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Be inspired by our collection of fitness quotes. Fitness is always hard work and requires massive amounts of motivation for many of us (some it just comes naturally). So let us inspire you with these beautiful words of wisdom from fitness freaks all over the world! Get yourself down the park for a run and hit the gym like your life depends on it!

  1. We train because fitness is one of those special things in life that you can’t buy, steal, or fake. There aren’t any rewards for complaining or failing, and fitness doesn’t care about your opinions or feelings.
    Michael Matthews, The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation
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  2. The fitness industry should be about showing people what the human body can accomplish. It should be there to motivate the sedentary to get more from their bodies, the one shell they spend their entire lives in.
    James Smith, Not a Diet Book
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  3. You are ready. Enjoy the race, work through the tougher moment, and believe the best is possible.
    Duncan Foster, The Marathon Mindset
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  4. When it comes to any type of fitness goal, whether the goal is fat loss for aesthetics and general health benefits or a more competitive goal such as sports conditioning, there is always a shared quality: Motivation.
    James Atkinson, Fitness & Exercise Motivation

  5. Simply put winning is achieving what you want to, what you dream to, doing what you want to and being what you aspire to be
    Vaibhav Gaikwad, 3 Simple Rules To Be A Winner

  6. Make yourself fit. You’ll be uncomfortable at first, but don’t worry—eventually you’ll forget you’re caged. Soon this will just feel like: life.
    Glennon Doyle, Untamed
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  7. Mind, Body and Heart. Often we only focus on one area when trying to improve our health, which is why the benefits are usually short-lived.
    Rangan Chatterjee, Feel Better In 5

  8. Every success story in fitness has a beginning, and it is very rarely a straight smooth road to the finish line; it’s okay to fall over or hit a roadblock on your way, but as long as you cross that finish line, you will be a winner.
    James Atkinson, Health And Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life:

  9. Satisfaction comes from the attainment of goals that are important to you.
    Caroline Adams Miller And Others, Creating Your Best Life
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  10. Incorporating physical exercises into your daily routines helps you get rid of bad habits and adopt positive practices.
    Stephen Power, Self Discipline
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  11. Training for fitness has to be all year round. You see people out training in July, running in the sunshine, but you don’t see them out in January.
    Charles Bronson, Solitary Fitness

  12. ‘Become the person you want to be and then wait for reality to catch up with that version of you’. I wanted to be a professional fitness model who traveled the world, so I acted, lived and became that person until reality caught up to me.
    Brian Keane, The Fitness Mindset
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  13. I was also blissfully unaware that treating your body like an amusement park, rather than a body, was not a healthy way to live. You can’t ride the roller coaster every day and expect to feel sane.
    Bryony Gordon, Eat, Drink, Run

  14. Regenerate means to rejuvenate, revitalize, and renew. These words hold great promise, especially for so many of us who feel something is wrong, most often in our bodies but increasingly in our souls.
    Sayer Ji, Regenerate
    Moving Forwards

  15. So it stands to reason that we should not restrict our exploration of fitness with regimes, checklists and (false) glossy magazine headlines.
    Ross Edgley, The World's Fittest Book

  16. If you’ve ever heard that consistency is the base of any fitness routine, now you know why, as the continuous stimulus is necessary to keep the body fired up and ready to develop.
    Adam Conrad, Fitness Over 50

  17. I strongly believe that with effort and consistency anyone can achieve the fitness results they want.
    James Atkinson, Home Workout For Beginners

  18. In other words, better fitness equals better attention and, thus, better results.
    Dr John J. Ratey And Eric Hagerman, Spark!

  19. As is true in many situations in both running and life, the harder you try to accomplish something through sheer force of will, the more difficult the task becomes.
    Mackenzie L. Harvey, Mindful Running

  20. Exercise is also critical to a long, happy life. We can experience significant gains in all aspects of our mental health through exercise, including our emotional, intellectual, social, and even spiritual well-being.
    Christina G. Hibbert, 8 Keys To Mental Health Through Exercise
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  21. Don’t forget that food should be enjoyed, regardless of your fitness goal, so don’t punish yourself with a dieting method you hate.
    Graeme Tomlinson, THE FITNESS CHEF
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  22. Self-development helps to expand thinking spaces, improve health through exercise and skills development, to feel happy and happy.
    M. D Debwa, The Power Of Motivation
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  23. Yoga will strengthen the areas that cause daily aches, restore a functional level of fitness, and promote both physical and mental longevity.
    Dean Pohlman, Yoga Fitness for Men

  24. Moderate activity can return us to fitness and continuous training will bring all the forces back in balance.
    Lorena Katz, Productivity: How To Be Productive
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  25. In a nutshell, your health, wealth, happiness, fitness, and success depend on your habits
    Joanna Jast, Hack Your Habits

  26. A number of factors . . . affect our wellness, including fitness, nutrition, and finance. Although I am not an expert in these fields, I have observed time and time again how these areas are affected for better or for worse by our psychological health."
    Tonya Armstrong, Blossoming Hope

  27. Watching a person who successfully loses fifty pounds and changes her life is more inspirational than listening to a fitness coach with a perfect body."
    Martin Meadows, How to Think Bigger
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  28. Martial arts is such a great hobby for a lawyer-executive type like myself because it not only forces you to relieve physical and mental tension, but also forces you to maintain your physical fitness, which gets much harder as you age.
    Cash Nickerson, Listening as a Martial Art

  29. You can become a paragon of health and fitness— an inspiration to friends, family, and even strangers—and remain one for the rest of your life.
    Michael Matthews, Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger

  30. You need to fuel yourself properly before and after exercising, and put the right things into your body.
    Tom Kerridge, Lose Weight And Get Fit

  31. Fitness benefits mind, body, and soul.
    Andrea Marks, ‎Betty Rothbart, Healthy Teens, Body and Soul

  32. Does mothering really drain all the energy out of a woman, leaving none for fitness, weight management, or competitive endeavors? Nope. I have never seen motherhood and running as mutually exclusive. In fact, I've become more athletic since having kids.
    Dimity McDowell, Run Like a Mother

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