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"Mankind also is a great, an immense family . . . This is proved by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas." Pope John XXIII
Family   |  

"Christmas can bring out the best in people. We see the so-called Christmas spirit evident in people's thoughtfulness, courtesy, and graciousness to one another."
Jack Countryman
Brotherhood   |  

"During this holiday season lend a hand, help those who are less fortunate and you will find blessings will come back to you."
Catherine Pulsifer
Helping Others   |  

"No matter what you want to do in a room, you have to first turn on the light, or you can’t see to do anything else. Christmas contains many spiritual truths, but it will be hard to grasp the others unless we grasp this one first. That is, that the world is a dark place, and we will never find our way or see reality unless Jesus is our Light."
Timothy Keller, Hidden Christmas: The Surprising Truth Behind the Birth of Christ
God   |  

"The Good News about Christmas is that God sent Jesus to seek and save the lost."
Rick Warren
Good   |  

"The Christmas season is a time when churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike tend to experience strong spiritual longings. Whatever the longing looks like on the outside, for most of us, deep down it's a longing for an experience of something holy, something beautiful. Something like God."
Quinn G. Caldwell, All I Really Want: Readings for a Modern Christmas
Beauty   |  

"Christmas is not just a date on the calendar. It is not just an annual holiday. It is not a day to glorify selfishness and materialism. Christmas is the celebration of the event that set Heaven to singing, an event that gave the stars of the night sky a new brilliance."
Billy Graham, Hope for Each Day: Morning and Evening Devotions
Hope   |  

"What joy the glorious music of Christmas brings to our celebration of Christ's birth! No other season offers such an abundance of spiritual enrichment"
Kenneth W. Osbeck. Joy to the World: The Stories Behind Your Favorite Christmas Carols
Music   |  

"The festive lights and the gifts and the ornaments are fine, but they are only a setting for the real jewel: the birth of a Baby that marked the descent of God himself to mankind. That's where the true meaning of Christmas lies."
Norman Vincent Peale
Birthday   |  

"Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means 'God is with us.'"
Matthew 1:23 (NLT)
Children   |  

"Remember that at Christmas time a little child was born. To bring us love, from God above, a gift we should adorn."
Judith Wibberley
Love   |  

"Angels have always been part of Christmas . . . from the first Christmas until today. They are the glorious beings who announced the miraculous arrival of God's Holy Son on earth in the form of a tiny baby."
Mary Hollingsworth
Angel   |  

"How can we best keep Christmas. . . By resolving to give ourselves away to others in love, joy and devotion."
Wilferd A. Peterson
Joy   |  

our presence rather than our presents means more
"As we rush around buying presents, we must always remember that "our presence rather than our presents" is one of the greatest gifts we can give."
Catherine Pulsifer
Memory   |  

"Christmas is a time for sharing with friends and family where joy, love and happiness seem more evident than any other time of the year."
Catherine Pulsifer
Friendship   |  

"No matter where this Christmas finds you - you can celebrate Jesus. Know you are loved."
Mary Southerland
Christmas Greetings   |  

"We should learn the true Christmas lesson of gentle, thoughtful kindness to those we love and to all we meet in life's busy ways."
J. R. Miller
Kindness   |  

"Christmas is a way of life that celebrates the presence of God in the simple, ordinary happenings of daily life: the smile we give the harried stranger. . .the patience we offer in the crowd of impatient shoppers. . . the love that prompts the secret gift . . . the heart that constantly celebrates His birth through every sparkling light, every beautifully wrapped gift,. . . every special meal, card, phone call, and visit."
Mary Southerland
Life   |  

"Although Santa Claus and St. Nicholas have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas, many people do love the story about this man who did, in fact, give gifts to the poor and demonstrated for us a wonderful example for Christmas giving."
Louise Bishop
Giving   |  

"Here is the message of the first Christmas - and the message for us this Christmas: Don't be afraid. . . . I bring you good tidings of great joy."
Greg Laurie
Christmas Messages   |  

"Yet, Christmas is supposed to be that time where we return to peace and we slow down and enjoy the little things."
Rebecca Bryan, The Carols of Christmas
Words of Encouragement   |  

"If Christmas means anything, it is this: God wins in the end."
Ray Pritchard, Joy to the World! An Advent Devotional Journey through the Songs of Christmas
Christmas Poems   |  

"It wasn't until AD 350 that Pope Julius decreed that Christians set aside December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ."
Tim Gilroy, Christmas Traditions: Facts and Fallacies
Time   |  

"What we're not so keen on is the amount of money a family of our size can drop on Christmas gifts, décor and 'stuff' during the holiday season. Instead, we try to limit the number of gifts we're actually buying for each other, focusing on charity, handmade gifts from the heart and simple celebrations."
Mandi Ehman, 101 Days of Christmas: 101+ Recipes & Crafts for a DIY Holiday
Simplicity   |  

"This season look for the single threads, either from Scripture or from direct revelation, that together weave a tapestry of how much God loves you and wants you to know Him."
Nan Corbitt Allen, Yuletide Blessings: Christmas Stories that Warm the Heart
Blessed   |  

"The Christmas story shows us that God is actively working to give you a moment of clarity. Watch for God this Christmas!"
Rick Warren

"During the holiday season, I watch as people scurry about swiping those plastic cards through the credit card machines faster than a speeding bullet. And yet, God has already shown us that the most precious gifts cannot be bought or sold."
Sharon Jaynes
Words of Faith   |  

"Let this be God's Christmas gift to you: Take a step of faith and believe that God loves you intimately, He has a great plan for your life, and His promises are true."
Joyce Meyers
Believe   |  

"Sometimes the emotions of Christmas are pensive and reflective, and occasionally even sad and lonely. Those are understandable feelings as we contemplate an event so profound and wonderful. But don't forget the 'rejoicing' part! This season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, the One who made it possible for all of us to someday live in heaven for eternity."
Dr. David Jeremiah
Possibilities   |  

"After all the shopping is finished, the gifts are wrapped, and the food is prepared, we might rush off to a Christmas Eve service. But even then, we often feel distracted. Though it may take deliberate refocusing, this year let's intentionally make Jesus the priority of Christmas."
Dr. Charles Stanley
Focus   |  

"Did you know the word 'joy' appears 8 times in the Christmas Story? And if we aren't careful, we will miss out on the joy that God promises us this Christmas."
Rick Warren
Let God Guide You   |  

"As Christmas Day approaches, you can feel the excitement building. The children are out of school, family begins to arrive, last-minute packages are wrapped."
Cheri Cowell
Enthusiasm   |  

So receive God's gift of His Son, Jesus Christ - love in action… this is the Christmas message!
Tim Young
Action   |  

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