78 Growth Quotes

Let these growth quotes inspire and encourage you to be all that you can be! Without growth there would be no personal development, as we travel through lifes journey we grow and change into the best people we can be.

Have you got an idea as to where you want to be in life? Not sure you're ready yet? These quotes have been chosen to help inspire you along your path. Growth is never easy but absolutely essential if you want to develop and become a stronger/better-equipped person. With a little growth, you can make sure you are ready for anything that life can throw at you.

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  1. Life is all about growth and change. It's not static. It's not about some destination. Bill Burnett; Dave Evans, Designing Your Life

  2. You must change certain thought processes, actions, and surround yourself with the right people that will encourage your growth, enlightenment, and state of awareness. Curt Hinson, Sleeping Giant No More

  3. The practice of surrender allows us to grow through challenges and move forward with grace. Yolanda V Acree, Mindful Simplicity
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  4. Very early, I knew that the only objective in life was to grow. Margaret Fuller
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  5. If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow. Stephen Covey

  6. Without disappointment and the teaching it recommends, how will we ever grow as a person? Noaman Kaysingwala, How to handle disappointment in life

  7. We don't grow old. When we cease to grow, we become old. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  8. There is comfort in acceptance. There is unexpected growth of seedlings of life if we take the risk of opening ourselves up. Jan Warner, Grief Day By Day

  9. Pеrѕоnаl grоwth is imроrtаnt in аll оf life's stages. Yоu nееd to kеер growing tо deal еffесtivеlу with others. James Stafford, How to deal with difficult people

  10. The transitions in our lives are often the most significant periods of growth. Leaving the womb, leaving home, going to college, one's first job, getting married, . . . these are the moments when we are stretched and challenged in new ways. Edward A. White, Saying Goodbye

  11. Honor winter's lesson. Despite this time of lifelessness and inactivity, this is still a season of growth. Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart
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  12. Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it. Andy Rooney

  13. Self-esteem is the pillar that underlies our well-being and emotional growth. Pixie Walker, Inspiration
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  14. To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. Kurt Vonnegut

  15. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverbs
  16. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverbs

  17. How can we grow if we can't acknowledge our own weaknesses? Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion
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  18. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. Dan Stanford

  19. Our world and everything in it continuously grows and evolves. The changing seasons ground us in our understanding of the cycles of renewal. Even the harshest of winters is not permanent. As individuals, each of us changes over time. Barbara Bernard, Birthdays of the Soul

  20. All of us need to grow continuously in our lives. If you are the same person now that you were a year ago or even a day ago, then you are not growing. Les Brown
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  21. Growth equals change. If you want to get better, you have to keep changing and improving. That means stepping out into new areas. John Maxwell
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  22. Growth is a part of change and change is a constant in our world. Michigan. Governor (1969-1983: Milliken), Addresses and Special Messages

  23. Use your mind, grow your mind, and grow your life's experiences through learning. Matthew D. Mohr, Maintaining Motivation

  24. Read to learn, to enrich your thinking, to grow your mind and thus your being. Lee Thayer, Doing Life a Pragmatist Manifesto

  25. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. George Washington

  26. Always realize that you can get better. Your best work has not been done yet. Les Brown
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  27. As you grow, you learn, although,
    Sometimes its out of your control.
    Going with it, without feeling unfit,
    Can help you achieve your goal.
    Julie Hebert, Wait For Life To Begin
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  28. In difficult times, we're not supposed to quit believing; we're not supposed to quit growing. Joel Osteen
  29. In difficult times, we're not supposed to quit believing; we're not supposed to quit growing. Joel Osteen

  30. An environment of growth where information is shared, personal development is encouraged, and discussions occur to help everyone grow and learn. Byron Pulsifer, Help To Surpass
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  31. ... retirement is a time for personal growth, which becomes the path to greater personal freedom. Mark Evan Chimsky, 65 Things To Do When You Retire

  32. Individuals in a growth mindset don't simply look for challenge, they blossom with it. The greater the challenge, the more they stretch. K. Orient, Empower Yourself

  33. Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin

  34. Our consiousness rarely registers the beginning of a growth within us anymore than without us: there have been many circulations of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud. George Eliot
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  35. Anyone can endeavor to learn something new each day and mark some growth. Wilferd Peterson, The Art of Living Each Day

  36. When you judge another individual, a situation, or even yourself, you begin to instantly put limits on your own personal growth. Michael Austin Jacobs, Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life
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  37. Doubt increases with inaction. Clarity reveals itself in momentum. Growth comes from progress. For all these reasons, BEGIN. Brendon Burchard

  38. Aversion to failure motivates us to take necessary precautions and to work harder to achieve success. By contrast, intense fear of failure often handicaps us, making us reject failure so vigorously that we cannot take the risks that are necessary for growth. Tal Ben-Shahar, Being Happy

  39. Productivity is considered a key source of economic growth and benefit. I would say the key to success. Lorena Katz, Productivity

  40. Life is growth, and growth demands change. Virend Singh; Verusha Singh
  41. Life is growth, and growth demands change. Change can be painful yet resisting change is resisting growth. Resisting growth denies you success. Virend Singh; Verusha Singh, The Comfort Zone

  42. Think of this day like the growth of a tree. Growing stronger and able to face adversity of the winds and storms with the experience that each year brings. Catherine Pulsifer
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  43. While the people with fixed mindsets let their intelligence and talent define them, the growth mindset oriented people know that with hard work and practice, they can be good at anything. Timo Kiander, Work Smarter Not Harder

  44. You cannot grow unless you are willing to change. And you will not change unless you change something you do every day. John Maxwell, The Maxwell Daily Reader

  45. Times of chaos and uncertainty can lead to new doors opening, especially when we are willing and able to look for the growth opportunities in a situation rather than simply being overwhelmed by outside circumstances. Shakti Gawain

  46. Obstacles can be your launching point to propel you to attain new personal growth, or to gain valuable experiences. Byron Pulsifer, Obstacles: Our Best Motivators
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  47. An unsinkable, hopeful spirit can sustain you for a long distance as you sojourn on your personal growth journey through life. Shadonna Richards, RN, Think and Be Happy

  48. A great friend will encourage and be excited for your life and your personal growth. Maggie Thompson, Codepency

  49. High-performance team members are also very committed to one another. Both understand that the wisdom of teams comes with a focus on collective work-products, personal growth, and performance results. However meaningful, "team" is always a result of pursuing a demanding performance challenge. Douglas Smith; Jon Katzenbach, The Wisdom of Teams

  50. Trust requires openness without fear, which is why trust and faith in any relationship are essential for its growth. Jillian Hall, Joyce Meyer, Lessons Of Leadership And Success

  51. Your mission statement is not static. Over a period of several years, your priorities and values are likely to change. That is good because change means growth. Your dreams change and, therefore, so do your goals. Nathan Arthur, Mission Statement

  52. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision. Bob Proctor
  53. You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision. Bob Proctor

  54. However, as I stumble through life, tripping over many obstacles and making far too many mistakes, I have discovered a wonderful and comforting secret. I am beginning to understand that these trials are opportunities for personal growth. Colin McCartney, The Beautiful Disappointment
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  55. Personal growth and family time are essential, for a life devoid of love and laughter is a life wasted. Ross Wilson, The Happy Agent
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  56. Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want, and this mentality of focusing on the positive will propel you onto a path of incredible growth and fulfillment. Meredith Lane, Self Discovery and Healing Through Journaling

  57. The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individualÖ. Samuel Smiles, Self Help

  58. You will learn for yourself what every heroine has learned: through overcoming challenges come growth and strength. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

  59. Can you imagine what a pessimist who lived only 200 years ago would think about the world we live in? Airplanes, electricity, automobiles, television, remote controls, the Internet, fax machines, telephones, cellular phones, and so on - and all available to us because of that spark of open-mindedness that allowed progress, growth, and creativity to flourish. Wayne Dyer, 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace

  60. Gratitude is more than a feeling of appreciation or thanks. More than a returning of kindness. And more than giving recognition to the sources of those kindnesses. Gratitude is also about seeing obstacles and struggles as an opportunity for growth - a gift of possibility and an affirmation of potential. Beth Bunchman

  61. Those with a growth mindset believe intelligence changes, so it's not as tightly bound up into your sense of self. Jonathan Harnum, Practice Like This

  62. Also, with positivity and optimism, it is much easier to turn your problems into opportunities for growth. Ilya Alexi, Mind Over Money

  63. Many a genius has been slow of growth.  George Henry Lewes
  64. Many a genius has been slow of growth. Oaks that flourish for a thousand years do not spring up into beauty like a reed. George Henry Lewes

  65. Iíve chosen to perceive hard life experiences as spiritual assignments for growth and healing. Gabrielle Bernstein, Super Attractor.
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  66. Acceptance is the key. As you learn to accept her emotions, you may learn to accept your own. John Gottman, The Man's Guide To Woman
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  67. Itís a journey and a never-ending process because as a man, thereís always room for growth and improvement. Bruce Bryan's, Meet Her To Keep Her
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  68. Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. Mary Tyler Moore
    Taking Chances

  69. All of us need to grow continuously in our lives. If you are the same person now that you were a year ago or even a day ago, then you are not growing. Les Brown
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  70. Each choice, the branch of a tree is: what looked like a decision, is after only a pattern of growth. Yoda

  71. If you expect your kids to get better then you should apply the same thought process to yourself. Children will improve if you as a parent model that growth for them. Milton Stewart, Parental Guidance

  72. The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it's not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Carol S. Dweck, Mindset

  73. While the Predictable Path may feel more comfortable, it goes against the nature of change and growth. Amy E. Dean
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  74. Growth is a very profound experience. Iyanla Vanzant
  75. Growth is a very profound experience. It can be beautiful and ugly, empowering and confining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling, pleasant and unpleasant, all at the same time. Iyanla Vanzant, Until Today!

  76. Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization. Bo Bennett

  77. Just as a gardener doesn't reach into a seed and pull out a plant, a therapist doesn't reach into people and make them change. Rather, therapists provide people with what they need to grow. Leslie Becker-Phelps, Insecure in Love

  78. Second, a small action can bring a strong or long-lasting result in much the same way that a small seed can grow into a huge tree. Joan Duncan Oliver, Good Karma

  79. Actually in my opinion you never completely find yourself because you are always growing as a person and learning throughout your life. It is a process. Robert A. Bofman, Coffee House Poet
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  80. It is through awareness of our suffering that brings us growth. Vaz Sriharan, Infinite Being

  81. Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action, for each of us is a complete thought entity and the completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give. Napoleon Hill, ‎James Allen, ‎Wallace D. Wattles, Happiness Self-Help Classics Collection

  82. You grow from your mistakes and the next time you aim at a goal, you will know exactly what it takes to achieve it. Noah Daniels, Personality And Personal Growth

  83. The more connected we are to our emotions and thoughts, the more prepared we are to experience growth and personal development. We are better equipped to identify our dreams, passions, and fears, and the things that need change. Brett Blumenthal, 52 Small Changes for the Mind

  84. In the realm of personal growth, there is also the continuous learning that occurs in your own control of your own destiny. Byron Pulsifer, Continual Learning

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