Friendship Poems

These friendship poems remind us that friends are special people, people we think of with affection and love. There is a closeness and an understanding that we have with them. True friends are ones that are with us in the good times and the challenging times of life. We can depend on them and they can always count on us for the same. We sometimes refer to them as a buddy, a pal, a sister/brother but we always know they are there for us. We hope you find reflections of your friends in this poetry.

You are the friend, I could always count on.

You'd Always Be There
Poet: , 2011

You are the friend, I could always count on.
Without looking hard, you'd always be there.

Through struggles and fights, some from you and of mine.
No matter the issue, you'd always be there.

I don't think I thanked you, or appreciated your pursue.
Even if I didn't want you, you'd always be there.

So now that I look back, and am thankful for you,
I hope you know I'm glad, you'd always be there.

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings."
Henry David Thoreau
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God Make Me Worthy
Poet Unknown

It is my joy in life to find
At every turn of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind,
To help me with my load.

And since I have no gold to give
And love alone must make amends,
My only prayer is while I live
"God make me worthy of my friends!"

I think that God will never send, A gift so precious as a friend  Rosalie Carter

God Sends
Poet: Rosalie Carter

I think that God will never send,
A gift so precious as a friend,
A friend who always understands,
And fills each need as it demands,
Whose loyalty will stand the test,
When skies are bright or overcast,
Who sees the faults that merit blame,
But keeps on loving just the same,
Who does far more than creeds could do,
To make us good, to make us true,
Earth's gifts a sweet contentment lend,
But only God can give a friend.

"Make new friends, but don't forget the old ones."
Yiddish Proverb
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Seldom Put In Words
Poet: Unknown

We all too seldom put in words
Our thoughts from day to day
About how much we value friends
Who brighten up life's way.

So this is just to let you know
What's now and always true:
All the best that friendship means
Is centered right in you.

All the best that friendship means Is centered right in you.

The Love of a Friend
Poet: Unknown

Like music heard on still waters,
Like pines when the wind passeth by,
Like pearls in the deep of the ocean,
Like stars which enamel the sky,
Like June and the odor or roses,
Like dew and the freshness of morn,
Like sunshine which kisses the clover,
Like tassels of silk on the corn,
Like notes of thrush in the woodland,
Like brooks where violets grown,
Like rainbows that arch the blue heaven,
Like clouds when the sun dippeth low,
Like dreams of Arcadian pleasure
Like colors which gracefully blend,
Like everything breathing of pureness,
Like these is the love of a friend.

"Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing."
Elie Wiesel


Poet: Unknown

Friendship needs no studied phrases,
polished face, or winning wiles;
Friendship deals no lavish praises,
Friendship dons no surface smiles.

Friendship follows Nature's diction,
Shuns the blandishments of Art,
Boldly severs truth from fiction,
Speaks the language of the heart.

Friendship favors no condition,
Scorns a narrow-minded creed,
Lovingly fulfills its mission,
Be it word or be it deed.
Friendship cheers the faint and weary,
Makes the timid spirit brave,
Warns the erring, lights the dreary,
Smooths the passage to the grave.

Friendship - pure, unselfish friendship,
All through life's allotted span,
Nurtures, strengthens, widens, lengthens,
Man's relationship with man.

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