30 Animal Quotes

Be inspired by these animal quotes. An animal can teach us so much, they can be an inspiration and provide encouragement in ways you don't even realize. Having an animal in the house can be good for all members of the household. An animal provides friendship and is an example of unconditional love!

  1. We are the most inquisitive and inventive of all animals.
    David Attenborough, Our Planet
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  2. The infliction of abject cruelty toward members of other species illustrates how our interactions with animals reflect larger themes in psychology.
    Hal Herzog
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  3. Treating bees with reverence and gratitude will do more to help them more than you can imagine.
    Jacqueline Freeman, Song Of Increase
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  4. If we’re going to have animals around we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them.
    Bob Ross
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  5. Life is undeniably better with a dog at your side.
    Elli H. Radinger, The Wisdom of Old Dogs"
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  6. Softly glide, all pain has gone,
    Along the rippling river
    To pet heaven where delights belong,
    And animals live forever.
    Ian Mackenzie, Our Guinea Pig In Heaven
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  7. Dogs are unique; about that, I had no question. I was just sceptical about the dominant theory of what it was that made them so special.
    Clive Wynne, Dog Is Love
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  8. Animals, like children, need to know their boundaries and once they do, they often are happier knowing what is acceptable and, what is not.
    Jackie Weaver, Real Animal Communication Stories No. 7
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  9. Taming an animal involves conditioning it to become used to human company, whereas the domestication process involves the altering of the animal’s genes, resulting in the animal wanting and needing human company to survive.
    Nigel Reed, The Dog Guardian
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  10. But mostly it’s because people don’t get the bigger picture – animals matter, people matter, and animals in the lives of people matter.
    Noel Fitzpatrick, Listening To The Animals
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  11. Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.
    George Eliot
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  12. I love our bird. I love the ordinary nature and frequency of it. I love that my daughter celebrates something seen literally every day. I want to live like that, worship out loud like that. I want to breathe as she does, with wonder in and excitement out.
    Jan Shultis, He Prepared A Worm
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  13. The secret to sloths’ extraordinary endurance is their lethargic nature. They are paragons of low-energy living, with a suite of ingenious, energy-saving adaptations honed over many millennia and worthy of the most eccentric and gifted inventor.
    Lucy Cooke, The Unexpected Truth About Animals.
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  14. Animals don't hate and we're supposed to be better than them.
    Elvis Presley
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  15. You can enter into close relationships with some animals. Such relationships can teach us not only a lot about the animal in question, but also about language and about ourselves.
    Eva Meijer, Animal Languages
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  16. They may not be as intelligent as us, but they certainly know pain, fear, loneliness and love. They too can suffer, and they too can be happy.
    Peter Singer, Animal Liberation.

  17. Animals are a blessing to God's creation. He created them to assist mankind in many ways.
    John Stange, What is Heaven Really Like?
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  18. We worked with two young chimpanzees who offered me my first contact with primates apart from my own species. It was love at first sight. I had never met animals that so clearly possessed a mind of their own.
    Frans de Waal, Are We Smart Enought To Know How Smart Animals Are?

  19. The animal world shows us the potentials we can unfold. But to learn from them, we must first learn to speak with them.
    Ted Andrews, Animal Speak
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  20. Animals can inspire us to be less busy, more present, less worried, more joyful, and more passionate about life. They will never judge us for the things we do or don't do.
    Kristen Moeller, Waiting For Jack
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  21. I find the red squirrel to be a prime example of how we sort animals into categories. Their dark button-eyes are adorable, their soft fur is a beautiful reddish colour (there are also some that are brownish-black) and they pose no threat to humans.
    Peter Wohlleben, The Inner Life Of Animals
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  22. Walk at night in near total darkness and your senses are stimulated; you hear all the sounds of calling and moving animals.
    J. E. Lynch, Animals
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  23. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
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  24. Behaviour is a key way in which animals interact with their world. It is how animals find and choose mates, look after their young, find food, avoid becoming food for predators themselves, and build nests and burrows.
    Tristram D. Wyatt, Animal Behaviour
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  25. For many people, animal communication is something that only the 'gifted few' can achieve. This of course is entirely untrue as we were all born with the ability to talk to and hear animals.
    Holly Davis, Animal Communication With All Species
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  26. Dogs are naturally loyal and loving creatures who want to please their best friend and master - you. You must teach him how to please. Teach him that your word is law and that he needs to mind you.
    Fanny Doright, Train Your Dog

  27. Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake.
    Martin Luther King Jr.
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  28. I tell my dog every day how much I love him and how special he is to me. In return, he gives me more love and affection than I could ever know.
    Jackie Weaver, Pet Grief
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  29. At creation, God designed the animal kingdom to function on a teamwork model, and we would do well to copy His plan as we design and build our own kingdoms in the sports world, the business world, or the world of our own families.
    Thomas Nelson, The Magic of Teamwork
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  30. We develop functioning, non-verbal communication with our animal companions covering not only domestic rules and rituals, but extending well beyond that to include a wide range of feelings, including playfulness, fear, anger and love.
    David Michie , Buddhism For Pet Lovers
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