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Be inspired by these quotes about overcoming. We all face hard times, pain, adversity, fear, anxiety, obstacles, problems, or depression at one time or another in our lives. There is no one solution for each of these challenges, and every person's situation is different, but be encouraged by the words in these quotes to help you overcome whatever you are facing, today and in the future. Life can be tough at times, but never lose faith that you can prevail and overcome the issues you are facing.

The idea of overcoming is always fascinating to me, because few of us realize how much energy we have expended just to be here today. Maya Angelou
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Expect obstacles and face them head on. They are going to come up so the way you handle them is what makes all the difference.
lance dale, A Shot of Positivity: Overcoming Obstacles
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We acquire the strength we have overcome.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Throughout our lives we are faced with a variety of challenges. It is in these moments that the wisdom of others who have walked the same dark valleys but have overcome prove to be invaluable and sometimes the catalyst for our own personal triumphs and victories.
Russell and Sam Evans
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Be of good cheer. Do not think of today's failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles.
Helen Keller
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Don't give up in times of difficulty. Persevere on as there will be an end to these. Edward Dunedin
Don't give up in times of difficulty. Persevere on as there will be an end to these.
Edward Dunedin, Inspirational Quotes And Idioms On Life
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Laughter and humor triggers happiness and lightens your burdens, pain or stress.
Jonathan Brown, Depression: How to Overcome Depression And Feel Happy Forever!
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It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up again.
Vince Lombardi
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Being your best is not so much about overcoming the barriers other people place in front of you as it is about overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves. It has nothing to do with how many times you win or lose. It has no relation to where you finish in a race or whether you break world records. But it does have everything to do with having the vision to dream, the courage to recover from adversity and the determination never to be shifted from your goals.
Kieren Perkins, Olympic Swimming medalist
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Our predisposition to reason from experience is a useful tendency, to put it mildly. ....It also explains how a good salesman instinctually refines his pitch over time, learning to read responses and overcome common objections.
Isaac Lidsky, Eyes Wide Open: Overcoming Obstacles and Recognizing Opportunities in a World That Can't SeeClearly
Experience  |   Learning

The amazing untapped power you have within you is of a force and quality that you cannot fully comprehend. Therefore, do not let yourself be a victim of the dismal concept of self-assumed personal limitation.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Stay Alive All Your Life
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When we understand why we want something, fear and doubt will still show up, but we have the courage, momentum, and reasons to overcome the resistance.
David DeNotaris
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I had such an inferiority complex that just that alone could have paralyzed me. But I overcame it. I always wanted to know how to do something well.
Lucille Ball
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Obstacles, when viewed in a positive light, are simply stepping-stones on the journey to success. When you think of famous people who could have been stopped in their tracks, there are many examples. But one that always stands out for me is Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb; obstacles became the vehicle to keep trying. He once said, "I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
Byron Pulsifer, Obstacles: Our Best Motivators
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You can overcome your anxiety if you allow yourself just a few hours of time to allow your spirit to be bolstered, to cleanse your soul, to openly talk about issues or difficulties without feeling that you cannot be totally honest. Give yourself an immediate anxiety fix - and add this sanctity into your life daily.
Byron Pulsifer, Anxiety To Be Overcome
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Strength and courage aren't always measured in medals and victories. They are measured in the struggles they overcome. The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose.
Ashley Hodgeson
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The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person. Rita Mero
I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person.
Rita Mero
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Learning to identify the cyclical nature of the depression loop and to recognize your own depression cues...is crucial for uncovering happiness. ...because knowing what triggers your own depression loop is a powerful first step toward being able to overcome depression. Having awareness gives you space to make choices: instead of responding automatically and without thought, you can make informed, mindful decisions that can protect you from depression and open you up to possibilities you didn't see before.
Elisha Goldstein, Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Choices   |     Compassion

Success is not measured by wins and losses
But by how you overcome all of what life tosses
Zachary Corrothers, Persevere: Never Give Up
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It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not.
Denis Waitley
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Amidst life's challenges, taking refuge in inspirational reading serves as a strong pillar that encourages perseverance, endurance and overcoming.
T Whitmore, Thinking Positive Daily: A Guide to Personal Growth and Self Esteem Mastery
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The broken heart. You think you will die, but you keep living, day after day after terrible day.
Charles Dickens
Love   |

By cultivating gratitude you eventually expand your internal sense of what is possible, regardless of seeming obstacles and challenges you go through.
Veronica Smith, Loving Yourself
Thanksgiving   |

No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.
B. Dodge
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Sometimes, challenges rear up out of nowhere to dash the best of plans, and some of these obstacles can be the final play. But, if you adopt the philosophy that every obstacle has a solution, then you can find your way through. And, just to be clear, it doesn't mean that solutions will be easy and it may mean that you will have to alter your game plan somewhat whether that is a time line, or a direction that you prefer. Sometimes, to accomplish what you want, you will need to be prepared to take the long way around because the preferred short cut is totally blocked.
Byron Pulsifer, An Obstacle Is Born
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In life, when you are focusing all your energy to become successful, you are bound to incur some obstacles, challenges, and failures. By studying successful people, you can learn how they overcame their hardships in life and business and thereby you can use those lessons in your own life.
Michael Green, Jim Rohn: The golden rules of JIM ROHN to succeed in business and life
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Nothing in life is achieved without hard work, and the ability to overcome challenges. It wasn't any different for me.
Catherine Pulsifer, Dreams Can Be Achieved
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We all go through hard times. But do we try and fix our own problems or do we trust God that He can fix them. Brandon Harrison
We all go through hard times. But do we try and fix our own problems or do we trust God that He can fix them?
Brandon Harrison, I Trust You Lord: 3 Day Devotional
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In her book, Grit: The power of passion and perseverance, Dr. Angela Duckworth defines grit as the intersection of passion for a purposeful goal and the perseverance to overcome obstacles to achieve that goal.
Lee David Daniels, Grit for Kids: 16 top steps for developing Grit, Passion, Willpower, and Perseverance in kids for self-confidence and a successful life
Passion   |     Willpower

There are many people in the world who have succeeded in climbing the ladder of achievement. Some of these people have persevered throughout their career having met what appeared insurmountable obstacles yet overcame these challenges to keep moving forward.
Byron Pulsifer, Ladder of Achievement
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Remember all the challenges that you have overcome in the past and take pride in your success. You are a fighter and you know it. This will give you more faith that you can handle whatever is yet to come.
Ashley Rosebloom, Confidence: How To Be More Confident, Build Self-Esteem And Gain Self-Confidence Fast
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Don't let obstacles stand in your way; learn to view failures as an opportunity to find out what works and what doesn't work; develop the inner attitude of patience, persistence, and perseverance; and, defeat your own procrastination through action not dreaming.
Catherine Pulsifer
Persistence  |

The hard times are going to come; the difficult times of parenting children will try our patience. Babies will stay up late at night or get up in the middle of the night when we had never taken any sleep, but we need to always remind ourselves that no matter how hard the time is, it's just a season and it will pass.
Melony Buenger, Take the Time: You Are a Good Mom
Children   |

The obstacles you face are. . . mental barriers which can be broken by adopting a more positive approach. Clarence Blasier
The obstacles you face are. . . mental barriers which can be broken by adopting a more positive approach.
Clarence Blasier
Positive Thinking   |

As Philippians 4: 4 9 tells us, the missing pieces for most people are the peace of God and the God of peace....This is God's most definitive word about overcoming anxiety and experiencing His overwhelming peace, and that's why it's currently America's go-to passage of Scripture.
Robert Morgan, Worry Less, Live More: God's Prescription for a Better Life
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To be successful I had to learn that people are never the problem. I had to overcome the thought that I was the problem and understand that the problems I did have could be solved.
Dr. Robert Watts Jr., People Are Never the Problem: A New Paradigm for Understanding Ourselves and Others; Refuse to Play the Blame Game
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Quietly communing with God, when we are searching for guidance, is a way of temporarily turning off our ego-mind. Instead of our ego-self thinking, "I can fix this," we are willing to immerse it into our higher self.
Wayne Dyer, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
God   |     Spiritual

Those who are mired in doubt fear to take action, to take any meaningful steps to go beyond but those of faith see only possibilities where obstacles are viewed as the necessary hurdles to go beyond.
Byron Pulsifer, Doubt Replaced Through Faith
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Failure will rain down upon your world to the point where you may feel that there is no hope. This is the kind of stormy day that will need a lot of your strength to overcome. It is through learning how to deal with failure and how to turn it to your advantage that ultimately will improve your view of life. Armed with the mechanisms of recovery, you will be able to face and overcome any challenge thrown your way.
Catherine Pulsifer, How Long Does A Storm Last
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Take time to analyse your fears, recognize how and why you have them, then come up with ways of overcoming them.
Natalie Dawn, Success: A Simple 5 Step Approach To Gain All Your Dreams And Desires
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Despite the hard days when a lot of the work feels like a grind, I'm grateful. I'm extremely appreciative of the hard times, now behind me, and for all the work I did to climb out of them.
Lorraine C Ladish, Reach! from single mom on welfare to digital entrepreneur
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Life is a gift, accept it, enjoy it, and be happy with it. Life is a challenge, but challenges can always be overcome. Catherine Pulsifer
Life is a gift, accept it, enjoy it, and be happy with it. Life is a challenge, but challenges can always be overcome.
Catherine Pulsifer, Life Is A
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I have learned that in the Bible there is victory and you and I can overcome discouragement.
Elbert Willis, Overcoming Discouragement
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Nothing is more likely to help a person overcome or endure troubles than the consciousness of having a task in life.
Victor Frankl
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Remember that in difficult times, we don't give up. We don't discard our highest ideals. No! We rise up to meet them.
Michelle Obama
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Obstacles crossed are simply stepping stones onward. Nothing is ever accomplished without some sort of challenge or obstacles. How you view the challenges that you face will determine your success. If you view them with determination, in that, you will find a way around them then in most cases you will. A challenge or an obstacle could be looked at as simply a test to see if you have the "will" to overcome them. Or they can stop you in your tracks. It is all dependant on your attitude.
Catherine Pulsifer, The Play of Your Life
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People often allow the fact that they are scared, stop them from even trying. Overcoming this fear is one of the major steps towards success.
Diann B. Murr, Wake Up Successful: A Short Guide To Making Over Your Life In The Forenoons
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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Henry Ford
When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
Henry Ford
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What I learned in the four years it took me to earn my doctorate was that routines, organization, and scheduling were almost as important as overcoming perfectionism, avoiding procrastination, establishing priorities, and creating a life that was unique to my personality.
Tara Ross, Work Smarter, Play Longer
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I know for my wife and I, when we go through hard times in our marriage, it is only God that brings peace and harmony again.
Brandon Harrison, I Trust You Lord: 3 Day Devotional
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But instead of trying to avoid challenges, people should be learning how to overcome them. They should be learning how to defeat the obstacles that stand between them and their dreams.
Coach Flanagan
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Real difficulties can be overcome; it is the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.
Theodore Newton Vail
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Do not lose heart when things go wrong. Continue undisturbed in your original resolve to make all things go right. To be overcome by adversity and threatening failure is to lose strength; to always remain in the same lofty, determined mood is to constantly grow in strength.
G. S Clason, The Success Code: Learn the secrets of the ultra successful geniuses in history
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One of the most telling stories in the Bible about overcoming discouragement is of the apostle Paul's journey to share the gospel of Christ.
Steve Mays, Overcoming: Discover How to Rise Above and Beyond Your Overwhelming Circumstances in Life
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