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We all set an example, by what we say and what we do. Let these example quotes remind you of the example we set for others in life, in love, and how we lead.

"What you have accomplished in the past is a much stronger example than talking about what you are capable of doing in the future. Actions do speak louder than words!"
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"Draw inspiration from other people's lives The inspiring example of the people you admire is a great place to start with."
Nathan Arthur, Mission Statement: How to Develop Your Life Mission Statement In a Step By Step Guide
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"Children also catch a lot by way of example. If parents are disrespectful, children will catch it like a cold. If parents are gracious, children will bask in it like the beach on a sunny day."
Michael Cannon Loehrer, Porch Talk with Gramps on Parenting: A Framework for a Functional Family
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It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it is easy to do so by example.
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"Straight talk is a good example to set, and if there are real reasons behind your decisions, it's actually helpful to share them with your child."
Beth Kobliner, Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not)
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"So whether you are a well-known person or you are just 'you', always remember that the example you set can change someone else's life for the better. And, don't think that making someone else's life better means that you have to do something so grandiose that the entire world notices. It doesn't mean that your aid to one who is poor elevates them to the status of wealthy. But, what it does mean is that each act whether bite size or smaller does count."
Catherine Pulsifer, Setting An Example
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Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age.
 William Feather
Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age.
William Feather
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"Remember that you cannot truly change anyone else you can only change yourself. You either positively or negatively influence others by your example."
Bernadette Dimitrov, The HoHOHo Factor - New Christmas Insights, Inspiration, Symbols, fun traditions & more!
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"I love things that age well - things that don't date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best."
Giorgio Armani
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There are many, many examples of people who have strived to succeed over and over again but always seemed to hit the proverbial brick wall. Nevertheless, the beauty of a lot of these stories, real people stories, is that they continued to prevail where perseverance prevailed over resistance
Catherine Pulsifer, Action Plan Template
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"The goal then is to pay that forward and encourage others to do the same while leading a righteous life by example, always striving to forgive the trespasses of others and forgive yourself as well."
Chris Johnston, Joel Osteen: 50 Best Life Lessons, Teachings And Quotes
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"Rather than trying to change others you can exhibit what you think should change in your own life. You set the example, how you live says more than any amount of words you could say to a person. You can set about a transformation in people by sharing your experiences and living the life that you feel is your purpose."
Catherine Pulsifer, Change Yourself
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"It's amazing how much influence and power you have, or can be given. A definition of influence is: 'the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.' Some of this power, however, may be positive, or more harmful than you realize; what you say, and the example you set can change people more that you may be aware of."
Byron Pulsifer, Influential Power
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"Be an example to your children, your extended family and your community of what a lasting and devoted marriage looks like."
John Stange, What did Jesus say about Marriage?
Marriage   |

Words you say mean nothing, but doing - setting an example says more. Catherine Pulsifer
"You cannot say one thing and then do another and expect people to just do what you say. Words you say mean nothing, but doing - setting an example says more."
Catherine Pulsifer
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"Young people want to see more than to hear be the Word of God. Words, to be true, must be followed by example."
Mother Teresa
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"No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed."
Lawrence G. Lovasik, The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time
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Dad, your example is my inspiration. When I don't know what to do, I think, "how would Dad handle this."
Catherine Pulsifer
Fathers Day Wishes

"Whether you realize it or not, people are watching your life. Even those who belittle you are watching how you live. How you live your life around those people is how you set an example for them."
Heidi Kreider, Be Their Example
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Every father should remember that one day his son will follow 
his example rather than his advise. Charles F. Kettering
"Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example rather than his advise."
Charles F. Kettering
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"Now is the time to start practicing what you would like your own boss to demonstrate. You cannot wait until you are in a position of leadership - the task is to have these skills developed now so that you can easily demonstrate by way of example how and why you have acquired these skills."
Byron and Catherine Pulsifer, Leadership vs Management
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"As leaders of our organizations and businesses, we have to move away from participating in petty politics, gossip, and attacks on people who aren't as popular. By setting an example in boosting up the team, those who we work with should do the same."
Nathan Neil, Inspire Greatness: Building Leaders and Encouraging Success
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"Sabbath honors the necessary wisdom of dormancy. If certain plant species, for example, do not lie dormant for winter, they will not bear fruit in the spring."
Wayne Muller, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives
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A good example is the best sermon. English Proverb
"A good example is the best sermon."
English Proverb
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"That act of giving is the greatest example of generosity ever. Giving for the sake of others."
Jan Grace, Generosity: The Life Giving Power of Doing Good To Others
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"A pint of example is worth a gallon of advice."
Author Unknown
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Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.
Albert Einstein
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The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.
Benjamin Disraeli
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Nothing is so contagious as example; and we never do any great good or evil which does not produce its like.
Francois de la Rochefoucauld
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Society is always taken by surprise at any new example of common sense.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Few things are harder to put up with than a good example.
Mark Twain
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"Example is the best precept."
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"I have ever deemed it more honorable and more profitable, too, to set a good example than to follow a bad one."
Thomas Jefferson
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Example has more followers than reason. Christian Nevell Bovee
"Example has more followers than reason."
Christian Nevell Bovee
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"In motivating people, you've got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example - and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved."
Rupert Murdoch
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"Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence."
George F. Will
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"Furnish an example, stop preaching, stop shielding, don't prevent self-reliance and initiative, allow your children to develop along thier own lines."
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"You must inspire people to give it all they have by using yourself as an example."
Byron and Catherine Pulsifer
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"There are numerous examples of people throughout the world who have overcome handicaps to achieve great success."
Living A More Positive Life
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"He that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other."
Francis Bacon
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My own family was a great example of happiness. Peter Jennings
"My own family was a great example of happiness."
Peter Jennings, Why Being Happy Matters: Discover How the Power of Joy Will Energize Your Life
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"Since parents are the role model, you'll hear your child speak to his sister or brother using your words and tone of voice."
Laura Markham, Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life
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"If I can help people I'll do it by giving them a chance to help themselves; and if I can uplift or inspire, let it be by example, inference and suggestion, rather than by injunction and dictation."
Elbert Hubbard, Works of Elbert Hubbard
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"The greatness of Napoleon, Caesar or Washington is only moonlight by the sun of Lincoln. His example is universal and will last thousands of years. . . . He was bigger than his country - bigger than all the Presidents together . . . and as a great character he will live as long as the world lives."
Leo Tolstoy, The World
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"None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing."
Benjamin Franklin
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