulness For Health

  18. Mindfulness is what arises when you pay attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally, and as if your life depended on it. And what arises is nothing other than awareness itself.
    John Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness For Beginners
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  19. You can't focus on the present and fully see its beauty if you're too hung-up on the past or worried about the future.
    Matt Morris, Mindfulness: How To Live In The Present Moment
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  20. We can slow down. We take the time to appreciate life more, to do more and to keep improving ourselves.
    Kellie Sullivan, Mindfulness
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  21. Mindfulness suggests that to remove the need to reduce the spectrum of the spotlight, you simply acknowledge that brightly lit thoughts are not more important just because they are more noticeable.
    Jon Hershfield, The Mindfulness Workbook For OCD
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  22. Mindfulness is a way of experiencing the world, not something you do to it.
    Nicely LPC, Everyday Mindfulness for OCD
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  23. Be mindful that the moon's dances elicit unique patterns of response in each of us!
    Sioux Rose, Moon Dance
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  24. Mindfulness or living in the present moment can change your life on different levels.
    Emily MacLeod, Mindfulness for Beginners Life
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  25. When you set out on the path of awakening, you begin wherever you are. Then—with time, effort, and skillful means—virtue, mindfulness, and wisdom gradually strengthen and you feel happier and more loving.
    Rick Hanson and more. Buddahs Brain
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  26. Mindfulness can bring back control and free up the reservoirs of our minds, helping us to be more curious and learn more.
    Tessa Wardley, The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming
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  27. To truly “know" or notice the sunset, you must allow your experience of the sunset to become a mindful moment.
    Jeffrey Brantley, Daily Meditations for Calming Your Angry Mind:
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  28. Mindfulness simply means to pay attention, to be present, to be engaged, to be aware, to be conscious. When you apply these behaviors to your relationship, it can only grow stronger and more joyful.
    S. J Scott and Barry Davenport, Mindful relationship habits
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  29. Mindfulness helps to deepen your level of awareness, and helps you to begin to tap into your intuitive, subconscious side.
    Shamash Alidina, Mindfulness For Dummies
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  30. Mindfulness can also be understood by contrasting the word with its opposite, mindlessness.
    Yesenia Chavan, Mindfulness
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  31. Mindfulness is about directing our attention inwards, in the present moment, and making discoveries about what sensations we’re feeling, and what thoughts and emotions we’re having.
    DK, Practical Mindfulness
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  32. Mindfulness is our direct link to deep space. It is the solution that we as humans have been looking for outside ourselves since the beginning of modern times.
    Sarah Marcus, Mindfulness For Stress Management
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  33. Watching a young child when they are playing or absorbed in painting is a true lesson in mindfulness - a reminder of the uncomplicated pleasures of living in the moment.
    Tiddy Rowan - Mindfulness
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  34. Despite my personal needs, as I go about my day, I try to mindfully practice the art of kindness wherever and whenever I can.
    Michelle Tupy, An Unexpected Kindness
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  35. Mindfulness can help train your body and brain to function optimally on a run.
    Mackenzie L. Harvey, Mindful Running
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  36. It’s a solution that begins with how you feed the body. Extends to how you fuel the mind. And concludes with how you nourish the soul.
    Rich Roll, Finding Ultra
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  37. Start being mindful of the fact that the more decisions you make, the more in control you are of your life.
    Pat Divilly
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  38. There can scarcely be a more noble capability of the mind than mindfulness, and its cultivation must surely be one of the more beneficial things we can do as human beings.
    Andrew Olendzki, Unlimiting Mind
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