Quotes about the Future

What does the future hold, what determines what will happen tomorrow. Read these quotes about the future for thoughts on determining what your future may hold.

What you do today will determine your future.
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The prerequisite for motivation and success in any endeavor is a BIG vision for your future. If you're stuck in the past, you're really in trouble. B. N. Norton, Motivation Into Success
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A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs. Bernard Baruch
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What helps make your future a brighter one is if you'll make the decision today to choose to be happy and thankful for the present, and just let the future be. Matt Morris, How To Live In The Present Moment
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Faith and hope work hand in hand, however while hope focuses on the future, faith focuses on the now. David Odunaiya, How To Make Faith Work In Your Life
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My dreams are my dress rehearsals for my future. David Copperfield
My dreams are my dress rehearsals for my future. David Copperfield
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Always keep looking forward,
Looking back is never good.
You want to look to the future,
And that is something you should.
Catherine Pulsifer, Each Day Is A Chance
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What worked in the past isn't going to work in the future. More is expected of leaders today. All of us need to start demanding more from ourselves as leaders. Vince Molinaro, The Leadership Contract: The Fine Print to Becoming an Accountable Leader
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We cannot predict the future. But we can create it. Jim Collins; Morten T. Hansen, Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All future "I desire no future that will break the ties of the past." George Eliot
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In this volatile business of ours, we can ill afford to rest on our laurels, even to pause in retrospect. Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. Walt Disney
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The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward. Winston Churchill
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The American lives even more for his goals, for the future, than the European. Life for him is always becoming, never being. Albert Einstein, Ideas And Opinions
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There are no guarantees or crystal balls for the future, and there's no absolute way to know if you are or aren't making the right decision. Give tomorrow the best possible chance that you can. Kennedth Dino, The 12 Commandments: A Guide For Entrepreneurs
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No amount of sophistication is going to allay the fact that all your knowledge is about the past and all your decisions are about the future. Ian Wilson
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The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.  Author Unknown
The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show. Author Unknown
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When Helen Keller died in 1968 at the age of eighty-eight, she was one of the most widely known women in the world - as she had been since nearly the age of eight. The young girl, whose Tuscumbia, Alabama, parents had nearly given up in the early 1880s, when they saw little future for a deaf-blind girl, had literally and figuratively traveled far. Kim E. Nielsen, Helen Keller: Selected Writings (The History of Disability)
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How We Think It Is, Is How It Is – It's easy to confuse what has happened in our past as what is going to happen in the future. What we fail to realize is that what happened in our past does not have to equal the future. If you believe that it does, then it does. Robert Norman, Positive Thinking: 30 Days Of Motivation And Affirmations
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Starting today, you have the opportunity to build on your good works and your hopes for the future through creating a plan that will benefit the causes most important to you. Kathy LeMay, The Generosity Plan: Sharing Your Time, Treasure, and Talent to Shape the World
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Just remember - when you think all is lost, the future remains. Bob Goddard
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The Future . . . something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. C. S. Lewis
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People always find it easier to be a result of the past rather than a cause of the future. Author Unknown
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By having a clear vision, even a short vision of what will happen in the future. We will be less worried and feel a little bit confident, and calm because we can manage our life in the world that is changing every second. Ly Nguyen, Time Management: 80/20-in-80/20
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I don't live with the past; I am living for to-day and to-morrow. Thomas Edison
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You are the best author of your own future. Catherine Pulsifer
You are the best author of your own future. So, the next time you sit down to write your own story, remember that you are the creator of the best chapters that could ever be written. Catherine Pulsifer
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Setting goals allows you to track your progress, as well as to have a plan for your future. Without setting goals, you will face the risk of aimlessly wandering in different directions - a situation where success may become unattainable. Charles Kenneth, How to Achieve Lasting Success in Life: An Easy, No Luck, Common Sense Guide to Becoming Successful
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We do not need a crystal ball to predict the future. We can have the gift of foresight though by understanding how cause and effect works. Every choice and move that we make has a consequence. Jeffrey Lehman, Success: A Book On The Mindset, Principles, Habits, and Psychology Of Success
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What is past is past and it does not forebode well to relive past mistakes or transgressions. Move forward rather than being stuck in the past. No one can redo the past but everyone can create a better future. Byron Pulsifer, Personal Development Goals
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By working with each other and discussing our visions, energy is given for all to take a part in the future outcome of these visions. Paul Keller, Peace
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From the most complex of problems to the more creative of solutions, your mind is a place where discipline rules because that discipline helps you to maximize the potential of who you are or who you become in the future. Marshal Lightwill, Discipline Yourself: Self-Discipline Habits to Create Great Results
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Savor the moment. Most people fear the future. Sometimes you see yourself worrying about what will happen. The best thing to do is to banish all your worries about the future. John Rogers, Motivation Secrets Book - How to Get Motivated Today And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
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The past is only an imaginary time or experience that is used to teach us lessons for the future. The future is where you apply the lessons of the past. Dr. Lauren Cunning, Hardwiring Happiness: 26 Ways to be a Happy Person
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Have a vision for yourself.  Matthew Lewis Browne
Have a vision for yourself. You need to have foresight into your future - your goals, your dreams, what you want to achieve for yourself. Matthew Lewis Browne, How to Say No: 10 Steps to Saying No and Taking Back Your Time and Your Life
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Kids. As cliché as it may sound, they really are the future. Robert Young, Parenting : Raising Confident Kids: 7 Steps To Nurture Self-Esteem And Prepare Your Kids For Success
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Your past, present and future are moulded by your thoughts. Remember - your thinking is your life's autobiography. James Borg, Mind Power 2nd edn: Change your thinking, change your life
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Learning from failures is a wonderful skill. The trick is to have them be the springboard for future successes. Matthew Turner, The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success
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Technological life in the future will be a series of endless upgrades. And the rate of graduations is accelerating. Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future
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Deal with the issues of today not those that are possible in the future. Byron Pulsifer, How To Attract Positive Energy
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Remember, when all of your peers are going out late at night to party, they are just wasting their life and they will cause themselves much pain and sorrow in the future. Joe Zeller, How To Wake Up Early: For Super Lazy People
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The future hasn't arrived yet. Do your best to try to shape it in the present moment, but always remember some things are just out of our control, and that's fine. Robert Washington, Inner Peace and Happiness In 14 Steps
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Simply put, coaching bridges the gap between where someone is now and where they want to be in the future. Christie Ruffino, Treasured Tribes: The Smart Woman's Guide to Attracting and Building Unlimited Treasures with Her Networking Efforts
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You do have a future. There is light at the end of that inky black tunnel. Willow Cross
You do have a future. There is light at the end of that inky black tunnel. Willow Cross, Getting Over It
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If you're willing to dream and plan, I believe you can create a total transformation over the next 12 months or so…AND trust me when I say that as you start making small changes in your life, the momentum and success along the way will have you feeling better about your future in no time. P. Seymour, Resolutions in the New Year...or Any Time: How to Make a Plan for Transformation
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Your dreams and intuitive flashes are unique. If you can dream it, you can become it. It may not happen quickly. But if you are dreaming it, then it CAN be your future at some point. Vicki Morris, Inspired Work:Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks
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Letting go of the bad memories of the past can really help you have a free feeling now while you take each day into the future. Zac Dixon, Self Esteem: Cure For Anxiety, Self Esteem, Negative Thinking, Regret and Insecurity
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No matter who we are, thoughts that could become the future flash into our mind every day. It is our duty to filter the thoughts into those we don't want and those we do, and cling to the thoughts that can make us (and others) happy. Chad Grills, The Happy Life
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When are aware of your own behaviour, strengths and weaknesses you will make better career choices that may influence your future development. Franz Badenhorst, Live Your Life w/ Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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It's not the decisions you make when everything is rosy that usually shapes your future . . . Akanbi Adedamola, Channeling The Power of A Small Win
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Young people, from lack of experience, are often puzzled over the future. Bill Calhoun, Can't...Can!
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And while imagining a better future, let's also imagine a better self. Unless we give our power away, we are in charge of creating our future. Vlad Zachary, The Excellence Habit
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Most times, we are afraid of things that may never happen. Often we project into the future. Clodagh Swanson
Most times, we are afraid of things that may never happen. Often we project into the future. Clodagh Swanson, Time To Shine
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Most of us have spent more time studying a map to avoid getting lost on a trip than we have studying our life so we'll know how to proceed into the future. Dan B. Allender, To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future
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For many people, the only thing that seems certain about the future is the uncertainty of it all. Others cannot see beyond the pain and suffering. We cannot blind ourselves to real problems the human race faces, but there truly is hope for a joy and peace-filled future. David Brickner, Future Hope
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According to scientists, cheerful temper and a belief in a brighter future can strengthen your body and hold up the old age because optimism doesn't simply protect your nerves - moreover, it strengthens the immune system, repels bacteria and allays pain. Vanessa Angel, You Live the Life You Want to Live: The Art of Being Happy and Create the Life You Want
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At the outset none of us could foresee the end of the struggle; few of us saw eye to eye on what was demanded of us as individuals and as a nation; but each began, step by step, to learn and to perform his allotted task. Dwight Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe
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I like to live in the past. I don't think people are going to get much fun in the future. Winston Churchill
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If you could change your future and achieve all of your goals by simply thinking about it, of course it would be perfect. Joshua Pope; Michael Wozniak, Why Are You Looking At This?
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Some say that the best predictor of future success is past success. This may be true on average, but you aren't average, are you? Christopher Babson, BOLD! Success System
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A teacher directs the thoughts of his students and he plays a very important role in the future of his students. T Whitmore, Stuff You Don't Need: A Mother's Guide to Raising A Child in a Gadget World
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Struggle and disappointment are necessary ingredients to success both in the present and in the future. Britney Watkins
Struggle and disappointment are necessary ingredients to success both in the present and in the future. Britney Watkins, The Ultimate Guide To Parenting: How To Raise Children Without Screwing Them Up
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Any change in how we think about our future, even if it could radically improve our prospects, takes courage. Bruce Wilkinson, A Life God Rewards: Why Everything You Do Today Matters Forever
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It has become painfully apparent that even the best need encouragement - because life is tough and arduous at the best of times. Jesus Christ has something to say, and the life He promises gives us a hope and a future. Don Wilton, A Hope and a Future
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Objectives are not fate; they are direction. They are not commands; they are commitments. They do not determine the future; they are means to mobilize the resources and energies of the business for the making of the future. Peter F Drucker
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Acceptance teaches us that our new life after acceptance is a life after our tragedy, a life where we remember our loved one but also a life where we do not live in the past, we live for our future. Valerie Orr, Picking Up the Pieces: Learning to Live Through Grief After the Loss of a Loved One
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Habits that you have had for years can be maintained only by thinking about them in the future in the same way you thought about them in the past. Helen Mayhew, Assert Yourself: How to Stand up for Yourself
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Put simply, investment means putting money into a project or a company that you believe after thorough research to have a strong likelihood of future success and growth. Andrea Plos, Sources of Wealth
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Think Big, think rich, think forwards, believe in yourself and always have your next ideas ready to turn into ventures for the future, be adaptable with your ideas, examine your ideas out of the box and do not put rose coloured glasses on them, really get into their bare bones. Linda Corby, Zoom into Profit
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You hold the key to your future. The actions you take every day shape your future. Mattias Skarin
You hold the key to your future. The actions you take every day shape your future. Mattias Skarin, Real-World Kanban: Do Less, Accomplish More with Lean Thinking
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Yet despite what we may see or hear, I never doubt that, in the end, truth and justice never fail. In Syria, I see the potential to rebuild a nation, to triumph over those forces that seek her destruction. In Syria, I see hope and a future. John M. B. Balouziyeh, Hope and a Future: The Story of Syrian Refugees
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Every moment the future is becoming the present, and the present is becoming the past. The past has no possibility, it has been used. Osho Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously
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What the religion of the future may be, we know not. But the prophets of the race are dreaming visions of a religion as much higher than that of to-day as the latter is higher than the crude fetichism of the savage. William Walker Atkinson, Your Mind and How to Use it
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If our future is only going to look a little better than our past, then we might as well remain where we are. Beau Norton, 4 Simple Steps to Massive Success
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Know that 10% of what you will learn will be truly beneficial to your future and 90% of what you learn will be worthless. Jason Navallo, Success
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