About Byron Pulsifer

My vision:
Life is full of challenges but it is how you interpret and use challenges to better yourself, to view challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to utilize your learning experiences to assist others to accomplish more, and to lead a much richer and wholesome life.

My background:
I have had the opportunity to wear several different hats throughout my years and a few of these include working as a criminologist within both the justice and social justice system, as a leader in an employee assistance program dedicated to help employees resolve personal and professional issues and concerns, and as a motivational speaker and a motivational seminar leader.

During the course of my many careers, I always found that my greatest satisfaction stemmed from helping all people from all walks of life deal with, overcome, and move forward when faced with problems, concerns or self-defeating behavior. And, throughout these experiences, I also personally grew to be a more enriched person; I found that my commitment to help, either directly or indirectly, allowed me to be able to positively influence more people, more often, and in a wider audience. This influence was compounded greatly through the vast development of the Internet across the world.

Looking forward:
My goal is simple: to help as many people as possible resolve as many of their issues as possible through my writings and quotes. Learning, growing and development on a personal and professional level never ends - it is a continuous journey filled with bumps and curves along the way. It is a journey, though, that provides the true meaning of life - make it a better world wherever you can, whenever you can, for whomever you can.
Byron Pulsifer

"Giving so that others may be helped is a purpose of life that we should all embrace."
Byron Pulsifer

Stories and Thoughts by Byron:

"All of us need a bit of hardship, struggle, learning to overcome obstacles, understanding perseverance, and developing an attitude that speaks loudly about accepting responsibility for one's own destiny."
Byron Pulsifer

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