30 Mental Health Quotes

Take some time for yourself and benefit from our collection of mental health quotes. No matter what you're facing mentally looking after our mental health has never been more important. Let these positive mental health quotes inspire you to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit!

  1. Regardless of where you are on the mental health spectrum, it is important to remember that, if you have a problem, with the right support and treatment you can and will get better.
    Shaun Davies And Andrew Kinder, Positive Male Mind
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  2. People who suffer from anxiety disorders might also wish to review clinics who focus on mental health or specialized cure programs that deal with particular types of anxiety disorders, such as panics or phobias, which may be accessible your area.
    Mike Mitchell, Mindfulness https://www.wow4u.com/health-quotes/
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  3. We are like explorers shining a light into the secret caverns of both. Learning how individual pathways influence how we think, feel and behave can be a life-changing experience and a real shortcut to good mental health.
    Dr Harry Barry, Flagging The Therapy
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  4. Your own mental health battles or those of others can make you lose sight of it, but hope is truly the one thing that will keep you going through some of the harder times.
    Frankie Bridge, Open
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  5. There is a major emphasis on positive versus negative thoughts in dealing with harmful stress and mental health in general. Realistic thoughts should perhaps be the goal.
    Dr Harry Barry, Anxiety And Panic
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  6. Slowly, inch by inch, I gave up the reins to my beliefs and old mental constructs. It began to occur to me that if I had the power to create such an ongoing disaster, I might also have the power to create a life I could enjoy.
    Pam Grout, The Course In Miracles

  7. At first glance, wild swimming may not immediately present itself as an obvious activity to align with the practice of mindfulness. However, research is increasingly showing a strong positive link between natural waters and mental health.
    Tessa Wardley, The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming
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  8. The mind can be like a small child who just needs reassurance that things will be dealt with and looked after. That’s all it needs to let go of these mental worries.
    Barry McDonagh, Dare
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  9. Mental health is “messy and chaotic" but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to make sense of it.
    Nathan Filer, This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health.

  10. If you’re doing a strenuous activity, you need more energy. Making changes in your life is an incredibly strenuous activity. So fuel that practice. You can’t have mental health without food.
    Mark Freeman, The Mind Workout

  11. The tenant of most mental health theories is "we can only indirectly change our emotions" by way of how we choose to think, what we do, or even the surrounding we expose ourselves to.
    Joseph Griffith , The self confidence workbooks
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  12. We would probably also feel less ashamed or afraid to talk about mental health issues if we knew more certainly where they came from, or what caused them.
    Edward Bullmore , The Inflammed Mind
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  13. Once you hаvе dеvеlореd thе рrореr аррrоасh tо mеntаl toughness аnd bеgun tо сultivаtе thе right hаbitѕ and frames of mind, уоu will grоw ѕtrоngеr оf mind. Mental toughness саn tаkе you far.
    Jason Dyer, Mind Over Mood

  14. What we can all do is take more responsibility for our own health and well-being by making adjustments to lifestyles that are out of balance.
    Andy McGeeney, With Nature In Mind

  15. One of the kindest things we can do for ourselves is to go for a good walk. It is one of the most natural activities in the world, exercising the body and stimulating the heart, while at the same time freeing the mind to become more open and alert.
    Adam Ford Mindfull Notes For Walkers

  16. Many people involved in the mental health professions are beginning to understand that compassion can play a role in helping us to work with difficult emotions.
    Russell Kolts, The Compassionate-Mind

  17. The first step, of opening up to somebody you trust, is often extremely hard to do, but it is a crucial one for the journey back to mental health.
    Dr Harry Barry, Toxic Stress

  18. The majority of mental illnesses arise from a common biological source: problems arising within our ‘mood system’. In order to understand these illnesses, it is necessary to understand how the mood system works.
    Dr Harry Barry, Flagging The Problem
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  19. What instructions do you feed your brain minute to minute? Or, what are you telling your brain to work towards minute to minute? The problem or solutions? Misery or happiness? Mental health issues or mental well-being?
    Sam Owen, Anxiety Free

  20. There is no greater sense of achievement than fulfilling one’s own responsibilities towards someone. The immense mental peace that comes with it is a bonus.
    Shining Universe Energy Books, Depression; 101 Powerful Ways To Beat Depression, Stress, Anxiety

  21. Running with a partner, or a friend, or just meeting people out and about can be a balm to the isolation that mental-health problems create.
    Bella Mackie, Jog On
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  22. Experts believe that a reduction of mental and physical stress can help people focus and organize their thoughts in an efficient manner. In this, yoga excels.
    By Susan Hollister, Yoga

  23. We now know that close friendships and affectionate relationships play a huge role in our mental health and well-being and influence how our bodies work.
    Paul Gilbert, The Compassionate Mind
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  24. Perhaps all someone can do is try to survive, but once they have breathing space, meditation can provide them with powerful protection for when they are next in difficulty. This builds a mental resilience that can enable a person to get through even the most difficult situations.
    Gelong Thubten, A Monks Guide To Happiness

  25. We face inward and recognize awareness as a quality of mind itself. When we look at the mountain, there is less mental traffic between us and the mountain, fewer concepts and ideas.
    Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, In Love With The World

  26. Fundamentally, good mental health is relevant to all of us – for ourselves,within our families, for friends, colleagues or employees – and without doubt, having good mental health is critical in terms of enjoying and thriving at work.
    Shaun Davies And Andrew Kinder, Positive Mental Health

  27. The worst decision you can make is no decision. Take control of your own life.
    Pat Divilly, Upgrade Your Life

  28. Justice is a strong concept that has a proper place in the mental, emotional and physical realms, but it isn't an avenue to use when seeking healing from past abuse.
    Wanye Kauppila, Opening The Door To Freedom With Forgiveness Therapy

  29. If you feel like your mind is racing faster than you can keep up, it is essential that you take care of yourself and find a way to declutter your mind so that you can gain mental clarity and achieve greater success.
    RD king, Gain Mental Clarity

  30. Mental space is just another way of saying “available energy." If you are fully charged, you’re more patient, willing, agile, cooperative, and available to change your mind and approach as the situation requires.
    Rajshree Patel, The Power Of Vital Force

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