Encouraging Poems

A collection of encouraging poems to inspire and give you strength and hope. May these verses be ones that you find encouragement in. In life we can all use a bit of encouragement from time to time.

Encouraging Poems Page 1
To The Love Of A Friend
Worry Never
Don't Quit
Take Time
Today Be Determined
It Don't Take Long
Laugh A Little
Encouragement Is
Be That Person

Encouraging Poems Page 2
Life Like A Rainbow
It Couldn't Be Done
Look On The Sunny Side
You Have Today
A Kindly Little Deed
Hours of Regret

Encouraging Poems Page 3
Your Problems
Stand Firm
Believe In Yourself
Don't Find Fault
It Is Easy

Encouraging Poems Page 4
Results and Actions
What Wouldn't Happen?
In The Battle
Year to Year

My own life was completely transformed because . . . of one man who saw in me more than I was then able to see in myself. Jim Rohn
My own life was completely transformed because of the inspiring and encouraging words of one man who saw in me more than I was then able to see in myself.
Jim Rohn
Encouraging Quotes

Keep Moving
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

I scanned wise words in a book to-day;
this was the message, they seemed to say:
Keep moving ahead!

You can't stand still unless you really are very ill;
for if you stop, like an unwound clock,
you're bound to suffer a fearful shock,
for something will happen to give you a shake,
and say to your conscience, "Move on, awake."

Keep moving ahead, or your soul will die,
and beauty evade your heart and eye.
No matter at all that your pace be slow
so long as you upward, upward go,
into a finer atmosphere, where ideals live and visions clear,
and Goodness and Truth have taken firm stand,
and folks to folks stretch a loving hand.

For this be the measure of our success,
the measure of all life's happiness:
just how well we have moved ahead;
or just how early our soul was dead!

Encouraging Others  - Sometimes that kind word, that smile, that  listening ear can make a big difference in a person's life.
Encouraging Others -
Sometimes that kind word, that smile,
that listening ear can make
a big difference in a person's life.

Making A Difference Quotes

Poet: Clarence Thomas Urmy

Not what we have, but what we use;
Not what we see, but what we choose -
These are the things that mar or bless
The sum of human happiness.

The things near by, not things afar,
Not what we seem, but what we are -
These are the things that make or break,
That give the heart its joy or ache.

Not what seems fair, but what is true;
Not what we dream, but good we do -
These are the things that shine like gems,
Like stars in fortune's diadems.

Not as we take, but as we give,
Not as we pray, but as we live -
These are the things that make for peace,
Both now and after Time shall cease.

Not as we take, but as we give, Not as we pray, but as we live Clarence Thomas Urmy
Quotes about Life

Poet: Eldred Herbert

It is not the things you have done today,
That will haunt you through the year;
It's the little things you didn't do,
That will banish joy and cheer.

You did not say "thanks" for the kind deeds alone,
By a friend who lives next door;
You did not say one kind tender word,
To the man, with trials sore.

And the letter you planned to write today,
It was never penned by you;
A cheerful note would have meant so much,
To those far from home - and blue.

The aged lady, that lives down the way,
Whose loved ones, now, are few;
Would have been so pleased with a small bouquet,
From your garden, wet with dew.

These are the things that will haunt you by day,
And keep you awake by night;
It's the little things that you didn't do,
That will dim your normal sight.

Stick To It
Poet: Nixon Waterman

O prim little postage-stamp, "holding your own"
In a manner so winning and gentle.
That you're "stuck on" your task--(is that slang?)--you will own,
And yet, you're not two-cent-imental.
I have noted with pride that through thick and through thin
You cling to a thing till you do it,
And, whatever your aim, you are certain to win
Because you seem bound to stick to it.

Sometimes when I feel just like shirking a task
Or quitting the work I'm pursuing,
I recall your stick-to-it-ive-ness and I ask,
"Would a postage-stamp do as I'm doing?"
Then I turn to whatever my hands are about
And with fortified purpose renew it,
And the end soon encompass, for which I set out,
If, only, like you, I stick to it.

The sages declare that true genius, so called,
Is simply the will to "keep at it."
A "won't-give-up" purpose is never forestalled,
No matter what foes may combat it.
And most of mankind's vaunted progress is made,
O stamp! if the world only knew it,
By noting the wisdom which you have displayed
In sticking adhesively to it.

. . . deliberately seek encouragement (motivation)  on a daily basis. . . Zig Ziglar
From a motivational point of view,
if we deliberately seek encouragement (motivation)
on a daily basis, it will become a habit and enable us
to get ahead and stay ahead in life.
Zig Ziglar, Over the Top

Words of Encouragement

You Tell On Yourself
Poet: Unknown

You tell what you are by the friends you seek,
By the very manner in which you speak,
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of dollar and dime.

You tell what you are by the things you wear,
By the spirit in which you burdens bear,
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By records you play on the phonograph.

You tell what you are by the way you walk,
By the things of which you delight to talk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat,
By so simple a thing as how you eat.

By the books you choose from the well-filled shelf;
In these ways, and more, you tell on yourself.

How To Cope
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2008

Iíve got a "full moon" migraine, they come as no surprise;
They're bound to be repeated once a month.
I think I have them conquered, I think I'm in control;
And once again it's there before my eyes.

It drives me to the darkness, a place of solitude;
It draws away my every ounce of strength.
I'm forced to total silence, for sounds are amplified;
I live in this environment for many days at length.

So far there's no solution, it's "live" with what you've got;
Just carry on for it is bound to cease.
I struggle to be patient, to wait it out, endure,
Yet silently I'm longing for release.

But then I look at others who carry greater pain,
Who suffer a disease that has no cure.
I realize my blessings, I'm grateful to be me,
I empathize with what they must endure.

Forgive me for complaining or being in despair,
For feeling like these things will never end.
Let me find reassurance that change is bound to come,
And in a day or so I'm on the mend.

There will be reoccurrence; it's been like this for years,
But I've survived these bouts that come and go.
I' learned how to survive them and keep the upper hand,
And through it all Iíve watched my patience grow.

I do not let it rule me, nor give into the pain,
I postpone all such things that irritate.
I wait, I know I have to, or I will feel distress,
The work is always there and it will wait.

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