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A large collection of inspirational family quotes to share and remind you of the importance of these special people in your life. Our family is the people we grew up with, our relationship with them is usually one of love and support.

"People come and go in our lives, but a beauty of life is that our family is always there." Catherine Pulsifer
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"When you wrap your child warmly every day with layers of your unconditional, healthy love before you send him out into the world, he will rarely feel the cold chill that often comes with life's changing seasons."
Shadonna Richards, Think and Be Happy
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Govern a family as you would cook a small fish - very gently.  Chinese Proverbs
Govern a family as you would cook a small fish - very gently.

Chinese Proverbs

"Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family."
Proverbs 7:9 (NLT)
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"The lack of emotional security of our American young people is due, I believe, to their isolation from the larger family unit. No two people - no mere father and mother - as I have often said, are enough to provide emotional security for a child. He needs to feel himself one in a world of kinfolk, persons of variety in age and temperament, and yet allied to himself by an indissoluble bond which he cannot break if he could, for nature has welded him into it before he was born."
Pearl S. Buck
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"Like all the best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements."
Queen Elizabeth II
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Take care of your closest friends and family. Mauricio González Vidal
"Take care of your closest friends and family."
Mauricio González Vidal, Lead yourself to Real Success in just 15 Minutes
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"You have to realize that there is something special within you, a basic goodness that you must choose to manifest in every way you can - toward your family, your profession and your planet. Each of us has something good to offer."
Les Brown, Live Your Dreams: Say "YES" To Life
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"I believe a hug can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but a hug can change the world of a family member or friend."
David DeNotaris
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"Often we think of love in terms of people, whether they are friends, family, or romantic partners."
Janet Springer, Unbreakable Willpower
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"In fact, what will make you successful as a business partner, artist, sports player, individual, family member, or performer, is that X-factor that you have, that one thing that makes you unique."
V. Noot, Don't Give Up
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I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for my family,
My friends I feel the same.
Julie Hebert, Thankful For Many Things
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The optimum number of children in a family, the number that's most likely to ensure that your family is a happy one, is the number of children you have right now. That's because what matters most in terms of family harmony and happiness - so much so that it swamps all other factors - is your attitude to the family you have.
Linda Blair, Siblings: How to handle sibling rivalry to create strong and loving bonds

... we still encounter many examples of dual living on a daily basis - elderly relatives living with their children, grown-up kids still living with their parents, siblings living together in roommate-type arrangements ... multi-generational family units move in together, usually for the purposes of cutting down on the cost of living and providing social support to each other.
Justine Drejer, Dual Living: Strategies and guidelines for families that want to live together to save money and simplify their lives
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"What you need to understand when you choose specific friends and family members to help you with your depression is that they have lives too."
Joanna Jackson, Self Help
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Indeed, the choices we make today as parents will affect our families for years to come. Mark J. Musser
"Indeed, the choices we make today as parents will affect our families for years to come."
Mark J. Musser, Lessons on Parenting: What Parents in the Bible Can Teach Parents Today
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"Families and friends form some of the closest of bonds you will ever experience. It is almost impossible for you to lead a happy life without support from these important groups of people."
Jeffrey Dawson, Boundaries: Line Between Right And Wrong
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"Never be afraid to ask for help, especially when you have good friends or family who are likely more than willing to help out."
Michelle Stewart, De-Stress Your Life
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"Let your friends and family officially know what your new venture is. Don't miss this step. So often people start a business and think all their friends and family might know, but really they don't."
Amy Dix, Brand New You
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"'No man (or woman) is an island' and I was terrified of upsetting my family, my friends and my colleagues by making changes in my life which could affect their lives too, directly or indirectly."
Jenny Clift, The Music Inside
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one step at a time
There will always be steps you can take toward unity in your blended family, and you will make it - one step at a time!
Donna Houpe, Becoming One Family: Bringing Blended Families Together
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"A person's family life and home environment have a huge impact on how their personalities and priorities are formed."
Florian Hewitt, Einstein: Famous Scientist, Committed Pacifist, And Timeless Genius
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Families need a media that represents the diversity of their audiences, that encourages imaginative play and shared learning among family members and that minimizes oppressive, stereotyped, and overcommercialized contents.
Gee Elisabeth, Lori M. Takeuchi, and Ellen Wartella, Children and Families in the Digital Age: Learning Together in a Media Saturated Culture
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I can't imagine moving out of this life without leaving behind a healthy family - not a perfect family, but generations who will continue to love each other. Our family isn't perfect, but I couldn't be more thrilled with every one of them. Best of all, we enjoy each other.
Gary Smalley, Let's Do Family Together: 7 Keys for Generations of Love and Honor
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Too much TV time, while it may seem like a fun family activity, too much of it can shift your attention from each other to the TV.  Jake Smith
"Too much TV time, while it may seem like a fun family activity, too much of it can shift your attention from each other to the TV."
Jake Smith, 10 Steps To A Happier Life
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"THANKSGIVING Is a holiday filled with family, friends, and great food. It's a celebration of abundance and appreciation."
Rodney Miles, Thanksgiving Around the World and in Your Home
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"The great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce yourself to, had life not done it for you."
Kendall Hailey
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"Family life is full of major and minor crisis - the ups and downs of health, success and failure in career, marriage, and divorce- and all kinds of characters. It is tied to places and events and histories. With all of these felt details, life etches itself into memory and personality. It's difficult to imagine anything more nourishing to the soul."
Thomas Moore
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The most important things in life are your friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life
"The most important things in life are your friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life. If you have these then you have everything!"
Author Unknown
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"Building a family plan with expectations and accountability for all members builds up the family and motivates each person to do their personal best everyday."
Keith and Maya Traver, Parental Leadership
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"What better word summarizes the relationship between children, parents and grandparents? Even in the midst of conflict, confusion and miscommunications, we can thank the Lord through faith that we are blessed to be a family."
Rich Bimler, Grandparents: Play, Pray, Proclaim: Simple Ways to Live and Share Your Faith
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You can't do it all, all the time, by yourself. Yasmeen Abdur-Rahman
"Some of us are so self-reliant that we won't ask for help from our family members or close friends. You can't do it all, all the time, by yourself."
Yasmeen Abdur-Rahman
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"The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us to become our best while looking our worst."
Marge Kennedy
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"We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break."
Marquise de Sévigné
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"Every year Christmas comes around again and forces us to deal with God in the context of demanding and inconvenient children; gatherings of family members, many of whom we spend the rest of the year avoiding; all the crasser forms of greed and commercialized materiality; garish lights and decorations. Or maybe the other way around: Christmas forces us to deal with all the mess of our humanity in the context of God who has already entered that mess in the glorious birth of Jesus."
Eugene Peterson
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More Inspirational Family Quotes

Family life contributes immensely to an individual's happiness Dorothea S. Koppliln
"Family life contributes immensely to an individual's happiness. Only in a happy homelife can complete contentment be found."
Dorothea S. Koppliln
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"One dangerous and sadly truthful pieces about family is this: The people closest to you will try the hardest to hold you in your place because they are comfortable with how they currently know you."
Jason Pockrandt, The Confident Father's Guidebook
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"When I think of any of my successes, I am thankful to God from whom all blessings flow, and to my family and friends who enrich my life."
Author Unknown
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Having a close and caring family is a beautiful dream, but a dream without a plan isn’t worth a nickel. However, a dream with a workable plan may be worth a million bucks.
Dr. Rich Melheim, Holding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each Other
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The relational process - be it the initial forming of the marital relationship, nurturing and guiding in the child-rearing years, building new family structures, or dealing with the end of life - involves the fundamental issues of forming unity while embracing each person's distinctiveness.
Jack O Balswick; Judith K. Balswick, The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home
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Families, like individuals, are unique. Norman Vincent Peale
"Families, like individuals, are unique."
Norman Vincent Peale
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"A smile also works wonders with your own family. A smile given to each child or spouse when you see them no matter where or when will communicate you are open and welcoming."
Byron Pulsifer, Just A Smile
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"Somehow the home without God is missing a vital ingredient; we cannot enter fully into the true blessing of family living if our homes are not lifted up to God for his blessing."
Al Bryant
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"Family consists of people that love and Family consists of people that love and care about each other mutually, and no matter what our background is, we can have people to call family."
John Shea, Strategic Empathy
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"Consistent and individualized attention given to each child will significantly reduce misbehavior. Regular and wholesome family time will also give siblings the opportunity to interact with each other in a positive way."
Felicity Bauer, Siblings Without RIvalry: 5 Powerful Strategies for How to Coach Siblings to Form a Loving Bond for Life
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"We should make some time in between and organize our life, relax ourselves and spend more time with our family, friends, and pursue our own hobbies."
Robert Gallagher, Stress Management: An Easy to Understand Book Full of Tips and Tricks to Fight Against Everyday Stress
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There is a great work/home life balance that you need to achieve. Dane Taylor
"There is a great work/home life balance that you need to achieve. If you let your home life eat into your work life, you lose motivation quickly and if work life imposes too much on your family time, then your family time becomes less satisfactory."
Dane Taylor, Time Management
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"Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future."
Gail Lumet Buckley
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"Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted."
Paul Pearshall
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"When we treat them like the human beings they are, show our appreciation for their excellent work, and then encourage them to spend the weekend with their families, they are going to return to the workplace with renewed vigor, eager to prove their worth to the project and to the company."
William C. Oakes, Christlike Leadership: Leadership that Starts with an Attitude
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"Making your spare time to look towards the precious things you have, the pastimes, and family makes life more satisfied and agreeable, as well as it will definitely help you in being more concentrated at work as well."
Adam Green, Greatest Life Lessons, Observations and Motivational Quotes from Bill Gates
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"That is not to say that children who feel jealousy or who act out of jealousy have poor family values (after all jealousy is a completely normal emotion,) but it is important to stress family values with a child who is experiencing jealousy to try to help them to understand why their behavior may not be acceptable."
Sophie Banks, On Children and Jealousy: Helping Children Cope With Jealousy and Boosting Their Confidence
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. . . there's usually an intrinsic trust that is built in to your family. Tom Meitner
"The family unit is the first group of people that you are a part of. While there are obvious exceptions, there's usually an intrinsic trust that is built in to your family."
Tom Meitner, Living with Intent: How to Choose Joy and Success, and Change Your Life in 7 Days
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"Family, friends and the typical attitudes of society will, at different stages, try to tell you what you 'should' be doing with your life."
Philip West, Self-Help Box Set: Top 100 Qualities That Make A Great Leader
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"Families are the crucibles that transform infants into mature human beings. No matter how hard things are in your family right now, it is possible to create a home where differences are resolved amicably, and to raise children who are friends for life."
Laura Markham, Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life
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"It's one of the most powerful assets we can have, and living with siblings means that your children will grow up in the best training ground they could have for developing this skill. Because they grow up having to share your time and attention as well as the family possessions, they'll have to learn how to negotiate and compromise when there are the inevitable conflicts of interest."
Linda Blair, Siblings: The family guide to managing sibling rivalry, coping with arguments and handling family fights - finally understand your brother and sister relationships
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"Self-discipline to eat right, to exercise, to spend quality time with your family, to get your work done, to relax, to go to bed on time, to avoid negative people and negativity in general, to control your thoughts, to do the right thing, etc."
Melissa Eshleman, A Quote a Day to Find Your Way
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