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Let these Christmas quotes remind you of the peace and joy the world experiences on this very special day. One of the holiest holidays on the Christian calendar, a celebration of a birth - the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas a time for celebration, of lights, of giving, of kindness, of generosity, and love!

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  1. Nothing seems to bring people together like Christmas. Steven Dodrill, Chicken Soup for the Soul
    Christmas Sayings

  2. Jesus is God's perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year. Joel Osteen
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  3. We send out Christmas greetings to friends and family near and far, we put up the tree in hopes Santa will arrive, but most of all we take the time to thank God for His Son. Kate Summers
    Christmas Greetings

  4. And so, seven hundred years before the Wise Men gave, before the angels sang, and before the shepherds arrived, Isaiah explains for us in wonderful detail what Christmas is all about. Daniel Akin
    Christmas Message

  5. Christmas is for everyone, adults and children alike.
    Allow this season fill your heart, and let go of the things you dislike.
    Julie Hebert
    Christmas Poems

  6. When we remember a special Christmas, it is not the presents that made it special, but the laughter, the feeling of love, and the togetherness of friends and family that made that Christmas special. Catherine Pulsifer

  7. Some countries don't celebrate Christmas, but everyone welcomes in the New Year, even if it's on different dates. Paul K Stevens, Vintage New Year: Cards, Customs, Quotes, Poems, Myths and Legends
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  9. Green garlands hung on the walls, and every tree was a Christmas tree full of toys, and blazing with candles that never went out. Louisa May Alcott, A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True.
    Christmas Poems for Kids

  10. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without mince pies. Rosanne Hewitt-Cromwell, Like Mam Used to Bake
    Funny Christmas Quotes

  11. How can we best keep Christmas? How can we best defeat the little bit of Scrooge in all of us and experience the glory of the Great Day? By sinking the shafts of our spirits deep beneath the sparkling tinsel of the surface of Christmas and renewing within us the radiance of the inner meaning of the season. Wilfred Peterson
    Inner Peace

  12. Many people pray and only dream of what we often take for granted. Especially at Christmas, help change the world one person at a time, help change a person's life by giving to the less fortunate. Catherine Pulsifer
    Change the World

  13. Lights sparkle from streetlamps, Christmas trees and bicycles. Charlot King, A Christmas Mystery
    Joy Quotes

  14. What a wonderful story it is, the Christmas story. Only God could have thought of it. Norman Vincent Peale
  15. What a wonderful story it is, the Christmas story. Only God could have thought of it. Here the greatest storytellers of the ages have found their art outmarched. Norman Vincent Peale
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  16. I bring you the most joyful news ever announced, and it is for everyone! The Savior - yes the Messiah, the Lord - has been born tonight in Bethlehem! Luke 2:10 -11
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  17. Advent is a season of wise women and men following the example of Jesus and thereby constructing a spiritual life on solid principles. Robert F. Morneau, Fathoming Bethlehem
    Wise Quotes

  18. Oh christmas day, please come soon and mesmerize us with your beauty. Let us see the bright star and festive trees. Spread the Christmas dust throughout our streets. Oh Christmas, I'm waiting on you. Danielle Duckery
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  19. The spirit of Christmas is in every shared joy and in every act of kindness during this wondrous time of year. Editors Of Adams Media, Christmas Stories You'll Love
    Be Kind

  20. "During the holiday season, I watch as people scurry about swiping those plastic cards through the credit card machines faster than a speeding bullet. And yet, God has already shown us that the most precious gift cannot be bought or sold." Sharon Jaynes
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  21. quotes about giving at xmas
  22. Let us wrap each gift we give with kind, loving thoughts about all those who have helped to make the gift possible and the person who will receive the gift. Barbara Benson

  23. The angels' visit to the shepherds became the first Christmas celebration. It's as though heaven and earth were celebrating it together, as though a portal to glory had been opened up. Greg Laurie
    Christian Quotes about Life

  24. In God's sight, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas whenever we rediscover the simplicity of His love and bow down in thankfulness and worship, where we are and whatever our circumstances. David Jeremiah
    God's Love

  25. Wonderful counselor and heavenly father, guide us to see the true meaning of the gifts we have and that we share this Christmas. D. Duane Engler, 40 Prayers for Christmas
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  26. irish saying
  27. May your hearth be warm, your holidays grand,
    and your heart held gently in the good Lord's hand. Irish Saying
    Irish Quotes and Sayings

  28. Christmas holds its place in the hearts of men because they know that love is the greatest thing in the world. Christmas is celebrated in its true spirit only by those who make some sacrifice for the benefit of their fellow men. Calvin Coolidge
    Love and Life

  29. Christmas is the celebration of the event that set heaven to singing, an event that gave the stars of the night sky a new brilliance. Billy Graham
    Night Quotes

  30. For some, Christmas is a time of great anticipation, indulgence and delight. A precious time for feasting and family, togetherness and treats. For others, its a chance to escape the day-to-day and travel back to a more innocent time. Beth Kempton, Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Family and Friends

  31. Christmas is a time to celebrate family and friends so this is my chance to tell you how much you mean to me.
  32. Christmas is a time to celebrate family and friends so this is my chance to tell you how much you mean to me. Source: Merry Christmas Wishes
    Love and Friendship

  33. People say there are no more miracles, that God does not exist. But just look at Christmas - a time when people express kindness, a time when the world stops and actually has peace, a time when people share with others - a miracle, part of God's plan! Catherine Pulsifer
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  34. God made no mistake, then, he gave us no small and common gift, but he did his best and gave the world the greatest possible Christmas Gift when this Child was born. James H. Snowden, A Wonderful Night
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  35. Once a year, each Christmas, for a few days at least, we and millions of our neighbors turn aside from our preoccupations with life reduced to biology or economics or psychology and join together in a community of wonder. Eugene Peterson
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  36. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps this is true, but because of Christmas, those who behold and believe can also experience beauty in their hearts and souls. Paul M Miller, Christmas Prayers
    Life is Beautiful

  37. This season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus ... Dr. David Jeremiah
  38. This season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, the One who made it possible for all of us to someday live in heaven for eternity. Dr. David Jeremiah
    Heaven Quotes

  39. My fondest memories of Christmas include our family traditions of putting treasured ornaments and lights on the tree, decorating our home, and placing special Christmas books on the coffee table. June Cotner, Christmas Blessings

  40. Christmas mornings are such an exciting time. Many people wake up with a sense of expectation. Something exciting. For children it's a time of absolute craziness. Gary Dickinson, Christmas Traditions Around The World
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  41. Twas shepherds that approached him, when angels brought them word That Christ, the great Messiah, the cry of man had heard. Greta Zwaan, The Helpless Baby
    Jesus Poems

  42. What joy the glorious music of Christmas brings to our celebration of Christ's birth! No other season offers such an abundance of spiritual enrichment. Kenneth W. Osbeck. Joy to the World

  43. The festive lights and the gifts and the ornaments are fine, but they are only a setting for the real jewel: the birth of a Baby that marked the descent of God himself to mankind. That's where the true meaning of Christmas lies. Norman Vincent Peale
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  44. Although Santa Claus and St. Nicholas have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas, many people do love the story about this man who did, in fact, give gifts to the poor and demonstrated for us a wonderful example for Christmas giving. Louise Bishop
    Giving Quotes

  45. I have come to discover material gifts aren't the important things of Christmas. I learned this through an experience even as a young child. I now know relationships, traditions, and the greatest gift of all - Jesus, are the important gifts to treasure. Charlotte Holt, Christmas Traditions and Memories

  46. God's love is a gift beyond measure ... Mary Southerland
  47. God's love is a gift beyond measure that surrounds us and covers us when the fire of life rains down. It is God's love and the very reason for the season we call Christmas - or it should be. Mary Southerland
    Love Quotes

  48. With the passage of time and increased maturity, our excitement regarding Christmas may change. ... the tree reminds us of the tree Jesus died on to pay for our sins. The lights testify that He is the Light of the World, and the gifts are a mere shadow of the greatest gift ever given - Jesus Christ. Charles Stanley
    Quotes about Change

  49. I will live this day as if it were Christmas. I will be a giver of gifts and deliver to my enemies the gift of forgiveness; my opponents, tolerance; my friends, a smile; my children, a good example, and every gift will be wrapped with unconditional love. Og Mandino, Mission: Success
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  50. December days . . . as Christmas time draws near; brings family warmth, and friendship's joyful cheer, from memory's store so many days to bless and cherish so in quiet thankfulness. John McLeod
    Friendship Quotes

  51. I don't want a Christmas you can buy. I don't want a Christmas you can make. What I want is a Christmas you can hold. A Christmas that holds me, remakes me, revives me. I want a Christmas that whispers, Jesus. Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift
    Jesus Quotes

  52. And at this Christmas season, when we pause to reflect on the Incarnation of Christ - that is, of God becoming human in Jesus - we reemphasize that Jesus Christ should remain central to the celebration. Melvin Banks Sr.

  53. We don't need more parties, or decorations, or gifts, or worries, or expectations to be added to Christmas. What we really need is some grace. For ourselves and others. And we need to love people. Susanna Foth Aughtmon, Mornings with Jesus

  54. Don't be like the religious leaders who were more concerned with tradition. Follow the example of the wise men, and seek God this Christmas. It's the reason we celebrate Christmas - God wants to connect with you! Rick Warren

  55. As we celebrate, light candles, dance to wonderful songs and eat our favourite delicacies, let's not forget to embrace the love that comes with Christ's birth. Archbishop Justin Welby, In This Light
    Motivational Poems

  56. We celebrate the light of the world, which came down at Christmas and look forward to the time that will come when there will be no more darkness. John Sentamu, Wake up to Advent Agnes M. Pharo

  57. Anyone familiar with the Christmas Story itself will also understand that Mary was happily married to Joseph and that the willing took on the role of caregiver for Jesus. Sarah Lawrence, Mary Mother Of Jesus
    Happy Quotes

  58. After all, isn't Christmas the beginning of our hope? It is the celebration of God becoming man and taking on the 'form of a servant' so that he could ultimately give His life for us. Dr. David Jeremiah

  59. Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world. The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirement is to believe in Him. The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life. Corrie Ten Boom

  60. The love we feel, that sense of joy for the Christmas Miracle, the Baby Boy will not wither, break or fade for it's a promise that God has made. Susan J. Ellis, Christmas Reflections Thru the Years

  61. As he considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. "Joseph, son of David," the angel said, "do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit. And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." Matthew 1:20-21 (NLT)
    Angel Quotes

  62. There is a new spiritual energy to the beginning of Advent. It has little to do with the countdown of shopping days to Christmas. It has to do with Advent's intrinsic, embedded hope of a new life, a changed life, in Christ. S. Joseph Krempa, Captured Fire

  63. All around us at Christmas this year there will be those less fortunate than we are. But don't pass up the opportunities God gives you this Christmas to personally "be charitable" to others. Dr. David Jeremiah
    Appreciation Poems

  64. God's Message is very personal, and it is life changing. Open yourself to receive God''s Message this Advent. David Mead, Message In The Manger
    Life Changing

  65. You see, the Christmas most people celebrate is not the way God intended it to be celebrated. We have commercialized it, super-sized it, downgraded it, and for most people, ignored the real meaning of Christmas. C. P. Lewis, Humpty Dumpty Is Damaged Goods
    Poems about Faith

  66. The only blind person at Christmas time is he who has not Christmas in his heart. Helen Keller
  67. The only blind person at Christmas time is he who has not Christmas in his heart. Helen Keller
    Famous Quotes

  68. We can participate in every festivity of the Christmas season, but until we receive the gift of Jesus Christ, we will never truly experience Christmas. Mary Southerland

  69. Christmas celebrates a similar moment for us - God breaking through to our world. In a feeding stall of all places. He will not leave us in the dark. He is the pursuer, the teacher. He won't sit back while we miss out. So He entered our world. He sends signals and messages: H-o-p-e. L-i-f-e. Max Lucado, Because of Bethlehem
    Inspirational Stories

  70. This season, keep your eyes and heart open for unexpected ways that God will reveal to you the hope of Christmas. Jack Countryman

  71. The holy magic that filled that lonely stable so long ago still fills the air of Christmas today. Mary Hollingsworth
    Miracle Quotes

  72. Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home! Charles Dickens
    Growing Up

  73. But everywhere throughout the world - throughout this war that covers the world--there is a special spirit that has warmed our hearts since our earliest childhood - a spirit that brings us close to our homes, our families, our friends and neighbors - the Christmas spirit of "peace on earth, good will toward men." It is an unquenchable spirit. Franklin Roosevelt
    Spiritual Quotes

  74. Now, granted, the Christmas tree doesn't have "everlasting life" just because it is evergreen, but it does represent that to us. It is a symbol of life. Patricia Meyers, 70 Extraordinary Object Lessons

  75. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is attending the Candlelight Christmas Eve service . . . Shari Howerton, Breaking the Chains
    Good Day Quotes

  76. So during this Christmas season, let us take comfort in Him--and always. Julia Audrina Carrington, Comfort for Today
    Hope Poem

  77. Is it an acceptable boundary to simply send a Christmas card and ignore a friend for the rest of the year? Jeffrey Dawson, Boundaries

  78. Christmas - that magic carpet that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance - a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. Arnold Westcott

  79. As this is one of the most anticipated meals of the year, a little bit of planning will help to relieve the stress that surrounds producing a Christmas turkey dinner. Sheila Kiely, Gimme The Recipe
    Words of Encouragement

  80. Christmas can become overly expensive if you let it. Remember a homemade gift is not only nice, but also says, "I love You" more than anything else. Catherine Pulsifer
    Encouraging Poems

  81. You can paint cookies to make wonderful decorations for Christmas or other holidays. Whether you are looking for a fun project with the kids or just want to impress the neighbors, try painting cookies. Dennis Weaver, Dennis. Mrs. Claus' Christmas Cookies

  82. To be a parent who is unable to provide a Christmas is heartbreaking. We all need to share in making a Christmas for everyone. Catherine Pulsifer
    Helping Others

  83. Memories of Christmas past make me smile when I think of you little Sis. We would shake, try to peak, and you were always the one who got caught. But now Christmas means so much more and I am so thankful for the blessing of a Sister like you! Catherine Pulsifer
    Little Sister Quotes

  84. Singing the "Happy Birthday" song to Jesus brings the Baby in the manger to life and clearly places Christ at the center of the annual holiday season. Ace Collins, Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas
    Happy Birthday Wishes

  85. So before we get too far into the holiday festivities, let's pause and take a fresh look at this amazing event we call Christmas. Think of it as an invitation from God, delivered by His Son, offering salvation to mankind. Charles Stanley

  86. Divesting, humbling, serving, submitting - these traits of Christ that we remember at Christmas become the template for the life He gives to us. Dr. David Jeremiah

  87. Christmas can be a maze of commercialism if we let it. Instead, let's make it a moment of clarity in which we view our sometimes confusing and threatening world against the back drop of God's gift to us: the Prince of Peace who was announced by angels on that original 'midnight clear'. David Jeremiah

  88. Christmas has been, as for many, something of a challenge to find the best way of being together across distance and differences. The biggest difference and perhaps distance has been between the family and the rituals of Christmas at home and then Christmas and its message in church - which speaks of poverty as well as generosity. Robin Morrison, Christmas Poems
    Generosity Quotes

  89. At Christmas we decorate our trees with festive lights and ornaments. But the real "tree" in the Christmas story wasn't beautiful at all; it was a cruel instrument of execution, used to bring about the death of God's Son. Greg Laurie, Red The Color of Christmas
    Beautiful Quotes

  90. Every Christmas a thousand, thousand preachers ask if we will make more room for Jesus than the Bethlehem innkeeper of long ago ever did. Les Norman; Pilar Norman, Never Have A Minute To Call Your Own
    Words of Faith

  91. Christmas is a charming and memorable season for children, and it is perfectly reasonable for well-informed adults to enjoy cribs, candles, and carols, decorated trees, presents, and family feasts. It is not possible, however, to be a well-informed adult believer without adding to the value of the Christmas celebration by searching for the deeper meaning of the gospels, a meaning that is beyond the comprehension of young children. Noel Cooper, Gospel Overtures
    Poems about Life

  92. There's an optimism that seems to fuel the joy of the season. Cluade Jennings
  93. There's an optimism that seems to fuel the joy of the season. Cluade Jennings, Christmas 364

  94. . . . we can be an influence for what is good and right and wonderful about Christmas! We can focus on the fact that a special holiday is set apart and that time gives us the opportunity to proclaim the Christ that came and died for us! J S Brandon, Get rid of the 'Bah! Humbug!' Attitude This Christmas

  95. Christmas brings many pleasures; from tree trimming, to special music, exchanging gifts, good food to name only a few. Take time in this busy season to remember the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Catherine Pulsifer
    Birthday Quotes

  96. "The Christmas season is a time when churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike tend to experience strong spiritual longings. Whatever the longing looks like on the outside, for most of us, deep down it's a longing for an experience of something holy, something beautiful. Something like God." Quinn G. Caldwell, All I Really Want
    Church Quotes

  97. Great little one!
    Whose all-embracing birth
    Lifts earth to heaven,
    stoops heaven to earth.
    Richard Crashaw
    Inspirational Poems

  98. We think of our homes as places of warmth, familiarity and love - of shared stories and memories - which is perhaps why, at this time of year, so many return to where they grew up. There is a timeless simplicity to the pull of home. Queen Elizabeth II, Christmas 2017

  99. But I became convinced that if you drill down to its core, Christmas is based on a historical reality - the incarnation: God becoming man, spirit taking on flesh, the infinite entering the finite, the eternal becoming time-bound. Lee Strobel, The Case for Christmas
    Encouraging Quotes

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