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New beginnings are available to all of us over fifty times a year; they are called Mondays. Byron Pulsifer
1.     New beginnings are available to all of us over fifty times a year; they are called Mondays.
Byron Pulsifer
New Beginnings   |

2.     Monday is the day to unleash the stamina built up after a relaxing weekend.
Byron Pulsifer
Relax   |

3.     I love Mondays. It is a new opportunity to embrace my colleagues with enthusiasm to move forward together.
Byron Pulsifer
Opportunity   |

4.     The challenge of every Monday is to maintain the same vitality in each and every day of the week.
Byron Pulsifer
Challenge   |

5.     I have decided to cast my vote for any political candidate whose platform adds Monday to the weekend.
Byron Pulsifer
Funny   |

6.     Maybe it's good to keep a record of what I accomplished on Monday and use its successes as my launching pad for the rest of the week.
Byron Pulsifer
Accomplishment   |

7.     What starts on Monday should carry through to Friday; that is, enthusiasm.
Byron Pulsifer
Enthusiasm   |

8.    You can always tell who the most satisfied employees are because they are the very people who express joy and expectation on Monday mornings.
Byron Pulsifer
Joy   |

9.     Turn each Monday into the same attitude of the day before leaving on vacation and you have the recipe for phenomenal productivity.
Byron Pulsifer
Attitude   |

10.    Monday is a clean slate day. A day to start afresh with the vigor, optimism, and enthusiasm transferred from a weekend of battery charging.
Byron Pulsifer
Optimistic   |

11.    There is always a miracle at the dawn of Monday; I'm alive.
Byron Pulsifer
Miracle   |

12.    The ever dominate and persistent strength of a magnet is my personal desire each Monday morning.
Byron Pulsifer
Persistence   |

13.    Why are goals so important in life? They are the very reason that we are given Mondays in order to move closer to where and what we want to accomplish.
Byron Pulsifer
Goals   |

14.    Determination is nothing without dedication and hard work.
Eshraq Jiad
Work   |

15.     Negative beliefs are the cracks in character that need to be mended if any kind of long-term success is to be achieved.
Scott Allan
Success   |

16.    Famous gymnasts, track stars, and athletes of all types have known, practiced and sang the praises of mental rehearsals for ages.
Sandra Bell
Famous   |

17.     Mediocre outputs may mean downfall to the business since the customers always want the best products and services.
Philip Vang
Customer Service   |

18.     Being brutally honest with yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. It lets you find things out about yourself you never knew, and things you may discover make you feel good about who you are as a person. Always take time out to look inward.
Christopher Epstein
Honest   |

19.     Steve Jobs once said this to the graduating class of Stanford during his speech, "for the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something."
Sandeep Sharma
Change   |

20.     Whatever you do, never stop learning. Creativity, knowledge and productivity are bound together.
Richard Carroll
Learning   |

21.     If you are an influencer, even on the smallest of scales, you are a leader and I would encourage you to value your role and use it to bless those who look to you for leadership.
John Stange
Encouraging   |

22.    See yourself as being successful with every interaction that you will participate in, as it will give you the courage to push through with it. Never visualize failure!
Mia Conrad
Courage   |

23.     The minds of successful people are well organized and have the ability to focus. If you want to make the most out of your life, developing this kind of mind is essential.
John Morgan
Focus   |

24.     You never know where a positive attitude will take you when it comes to working with people.
Matthew Oleniuk
Positive Attitude   |

25.     If you make a mistake, no matter what, correct your error and keep moving forward.
Alex Altman
Mistake   |

26.     Often we forget the importance of kindness and it's time to bring this back into your life because that leads to moments when you appreciate life more than you can ever imagine.
Nathan Smart
Kindness   |

27.     Any of us who have ever been thirsty for encouragement should appreciate the value in offering uplifting words to the people in our lives. Sometimes a person just needs a little inspiration or a different thought to get them propelled in the right direction.
Tondeleya Allen
Words of Encouragement   |

28.     Monday is the day of the week when you need to be like a jet plane; roar into action.
Byron Pulsifer
Monday Motivation Quotes   |

29.     Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
Dale Carnegie
Fear   |

30.     One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Motivational   |

31.     Monday is the day to set aside fears; the fear of missing out, the fear of regret. Remove from your thoughts anything that suggests 'I could have' or 'I wish I had'. Action is the conqueror of all fears.
Byron Pulsifer
Regret   |

Wisdom is the daughter of experience. Leonardo da Vinci
32.     Wisdom is the daughter of experience.
Leonardo da Vinci
Wise   |

33.     The essential lesson I've learned in life is to just be yourself. Treasure the magnificent being that you are and recognize first and foremost you're not here as a human being only. You're a spiritual being having a human experience.
Wayne Dyer
Being Yourself   |

34.     What I have discovered is that in order to flourish in business or in life, you not only need prosperity, you also need peace.
Marlene Chism
Peace   |

35.     Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Author Unknown
Life   |

36.     If something were to happen to you tomorrow, what would people remember about you? Would they remember the hours you worked? Would they remember the material things you own?
Catherine Pulsifer
Memory   |

37.     Do not be like those people who keep making excuses and pointing fingers. You have to learn how to change your perspective and adapt to different situations.
Ryanne Knight
Excuses   |

38.     Monday is like the rising sun. It's time to shine brightly; to help others overcome their problems; and to honestly encourage others to be more than they think they are.
Byron Pulsifer
Overcoming   |

39.     Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.
Maltbie D. Babcock
Blessed   |

40.     It's obvious that stating your purpose is only part of your efforts to maintain clarity for your company; you must also take action on your stated commitments.
Marlene Chism
Commitment   |

41.     A good exercise for the heart is bending down and helping someone to get up.
Helping Others   |

42.     People want to be heard and want to be loved. That attitude of acceptance and support inspires them to be the best they can be.
Bobby Genovese
Inspiring Others   |

43.     Life is for the living, and there's a large difference between living and merely existing. When you can seize your potential and truly feel as if you are doing your best in this life, you are living.
Patrick King
Poems about Life   |

44.     Laughter is the fireworks of the soul.
Josh Billings
Laughter   |

45.     You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
Les Brown
Dream   |

46.     All you need is passion. If you have a passion for something, you'll create the talent.
Passion   |

47.     Take a new look at your present 'impossible.' Consider positive ways to handle it.
Norman Vincent Peale
Positive   |

48.     When teaching, light a fire, don't fill a bucket.
Dan Snow
Teacher   |

49.     Actions are purposeful, and are taken in pursuit of goals to achieve a defined end.
Barry Linetsky
Purpose   |

50.     If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.
J.K. Rowling
Character   |

51.     The benefits of humor are extraordinary. When there is a fusion of enthusiasm, energy, joy, and hope, a peak experience emerges that most of us identify as a sense of humor.
Mary Kay Morrison
Humor   |

52.     The definition of successful people is simply ordinary people with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep determined people from success. If you place stumbling blocks in their way, they will use them for stepping-stones and climb to new heights. People who succeed have a goal, a dream and make their plans and follow them.
Mary Kay Ash
Determination   |

53.     There is a way to turn negative thinking to positive thinking. It means seeing the positives and not focusing on the negatives; it sees the task at hand as being fortunate enough to be able to do it for good reasons.
Byron Pulsifer
Positive Thinking   |

Prepare while others are daydreaming. William Arthur Ward
54.     Prepare while others are daydreaming.
William Arthur Ward
Preparation   |

55.     The first step to becoming more motivated in life, it is always best to understand who you are as a person and who you want to become.
Richard Smith
Motivational Poems   |

56.     I want Monday back so I can regain the time I lost working on low priorities instead of utilzing my time effectively and efficiently to move the yardsticks of life forward.
Byron Pulsifer
Time   |

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