Inspirational Book Review
Never Ending Destination
By Tony Clark
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Tony Clark’s book, thinkUcan, is one where he shares his life experiences telling real life stories from an early childhood to present day.

His younger years were ones filled with violence and hardship. His role models in life lead him to the same type of behavior until he met an uncle whom he admired and wanted to emulate.

In each chapter, Tony shares his experiences, what he learned, his successes and failures. He summarizes “life’s lessons” at the end of the chapter with pointers for success in relation to many different aspects of life. He shares tips and tools he uses to achieve his goals.

This is a story of a real person with successes but not before he faced the challenges we all face in life. The book is inspiring and uplifting as he shares his story and his solutions to the issues he faced.

And, interestingly, the back cover of the book states: “The word ‘but” does not appear once in this book. If you find the word ‘but’ anywhere in the text we will refund your purchase price.”As we read the book we found no “buts”.

As I read Tony’s story, I was pleasantly surprised by his latest goals, ones that I know he will achieve.

I would highly recommend Tony’s book “thinkUcan”. It is a book of inspiration, determination, and covers life’s highs and lows that we all experience.

Some inspirational quotes from the book:
“For me, the greatest joy is to reach out and engage with others; to help them see and realise their full potential and watch them grow and see them move towards their own happiness.”

“Education and our parents still point us down the route to study hard and find ‘a good job’, although now the onus has fallen to us as individuals to find our way through life, to navigate to our own happiness and to grasp our opportunities where we can.”

“You are in charge of your own career destiny.”

“If you don’t like what you are doing or where you are at in life; change it. There is no law that says you have to be unhappy just to meet some perceived need for security or other people’s expectations.”

“Never forget your friends. My recovery would have been faster and less painful if I had not allowed my support network to wither. Even if you are in the relationship to end them all, don’t forget your friends. they can help to enrich it.”

“Under promise, over deliver and keep your promises. This is a classic recipe for success in sales. It also applies just as well to every other aspect of life. Setting people’s expectations at one level and deliver at another is guaranteed to win you friends, respect and success.”

“No matter what you want, if it is worth have, keep going till you get it. I have many more goals to fulfil and my journey to the Never Ending Destination continues.”

“You have every right to change your mind, it is your goal after all and a change of tack is not a failure. Just make sure though, that you are not settling on second best.”

“I had created a vision of what I wanted, which at the time was many years in the future and I figured out what I needed to do, what changes I needed to make and what actions I needed to take in order to reach that goal.”

“For some of us it is a belief in God, for others the Law of Attraction and for some simply a belief that we are here for a reason, whatever your point of reference it is essential to have a framework that guides you.

You can read more of Tony’s words of wisdom in the form of inspirational quotes from the book, thinkUcan, at Tony Clark Quotes.

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