Easter Poems

Let these Easter Poems remind you of the biblical meaning ....the resurrection of Christ. A day to be celebrated and to give thanks!

Christ's Journey
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

The final words of the Savior were words of His human needs;
He hung on the cross to save others, the greatest commitment indeed.
He need not have died for His own sake, for Christ was the sinless One;
His deeds were done out of mercy, for the wicked things we had done.

We cannot call Him a martyr, for a martyr has no control;
Christ was in charge of His hanging, thereby releasing our soul.
He had no debt that He owed God; He had the freedom of choice,
He came from the portals of glory where angels and seraphs rejoice.

The charge that His Father had given, that only Christ could achieve,
Must have rocked the portals of heaven; would earthly creatures believe?
And, no, they did not accept Him; they whipped Him and spit in His face,
They ridiculed every statement; they mocked Him, the One full of grace.

His journey was lonely and painful; He was constantly misunderstood,
Though He healed the sick and the dying with arms outstretched to do good.
But His love was rarely accepted, His motives were questioned, condemned,
The Pharisees called Him a rebel, a loner, a man with no friend.

But yet He continued His mission, oft times with eyes full of tears,
How could His subjects ignore Him, or greet Him with mocking and jeers?
Then finally, the words, "It is finished," declared that His journey was o'er,
Accomplished, His mission was over; no need to do any more.

Assured, the task was not easy; the road to the cross had been rough,
But God, the heavenly Father, confirmed it was done, ‘twas enough.

Christ, the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
Christ, the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
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He Did It
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2000

Jesus does not hang here, the cross does not have power,
Jesus had allowed it because it was His hour.
No cross could ever hold Him, no tomb encase His soul,
Man thought that through His capture, death would take its toll.

It seemed that no one listened, they heeded not His word,
He spoke of God, His Father, but no one really heard.
The soldiers drove the nails in and crushed thorns on His head,
They pierced a sword into His side and then declared Him dead.

There, now the thing was finished, accomplished was the feat,
The enemy was conquered, their plans were now complete.
With no more crazy stories, no tales of conquests great,
The culprit had been silenced, forever sealed by fate.

In order to be certain, they sealed the tomb secure,
And placed the guards before it; this man would speak no more!
But wait! The peace is broken, the stone is rolled away!
The guards lie in stunned silence, this prophesied third day.

Behold! The Lord is risen! Who would have thought it true?
Those great, far fetched predictions! Is that what God can do?
He warned us, He announced it - the warning was quite clear,
But who of them would listen? No, no one there would hear.

Yet all throughout the ages this day had been foretold,
Genesis declared it; this story is of old.
And now it's been accomplished, the price of sin is paid;
God merely wants acceptance, a statement to be made.

That we declare Him holy, that we surrender all;
To bend our knees before Him, that we accept His call.
No, life won't be all roses; yes, thorns might prick your soul,
But Christ, the burden bearer, will have complete control.

Praise God! His Son is risen! And death has no power,
He is the mighty conqueror, e'en in life's darkest hour.

So wanderer, accept Him, the offer stands today;
You may not have tomorrow, no chance to kneel and pray.
It's God who makes this offer, it's you who must decide,
With open arms extended, He calls, "Stand by My side."

Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners
All my theology is reduced to this narrow compass -
"Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners."
Archibald Alexander
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Stooping To Save
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

Why trade Your golden crown for one incased in thorns?
When all of heaven served Your beck and call?
Why leave the peace and glory of such a perfect place,
And give yourself so freely to us all?

You knew before You started how cruel the world could be,
You knew You'd be rejected, left alone.
A world of idle gossip, of wicked evil men,
Whose only thought was of their very own.

God, You, who are so loving; how could You let Him go?
Your Son, Your One and Only, grace supreme.
Is mankind that important to warrant such a gift?
Did You not know about man's evil scheme?

Man does not want a Saviour, he feels in full control;
He has no thought about eternity.
Today is all that matters, tomorrow may not come,
Why be concerned of what may never be?

For this You came to suffer? For this You gave Your life?
You walked upon the earth amidst the scorn.
You let the tyrants mock You, You gave no tart reply,
You knew precisely that's why You were born.

Oh, Lord! How can we thank You? For we have seen the light;
We realize without You we are lost.
Lord, teach us how to value this gift that has no price,
Because You bore the grief and paid the cost.

We'll always be indebted, yet fully declared free,
A plan no human mind can comprehend.
Christ, the great Creator, Master of the world,
Has stooped this low to be our dearest Friend.

The head that once was crowned with thorns is crowned with glory now. Thomas Kelley
The head that once was crowned with thorns is crowned with glory now.
Thomas Kelley
Inspirational Sayings

Poet: Eugene Field

As I was going to Bethlehem-town,
Upon the earth I cast me down
All underneath a little tree
That whispered in this wise to me:
"Oh, I shall stand on Calvary
And bear what burthen saveth thee!"

As up I fared to Bethlehem-town,
I met a shepherd coming down,
And thus he quoth: "A wondrous sight
Hath spread before mine eyes this night, -
An angel host most fair to see,
That sung full sweetly of a tree
That shall uplift on Calvary
What burthen saveth you and me!"

And as I gat to Bethlehem-town,
Lo! wise men came that bore a crown.
"Is there," cried I, "in Bethlehem
A King shall wear this diadem?"
"Good sooth," they quoth, "and it is He
That shall be lifted on the tree
And freely shed on Calvary
What blood redeemeth us and thee!"

Unto a Child in Bethlehem-town
The wise men came and brought the crown;
And while the infant smiling slept,
Upon their knees they fell and wept;
But, with her babe upon her knee,
Naught recked that Mother of the tree,
That should uplift on Calvary
What burthen saveth all and me.

Again I walk in Bethlehem-town
And think on Him that wears the crown.
I may not kiss His feet again,
Nor worship Him as did I then;
My King hath died upon the tree,
And hath outpoured on Calvary
What blood redeemeth you and me!

When Christ died on the cross of Calvary, He died with you and me in mind. Tom Malone
When Christ died on the cross of Calvary, He died with you and me in mind.
Tom Malone
Encouraging Bible Verses

The Cross Was His Own
Poet: Unknown

They borrowed a bed to lay his head
When Christ the Lord came down;
They borrowed the ass in the mountain pass
For him to ride to town;
But the crown that he wore
And the cross that he bore
Were his own.

He borrowed the bread when the crowd He fed
On the grassy mountainside;
He borrowed the dish of broken fish
With which he was satisfied;
But the crown that he wore
And the cross that he bore
Were his own.

He borrowed the ship in which to sit
To teach the multitude;
He borrowed a nest in which to rest;
He had never a home so rude;
But the crown that he wore
And the cross that he bore
Were his own.

He borrowed a room on his way to the tomb
The Passover Lamb to eat;
They borrowed a cave for him a grave;
They borrowed a winding sheet;.
But the crown that he wore
And the cross that he bore
Were his own.

The thorns on His head were worn in my stead
For me the Saviour died.
For guilt of sin the nails drove in
When Him they crucified;
Though the crown He word
And the cross He bore
Were His own
They rightly were mine.

Jesus was the manifestation of God and proved it on that first Easter day. Marcia Laycock
Jesus was the manifestation of God and proved it on that first Easter day.
Marcia Laycock, Celebrate This Day
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Scars of Life
Poet: Eldred Herbert

Nail-scarred hands; imprints from a cruel cross,
Nail-scarred hands; outstretched to set us free;
River side; with life's blood ebbing fast,
That sinner man may have his liberty.

We did not see Him nailed upon the tree,
This happened many, many years ago;
Nor did we see the temple rent in twain,
Nor darkness falling - but through faith we know.

Scars remain from that day long ago,
Brow still scarred from piercing crown of thorn,
Heart still breakings, as it did that day,
For sinsick man today, and those unborn.

So let us with meek humiliation,
Meet Him at the foot of Calvary's cross;
Accept Him as our Lord and Saviour,
For He alone can save from total loss.

Christ, nail scarred; God's own Begotten Son,
So willingly died that we all might live;
He cleansed us by shedding of His blood,
And as we come to Him, He does forgive.

Salvation is more than something Jesus did for us on the Cross of Calvary; it is Jesus living in us.
Stormie Omartian
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