Life Quotes 200 to 227

  1. There are no negatives in life, only challenges to overcome that will make you stronger. Eric Bates
    Great Quotes about Life

  2. As I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life - delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay - I hold this question as a guiding light: "What do I really need right now to be happy?" Sharon Salzberg, The Kindness Handbook

  3. Often, once we've gone through a difficulty, we move on to a new problem; life can be a never-ending staircase. Many times, we juggle more than one problem at a time! Asley Myer, Prayers
    Cute Life Quotes

  4. Life is all about setbacks. A life lived without disappointment is a life lived in a cocoon. People have recovered from far worse setbacks. Tony Clark
    Life and Struggles

  5. Over the years, mostly in retrospect, I learned a variety of lessons, and one of the most important is this: You canít hit a target you canít see. You can't accomplish wonderful things with your life if you have no idea of what they are. You must first become absolutely clear about what you want if you are serious about unlocking the extraordinary power that lies within you. Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement
    Famous Quotes about Life

  6. Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep. Carl Sandburg
    Funny Quotes about Life

  7. Don't get in the mindset of depending on others to pray and release their faith for something that you need God to do in your life. Stephanie Williams, Daily Meditation Of Scripture
    Christian Quotes about Life

  8. Attitude and ability are complementary to each other for success in life. M. K. Soni
  9. "Attitude and ability are complementary to each other for success in life." M. K. Soni

  10. Therefore, take heart that changing your life can also be an incentive to others to change their lives for the better. T. Whitmore, Fearless
    Life Changing

  11. Don't you love how children bring the aspect of constant wonder and newness to your life? Dr. Judith Rolfs, Secrets To Being A Super Grandparent

  12. From schoolboy failure to wartime hero, Winston Churchill had an astonishing life ensuring his place in history. Jack Morris, Winston Churchill: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success

  13. "Life is not supposed to be easy in every phase. In fact, many circumstances come in our life when we learn a lesson and remain alive to pass it on to our future generations." Agatha Fauvel, Letting Go
    Life Lessons

  14. I'm trying to cause people to be interested in the particulars of their lives because I think that there's one thing literature can do for us. It can say to us: pay attention. Pay closer attention. Richard Ford
    Quote of The Day

  15. "The more you love the least deserving on your list, the more your life will change." Mike Dooley
    Love and Life

  16. "If the truth be told, small amounts of stress are actually helpful in our everyday life." Robert Gallagher, Stress Management

  17. "More importantly, the process of goal setting has helped me to focus not on what someone else thought I should do or be, but instead, on what I wanted to accomplish with my life. It can do the same for you." Catherine Pulsifer, Wings for Goals
    Goal Setting

  18. In Life We Can Have Results or Reasons. Harald Anderson
  19. "In life we can have results or reasons." Harald Anderson
    Motivational Quotes about Life

  20. Benjamin Franklin was a humanitarian that dedicated his life to making contributions to all humans. He had a clear purpose for himself: improve the human race. Paulo Braga, A Happy Life

  21. "It is a proven fact that what you see and hear constantly over time enters your heart, and what enters your heart enters your life, and will eventually determine the quality of your life." Jide Adeniba, You Can Have It If You Really Want It
    Inspirational Quotes

  22. Luck is just one of those things in life that you either acknowledge and work with or ignore and deny. It is there whatever you do. Barrie Dolnick; Anthony H. Davidson, Luck

  23. I don't organize or structure life just because it's my job or because I want things to look good from the outside. I do these things because I want a life that is rich, sweet, and uncomplicated. Emily Ley, A Simplified Life
    Words of Encouragement

  24. Children love to learn about the past and naturally question their elders and grandparents to learn about what life was like in olden days. Arthur Kornhaber M.D., The Grandparent Guide

  25. At the end of the day, you are either a person who looks for ways to turn things around or a person who justifies why life's not fair - if you are the latter - it is never too late to switch teams! Robin H-C, Life's in Session!

  26. Nelson Mandela had the purpose of emancipating non-whites in South Africa. It was this purpose that gave his life meaning. Paulo Braga, A Happy Life: Achieving and Laughing

  27. "The fact that you had previously failed doesn't mean that your end has come, for you still have life within. Only those that are motionless in their graves have reached their end, not you, not me." Tony Narams, Top Secret: You Can Fly Like An Eagle

  28. The day and age of the massive corporations that take care of us from beginning to end are over. But that is exciting news. It means we can choose the life we want for ourselves. Dick Costolo

  29. ďWe have three roles here on earth: to learn, to love, and to live. When we stop learning, we start to stagnate and die. When we stop loving, we lose our sense of purpose and become self-centered. When we limit our living, we deny the world the benefits of our talents." Jim Cathcart, The Acorn Principle
    Live Life Quotes

  30. "Life, sometimes so wearying is worth its weight in gold the experience of traveling lends a wisdom that is old. John McLeod

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